What currency is used in Dublin Ireland

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*This article was updated March 2019

Question: What currency is used in Dublin Ireland

Answer: The currency used in Dublin Ireland is the Euro Currency. However, if you go to Northern Ireland the currency used is the British Pound.

The History of the Currency used in Ireland…

Up until 2002 Ireland used the Irish Pound and since then the Republic of Ireland has used the Euro Currency as its official currency. However, in Northern Ireland the official currency remains as the British Pound. Although, if you are right on the border of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland you can often use both currencies at outlets if required.

Withdrawing Euro Currency from Cash Machines in Ireland…

When visiting Dublin in Ireland and the rest of the Republic of Ireland you can easily withdraw Euros from cash machines, although this will incur additional fees and our advice would be to double check before travelling to Ireland with your bank or credit card provider what those fees might be and don’t forget that you won’t have control over the exchange rates as this will depend what they are on the day with your bank or credit card provider.

Denominations of the Euro banknotes come in the following: 5 Euros, 10 Euros, 20 Euros, 50 Euros, 100 Euros, 200 Euros and 500 Euros. Although, if you have the opportunity to request specific banknotes from Travel Money suppliers then it is best not to take too many high value banknotes with you especially the 100 Euros, 200 Euros and 500 Euros banknotes as these will be more difficult to exchange at some outlets in Ireland. As for Euro Currency coins they come in the following denominations: 1 Cent, 2 Cent, 5 Cent, 10 Cent, 20 Cent, 50 Cent, 1 Euro and 2 Euros.

How much Euro Spending Money for Dublin Ireland…

The cost of living in Dublin and the Republic of Ireland is very similar to the UK and as for budgeting on how much Euro spending money you will need will entirely depend on your own budgeting requirements, but if you work on the basis of what you would typically spend here in the UK to eat out, visit attractions and for using public transport then this should help as a starting point. However, always remember to have a contingency fund in case of emergencies, for example, a credit card or some spare cash kept separately in your hotel room safe.

In terms of tipping in Ireland we have found the following Infographic about Travelling to Ireland from WanderShare and it details the typical percentages for tipping waiting staff and tour guides including some great basic Irish Gaelic Language tips for you to also use whilst visiting Ireland:


Where to spend your Euro Travel Money in Dublin Ireland…

If you are visiting Dublin in Ireland for the first time and are not sure where to go or would like some tips on where to spend your Euro Travel Money in the city of Dublin then we have found the following Infographic from Y Travel called – 10 Things To See & Do In Dublin – and for even more tips please visit the following blog post – Things To Do in Dublin Through a Local’s Eye – on the Y Travel website:


Buying Euros & Comparing The Sterling To Euro Exchange Rate…

Buying Euros and comparing the Sterling to Euro Exchange Rate is very easy these days. There are a wide range of Euro Travel Money suppliers available both online and on the high street. Using our Euro Travel Money Comparison Table you can compare all the Sterling to Euro Exchange Rates and Travel Money suppliers from one place and even from your mobile on the high street for last minute Click and Collection of your Euro Currency.

The best Sterling to Euro Exchange Rates tend to be available from the online Travel Money suppliers rather than from the big well known high street brands and supermarkets. However, it can depend on how much you are buying and what currency you are buying so use the comparison tables on this website to double check the exchange rates to help you find the best Euro Exchange Rate Today and in advance of travelling to Ireland.

Buying Sterling & Comparing The Euro To Sterling Exchange Rate in Ireland..

If you are in Ireland and are looking to Buy Sterling before travelling to London or anywhere else in the UK including Northern Ireland then you can use our Irish Travel Money comparison website which will allow you to compare all the Irish Currency Suppliers in Ireland for exchanging the Euro To Sterling at the best exchange rates in Ireland.

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