East Caribbean dollar to British pound Exchange Rate History

This data was sourced directly from real UK currency suppliers and shows the actual price of exchanging East Caribbean dollars to British pounds on any given day.

XCD / GBP monthly summary

Over the past 30 days, the East Caribbean dollar buy back rate has decreased by 0.53% against the British pound from 0.2922 on the 27th December to 0.2907 yesterday. This means East Caribbean dollars are worth less today compared to one month ago. If you were exchanging 500 XCD, you would get approximately £145.35 today which is £0.77 less than you would have got on the 27th December.

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How we display buy back rates

You might notice the East Caribbean dollar rates shown here are different to the East Caribbean dollar rates offered by currency suppliers on our comparison pages. The rates are actually the same but are just presented in different ways. When we talk about the XCD / GBP exchange rate, we show the XCD rate relative to the pound so a rate of 0.2907 literally means 1 XCD = 0.2907 GBP.

However, UK currency suppliers choose to show this rate in terms of the amount of East Caribbean dollars you would need to exchange to receive 1 GBP, so (1 /) 0.2907 becomes 3.440. Or put another way, 3.440 XCD = 1 GBP. The two rates are interchangeable but currency suppliers prefer to show the second rate which they call the buy back rate.

XCD / GBP annual data

A snapshot of the East Caribbean dollar / British pound exchange rate over the past 8 years.

Year Open Close Low High Annual Change
2023 0.2909 -- 0.2881 0.2938 --
2022 0.2582 0.2907 0.2534 0.3305 -11.19%
2021 0.2535 0.2584 0.2445 0.2646 -1.91%
2020 0.2686 0.2535 0.2535 -- 5.97%
2019 0.2794 0.2688 0.2643 0.2961 3.93%
2018 0.2681 0.2795 0.2501 0.2857 -4.09%
2017 0.2885 0.2681 0.2625 0.2962 7.62%
2016 0.2434 0.2885 0.2396 0.2926 -15.65%

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