How much spending money do you need for Mexico?

Mexico is a relatively good value holiday destination for British travellers. Find out how many pesos you should budget for your trip

Graham Morley

15 February 2022


The official currency and legal tender of Mexico is the Mexican peso.

Mexico is relatively good value country to visit from a British tourist point of view. Prices are around half what you may find in London. Here is a little snapshot of prices you may find if you were travelling to Mexico City:

A meal in a reasonable local restaurant may cost $150.00 (about £5.00) and even a 3 course meal in a mid priced restaurant would only set you back $350.00 (£12.50). A pint of local beer will cost around $40.00 (£1.45), a coffee slightly more, a coke is around the equivalent of 65p and a bottle of water 50p.

If you are self-catering, milk is 82p a litre, a loaf of bread is £1.20, 12 eggs £1.20. 1kg of chicken fillets for your Fajitas would cost about £3.70.

Local transport is amazingly cheap. A one way ticket may cost as little as 25p. Compare that to the £2.60 in London! A taxi start price is 80p and costs 24p per kilometre, or 38p per mile. That means a 5 mile taxi ride is less than 3 quid.

Car hire for a week can start from £85.00 for a small car up to £500 for a luxury car. Petrol is 80p per litre.

If you are booking independently then accommodation can be very reasonable. We found lots of hotel rooms for as little £40 a week but it has to be said the reviews were not very good, as low as 3/10 in some cases. We found an Hotel with good reviews for only £95.00 per week for 2 people in March. You would have trouble finding a room in London for one night at that price!


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