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ACE-FX are specialist foreign exchange dealers based in London who offer competitive exchange rates and first-class customer service. Over the years, we have established a reputation for honesty, reliability and quality of service.

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Ivor Neckles

17 September 2022

Sold Japanese yen

Great rates. And they claim can pick up cash in person within an hour or so of booking online. But be careful at weekends. Saturday and Sunday. If you want exchange for cash £ in person and book online they do not warn you that they can run out of cash at the weekend!

And if that happens they will ask for your bank details to pay the money in later and thus fulfill your booking.

However for me this defeats the whole point of booking online to pick up cash in person. They should not accept the online booking for cash in person if they cannot fulfill it. Other companies have longer lead times to prepare the cash.

I wasted 3 - 4 hours travelling there and back only to find they could not fulfill the booking they had taken. Not happy

ACE-FX replied

Dear Mr Neckles,

We are sorry to hear about your complaint, however when we have searched your name/order on our system we can't find anything. When booking online the website does not specify directly if it will be in cash or a bank transfer, as we cannot anticipate the level of traffic we will get during a working day so sometimes we can get short of GBP. In addition to this, we have to take into consideration the sum of money that is being exchanged at one time due to individuals using different name/ ID's.

If you would like to take this further please don't hesitate to call us on: 020 7513 1925 or visit us in store.

Thank you,


David Logan

19 April 2022

Sold 2,000 Philippine pesos

I have been trying to get through on the phone all day. Nobody picks up the phone or replies to emails. I still have not had my money


7 February 2020

Bought travel money

Excellent value and prompt polite service


5 February 2020

Bought New Zealand dollars

Excellent exchange rates. Happy with it


5 February 2020

Bought Japanese yen

As always, better rate than anywhere else, really helpful staff and a great service. Thank you ????


4 February 2020

Bought £567 worth of Indonesian rupiahs

Great customer service in the London Bridge branch. I shopped around for the best rate, and ace-fx were the best.


4 February 2020

Bought £1,000 worth of Euros

Always a good service and a great rate of exchange on Euro and Croatian Kuna..

Cath K

4 February 2020

Bought £300 worth of Russian rubles

My go to place for all foreign exchange. Super fast ordering and same day collection (if ordered by 9am). 10/10


31 January 2020

Transferred funds overseas

Excelent Rates, quick service.


27 January 2020

Transferred funds overseas

Really good rates, proffesional team.


24 January 2020

Bought £2,000 worth of Euros

Best rates, easy to use website, professional staff.

David Whitlam

24 January 2020

Bought £500 worth of Euros

Good rates, click and collect from London Bridge , staff always friendly .


23 January 2020

Bought £2,500 worth of New Zealand dollars

An excellent rate, and first class service. Would highly recommend.


17 January 2020

Sold 16,260 Qatar riyals

I wanted to sell Qatari Riyals and Ace-fx offered the most competitive exchange rate in Pounds sterling.

After placing an online order, I proceeded to the London Bridge branch, where the staff was very professional and friendly.

I would highly recommend their services.

Thank you very much Ace-fx!



17 January 2020

Bought travel money

Always excellent service and top of the tourist market exchange rates, highly recommended


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