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ASDA offer a simple way to order your travel money. Place your order online, over the phone or at an in-store Travel Money bureau all with zero commission and no fees if you pay with your Asda Money Credit Card or debit card. Note: these are ONLINE rates - you may get a lower rate in-store unless you order online in advance.

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2 July 2024

Ordered a currency card

It has been problematic using this card and I will never use Asda again for this service. It has been declined in several places in Majorca and it’s embarrassing when it is declined. Declined amounts still show up as pending!!!


1 July 2024

Ordered a currency card

Due to a wrong pin at a cash point and declined payments at the table ordering food these ‘declined’ transaction go on your card as pending and will not go back to your card until 7 days later . I couldn’t access my money whilst on holiday due to this ! Never ever again AVOID AVOID AVOID. It will ruin your holiday and customer service is awful … a complete waste of time !


14 May 2024

Ordered a currency card

Appalling customer service. Cost more in fees and time. Had to use an alternative card which fortunately I had taken abroad with me. Will not use again


6 May 2024

Ordered a currency card

They are garbage , the app is abhorrent, I tried to check my balance , everything I entered my unique one time number it was rejected.

Viktor Bohdan

25 March 2024

Bought £200 worth of Euros

Went to Asda in Spondon, Derby. Exchanged 200 pound for euros. No questions asked, nothing explained. When i got home I found out that the lady charge me for exchange fees. How can you charge someone without explanation? Will never use their service ever again.


21 February 2024

Ordered a currency card

I put £200.00 in my travel card went to make sure that it had gone onto the card but the money is nowhere to be seen contacted card services who then contacted Travelex and still no sign of the money, I have contacted my bank they are now looking into this.


28 January 2024

Bought travel money

Ordered local currency for Barbados. Ordered on Monday and told it would be a few days and we would be phoned. Not heard anything so went in Friday - going away next Thursday, nothing arrived. Telephone call Saturday afternoon to say they can’t get any! Very unreliable!


15 January 2024

Bought £50 worth of Euros

Got my travel money card today, and it was a piece of cake with the help of Millie in the Spondon branch. Any worries were put at ease, so helpful in how to setup it up and knowing how I can use the card when aboard. I was really happy with the service provided.

millie cox

15 January 2024

Bought £100 worth of Euros

quick straight forward service


18 December 2023

Bought £1 worth of US dollars

This is the fourth time I have attempted to use the service in Asda Fareham, as it is the only place within a few miles that sells foreign currency. 3 pre ordered and today randomly.

Each and every time there has been a note to say just popped out, be back at a certain time and this is not usually between 12 & 2. It is usually just after 3pm for pre ordered. Today, I randomly popped in at 12.20 and once again, there was a note to say that the person has popped out and will be back at 12.50. Surely if their website displays opening times, a member of staff should be there to serve customers or they should display opening hours open and not actually on lunch or gone out etc…it’s not cheap to keep having to drive backwards and forwards, 6 miles to be precise to not be able to get the money ordered or even randomly. Asda, this needs sorting out!

Had to put in an amount that I supposedly purchased to leave review.


7 November 2023

Bought travel money

Like Sue Williams says on her review I was charged a buy back fee without an explanation.

As a pensioner £2.99 Charge for nothing is better in my pocket.

I was so mad I went back the next day. The same girl said I always explain this Charge!

Not to me you didn't as we never return Euros.

I insisted on having the money back, which she finally agreed to.


3 November 2023

Bought £500 worth of Euros

Had a great experience in the Blackburn asda with the help of a lovely women Heena. Was a great help with everything as it was my first time exchanging money. Great customer service from her. Would definitely recommend to go to the Blackburn asda will be going again.


29 October 2023

Bought £250 worth of Euros

I always go to the bureau in clayton green, I always get good service from the two ladies there, I got tips etc about where I was going last time and its always service with a smile and welcoming


21 October 2023

Bought £1 worth of Euros

Went to Asda Tamworth the customer service was diabolical there were two people serving behind the counter , neither of them had any customer service skills tutting because I queried the exchange rate no please and thank yous .. apparently they don’t accept Scottish

£20 even though it’s legal tender. Will avoid from now on and go where I’m welcome

Jeff Leahey

29 September 2023

Ordered a currency card

What ever you do don’t get one of these Asda travel money cards. Ive waited over 4 days to get a response to an email regarding a problem registering my card. I’ve sent all information requested and yet I’m still waiting. I’m starting to panic as I’m getting low on cash. Dreadful customer service you try finding numbers from abroad. Trying that this doesn’t ruin holiday.

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