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You can order currency and travel insurance from Barclays providing you hold one of their credit or debit cards. Your currency can be delivered to your home or you can pick it up from your local branch at your convenience.

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Peter Cuckoo

13 July 2024

Transferred funds overseas

Barclays Euro Account.

What’s good about it?

1. You can put Euros into it.

What’s bad about it?

1. It has no Debit card

2. Electronic transfers/payments cannot be made using the App. Don’t know about other electronic transfer platforms but I doubt it.

3. It appears that transactions have to be done over the phone or in Branch (After making arrangements, over the phone, to withdraw € at my branch it still took what seemed like 30 minutes at the branch to actually be handed over the small amount of cash.

Does it actually serve a useful purpose?

Not that I am aware of. You used to be able to write a cheque but they even stopped that. Then they closed the local branch.


8 September 2022

Sold 5,000 Euros

Transfer from my Barclays Euro account to Barclays current account, unbelievable how bad the conversion rate spoke with currency customer service who to their credit confirmed Barclays have a bad currancy exchange compared to nearly everybody else


2 January 2022

Bought £10 worth of Bahraini dinars

4 hours call wait no answer I could have travelled to London and back and still received no response waste of my 4 hours

Dan Warriner

10 February 2021

Bought £250 worth of Turkish lira

I've given 2 stars as in fairness to Barclays, the Turkish Lira rate at the time was the best I could find anywhere on the web. However when receiving the Lira, I found that I was sent over £2500 Lira exclusively in 10's and 5's! This was physically a huge amount of money to cart around in my baggage and made paying for things in Turkey extremely difficult. I don't envy the bar owner who received an entire £250 bar tab entirely in 5 Lira notes!

Robert Philip

14 February 2020

Bought £750 worth of Canadian dollars

As off today, for £750 to CAD you can get $60 more at Travel FX for same service. 14th FEB 2020 This is one of the worst rates.


23 December 2019

Transferred funds overseas

Barclay bank have most worst exchange rate. I will go to open account in other bank.

Micheal b

5 March 2019

Bought £1000 worth of Japanese Yen

Not a very good experience as asked for mixed notes and got all large notes and these are not easy to use when arriving in a country for taxis to get to the hotel.


17 December 2018

Barclays offers one of the worst currency exchange rates there is... do not use them, they literally are ripping you off every time.


27 April 2018

Ordered currency on Tuesday and had Friday as collection day from local branch.Took funds from my account, but when I went to collect, no currency at branch. When investigated there was no evidence or tracking that money had even been sent out !!

David Morgan

23 February 2016

Barclays Bank cheated me out of €3000.00 tried to get my money ,then Barclays offered me £200.00 good will manged to get £700.00 but it took nearly a year.My late parents worked fifty years and Barclays Promised me one rate then gave me another. Please change your money with someone else.I wish someone could help me but a single person stands no chance.A very good bank for changing cheques into South African rand at a very good rate getting round South African Exchange laws and helping South Africans getting there money out of South Africa.They did it for me in 1975 with help of Standard Chartered Bank Trafalger Square branch .all i had to do was call into Barclays Bank Main branch in Durban and give me name over the counter and my Rand cheque appeared it a enhanced rate.

paul wagstaff

29 January 2016

Long wait with there automated machines, and generally poor service. Would never bank with this bank


17 November 2015

Only if your desperate to get ripped off, disorganised, shambles, greedy. 1 star rating to high.

marcel podeur

1 September 2015

Absolutely useless on all aspects of banking. Don't even think about using this dreadful shambles of a bank !

David Morgan

30 July 2015

Barclays bank in Kings Lynn gave me a very poor rate when i ordered Euros.In all i lost a few Thousand Euros,my money not Barclays.Please change your money else where ,Look at there new branches and ask yourself who is paying for the upgraded branches.


29 July 2015

Appalling exchange rate, even for regular customers who have an account with Barclays. Go to a supermarket like Asda or Tesco.


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