What currency is used in Prague?

The official currency and legal tender of Prague is the Czech koruna

If you are travelling Prague in the Czech Republic, the local currency is the Czech koruna.

In the city of Prague cash currency is used more than debit cards or credit cards especially when it comes to smaller local shops or restaurants.

There are plenty of cash machines, currency exchange booths and banks to change money at when you arrive, although your personal bank or credit card provider will charge you transaction fees for withdrawing money or changing currency in the city or at the airport.

The Euro currency is used in the city of Prague although not all vendors will accept the Euro currency. We always advise customers that it is best to take the local currency when visiting any country that has its own currency. Although, if you have left over Euros to use up from another trip to Europe then there is no harm in trying to use up your Euro currency whilst you are in Prague.

Just beware that some vendors may offer you a poor exchange rate for offering the service of accepting Euros in comparison to the local currency Czech koruna. This will be the same for using any currency exchange booth who might be offering no commission charges, but in turn they will offer a poor exchange rate on the currency you are changing in order to make money from the transaction.

The local prices, in Prague for beer and food is, much cheaper than Western Europe and you should be able to get some good deals on food and drink whilst in the city. Although, prices for consumer goods and clothing is very similar to the rest of Europe. The Czech koruna currency comes in banknote dominations of 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 Czech koruna.

If you are planning a trip to Prague for the nightlife then you might be interested in bulk buying your currency with your friends as the more currency you buy the better exchange rates you will get especially if you buy your currency in advance compared to buying travel money at airport exchange bureau's or on the high street which often costs at least 10% more compared to online exchange rates.

To compare the Czech koruna please use our currency comparison table which compares all the top UK currency travel money suppliers exchange rates allowing you to find the best deal online.

Adam Silveston

Adam is a writer for Compare Holiday Money.

Published on 1 January 2015
Prague, Czech Republic, Czk, Czech Koruna

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