How much currency can you take into and out of Morocco?

Last week I wrote a post on how much money you can bring into South Africa. Morocco is another currency that has regulations on finances for overseas visitors.

According to’s travel advice on trips to North African currency, around 600,000 British nationals visit Morocco every year.

But what many may find when trying to purchase Dirhams before their visit is that the currency is closed. According to national laws, visitors are not allowed to take in or out of the country any Moroccan Dirhams.

With it very hard to exchange money before leaving the UK, it also means that you can’t take much money out of the currency. The law prohibits leaving Morocco with more than 1000 Dirhams. This is approximately £80.

The best way to get currency is to wait until you get into the country.ATM Machines are dotted around the biggest cities, main towns and tourist areas. These include the popular tourist destinations such as Tangier, Agadir, Marrakesh and Rabat.

With most machines also taking credit and debit cards, one option is to take money out whilst you’re there. However, the most sensible answer is due to the similarity of last week’s blog post.

With terrorism and crime a threat in the country according to Foreign Office, prepaid currency cards may be the best options of carrying money. The loaded cards full of currency can store the currencies with cash able to be taken out of ATM’s. This may be one of the safest ways to use the currency and not affect being unable to convert the currency.


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