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ASDA offer a simple way to order your travel money. Place your order online, over the phone or at an in-store Travel Money bureau all with zero commission and no fees if you pay with your Asda Money Credit Card or debit card. Note: these are ONLINE rates - you may get a lower rate in-store unless you order online in advance.

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21 September 2023

Sold 500 US dollars

I went to Asda exchange some US Dollars to pounds today just after 5pm. The gentleman who was serving did not seem to be professional at all. I gave him the dollars, he counted, asked for ID, gave him ID, then he looked into his till, and he said to me he does not have enough money to exchange. He could only exchange half of it. This is an exchange place and they did not have money. They need more professional people there. Disappointed. This guy was not fit for the job. Sorry.


7 September 2023

Bought £250 worth of Danish kroner

Turned up to collect currency I ordered 4 days prior. I arranged to collect the travel money at 2.56pm and was told I couldn’t have it till after 3. Won’t used Asda again and staff was cocky

Asda Travel Money Card

19 August 2023

Ordered a currency card

Fairly smooth so far. Got card at Asda store (in store at counter it was pre loaded with €500). When I got home I simply loaded app and logged in using same details I shared in store with holiday counter)

If you load with extra money make sure it’s in over £500 batches to avoid charges. Exchange rates are good - better than in store and similar to exchange rates daily (around 5% less than international rate - which is better than any UK in store purchase)

You can easily access on iPhone and check amount and transfer more from bank account if needed. In Europe it will work for most contactless payments and no charges because it’s euro for euro. Great for transactions in Europe and if other you can transfer ‘ switch currencies to preferred country.

Sue Williams

3 August 2023

Bought £371 worth of Euros

Popped in for 400 euros, paid then seen the receipt, I’d been charged £4.99 in fees, never again, the person serving never explained the charge, apparently to buy back the euros…why. Never ever again

Miss Pearce

26 July 2023

Ordered a currency card

Awful customer service and support!

You can’t actually speak to anyone on the phone. Poor Ap and not able to order a pin reminder …… Hardly a reliable way to mange money on holiday:(


4 July 2023

Bought £1 worth of Euros

Me and my boyfriend are going on holiday and came to ASDA to exchange our money into euros. However when we arrived we were informed that they only had 50 euro notes present. This was obviously not convenient for us and was told that there would be a delivery the next day at around 3pm. The following day, we planned our evening, bearing in mind we both work to get to Asda before the till closes. We were then told the delivery hadn’t shown up. I understand this is not the workers fault but is very frustrating and not what you need right before a holiday. Very dissapointed.


1 July 2023

Ordered a currency card

After 2 weeks in Fuerteventura I returned to the UK with £532 euros left on my Asda Travel Card. We were told on acquiring it that we could withdraw cash for free at any ATM. I also paid about £4 to retain the same exchange rate if I wanted to covert the balance to sterling upon my return. As it turned out all ATMs were charging 2.95 euros other than those attached to banks, which charged 7 euros!!! In addition, upon returning to Asda I was told that the exchange rate I had reserved only counted for any cash not the card balance, something that was not explained when I acquired the card. As it turned out 532 euros got me £399, which I consider appalling and a very bad experience all round. I was generally happy with the use of the card whilst abroad as we did not require topping it up but I would have been better withdrawing the balance at an ATM before leaving and paying the 2.95 euros because we seem to have lost around £50 on exchange rate. In view of this we will not be using it again as charges on our normal cards would have been less.

Gary Wakefield

24 June 2023

Bought £150 worth of Turkish lira

If you search for Asda exchange rates bear in mind the rate they publish is for online orders only and not inshore. God only knows why? I saw 27.7 Turkish Lira to £1, only to discover it drops to 25.5 Turkish Lira inshore. M&S money exchange instore generally give a higher rate. In the end, I bought just enough to get me through the first day. I was going to buy £500.0but only got £150.00. Their loss.

Jon Thorne

30 May 2023

Bought £300 worth of Euros

Might be good if there was working functionality to register the card.

Impossible to top up on holiday.

I had to use my normal debit/credit card and get charged €12.50.

George Cassells

23 May 2023

Ordered a currency card

wouldn't touch with a barge-pole after my last trip to Spain, no atms were free of charge, i went to 5 and range charges were between 1.90euro to 7 euro in santander, every ATM i went to i cancelled my withdrawal and on one i cancelled it actually changed my credit by 300 euro, i went thru the process of removing 300 euro but after seeing the charge i cancelled and just as well i collected all receipts as it actually showed i had removed the money when i hadn't. i had to call there number to get help and got Taiwan, Singapore or somewhere similar for the call centre, that was absolute murder but was told id here from them within 1/2 days working day. Never heard a thing, called them again and they said i had to send a picture of my receipt to show i cancelled, i did this as mentioned just as well my fiance said take receipts, after calling again it was still being looked into. Long story short i got my money back after 8 days, just as well my fiance had extra money or i would have been screwed.

Never again, dont believe if they say ATMs are free and always take receipts. Going to asda today to take my money out in euros for next holiday as im not losing more money changing into sterling.

Dorothy Armstrong

14 May 2023

Ordered a currency card

Don't get this card. Firstly, the app doesn't work. It doesn't accept biometric log in despite the facility being there so you have to put the 16 digit card number and a password every time to access it. Also, you can't load money through the app. I have complained about this on 6 different occasions and it still doesn't work. The only way to load cash is to do it through the website.

I was told that the card is accepted everywhere abroad. To be fair it has worked in most places but, be warned, it doesn't work in the French toll machines. Fortunately we did have a backup card.

I will never use this card for overseas travel again. When we get home it is going in the bin

Christine Tinkler

10 May 2023

Ordered a currency card

Used the Asda travel money card when we went to krakow and will defo be using again. So easy and safe to use and so easy to top up.. definitely recommend to anyone travelling abroad. Well done


4 May 2023

Bought £1,100 worth of Euros

Ordered £1100 of Euros online, no problem. Went to collect as arranged, despite being the only person in the Q, had to wait 10 minutes. Collected the Euros. When l checked it was 5 x 200 euro notes and the rest in 20's. When l went back to try to get better denominations l was told " You would be charged, but we don't have any anyway, sorry"

Unimpressive all round, next time it's M&S or just change once on holiday.


22 April 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

App was good and worked perfectly at first. I added money when rate was "relatively good" and did this several times without problems

Used the Card itself on 3 week holiday in Dec 22 then 2 week Holiday in March 22

Then 2 weeks ago I tried to add Euros and when I had entered all info I was expecting to enter my Payment Card to complete purchase but got a Green Screen instead. No matter how many times I tried it never changed from a plain Green Screen

Advised to uninstall App which I have done several times and problem persists. I have emailed helpline and they answered incorrectly - looked like they answered a totally different question. I have since sent 2 more emails neither of which have been answered

So today I tried to add App to my Tablet. Once installed it asked me to Log in but then put a big red notice "saying error - try again X"

I did but nothing changed. I reinstalled App on Mobile again and got the same Message

I may need to top up soon , so rang Customer Helpline which told me there was something wrong with the App and it was being worked on. I was told that once done I might find my Green screen issue fixed.

However I can't wait and hope so I will look for another provider and try to send balance from this Card to a new one OR if I can't I will use the Balance up on this Card before using whichever new one I decide on

John McGonagle

2 April 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Horrific. Can’t log in- can’t register again. App is riddled with errors- email response from customer services saying 1-4 days sla for response. Not much good when you are standing in Dubai mall. Incompetence

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