US dollar to British pound historical chart

US dollar (USD) to British pound (GBP) exchange rate chart and trend analysis based on real data sourced directly from UK currency suppliers

USD to GBP chart


Our British pound to US dollar chart plots the actual US dollar buyback rates offered by our panel of UK currency providers at the end of each day, so you can see the historical performance of the US dollar against the pound and monitor fluctuations in the exchange rate over time.


This page shows the US dollar to pound exchange rate, not the US dollar buyback rate advertised in our US dollar buyback comparisons. Both rates are the same, but the buyback rate is displayed in a different format due to the way UK currency suppliers advertise their buyback rates. Learn more

GBP to USD historical rates

This annual exchange rate summary provides a detailed breakdown of the performance of the US dollar against the British pound over the past several years so you can put today's US dollar buyback rates into context:

Annual exchange rate data for British pounds to US dollars
2024 0.7553 --- 0.7777 0.742 ---
2023 0.8039 0.7552 0.8187 0.737 6.45%
2022 0.7379 0.8027 0.9307 0.7277 -8.07%
2021 0.7288 0.7378 0.7555 0.6997 -1.22%
2020 0.7487 0.7264 0.8461 0.7264 3.07%
2019 0.7811 0.7492 0.8247 0.7358 4.25%
2018 0.7361 0.7813 0.797 0.693 -5.78%
2017 0.8019 0.7369 0.8244 0.7314 8.82%
2016 0.6702 0.8019 0.8177 0.6693 -16.42%

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