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Caxton was founded in 2002 and is a leading provider of prepaid currency cards. Their low fees and good exchange rates make their cards some of the best on the market.

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J rushton

3 June 2023

Ordered a currency card

Excellent easy to use perfect for holidays


26 April 2023

Bought Euros

Previously a fan of Caxton but have now cancelled because of their inactivity fee - £2.00 per month for every year it is unused. Most unfair over covid.

Tricia K

24 April 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

I've had the Caxton black card for many years, used abroad all over for taking out cash and using in shops/restaurants to pay for goods without any issues. I don't understand all the negative reviews, I've never had any problems.

Chris Douglass

30 March 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Tried to use my card for the first time abroad in Croatia. No restaurants or ATMs accepted it. This left me very short of money. I emailed their support team with an urgent request for help only to receive an automated response advising they would TRY and respond in 24-72 hours. Appalling!

Colin Forrestal

20 March 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

I have used this card all around Europe and China without a problem. You do have to watch in Europe which ATM you use as most charge (varies) if you are not their customer. I find that near tourist areas and Tourist Information spots are best for finding ATM'S that don't charge. I have had a few declines for using it as a debit card, usually its down to a problem with the machine.

I have found the rates better than currency bureau's and not far off my UK and Spanish bank rates. I normally load Euros and keep it as an emergency funder, when in Spain or the UK, and use it all the time when not in these countries. It is easy to lad currency with the app or online.The card does what they say it would and I am very happy with it.

Ian Richardson

13 March 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

I'm partly writing this because I have just read a string of one-star reviews and wondered what has been going wrong for all these poor people. For me Caxton has been good. I was recommended Caxton by a friend and decided to go with her recommendation, rather than being put off by the sorry collection of online reviews. I was tentative about how this would work, particularly as I was going to Nepal where it is impossible to preload the Nepalese rupee. In fact, the black Caxton card turned out to be really useful and a blessed relief from carrying a large amount of cash. I pre-loaded Sterling.

The good stuff was:

I was able to draw out cash in the local currency at a good exchange rate from the Nabil Bank ATMs.

I was able to use the card just like an ordinary debit card in several restaurants and shops in Pokhara and Kathmandhu.

The not-so-good?

The ATMs that accepted Mastercard transactions were relatively few, even in Kathmandhu, so I had to hike across town a bit.

A couple of ATMs that claimed to accept Mastercard, spat it out without giving me any money (and no explanation as to why).

The reliable Nabil Bank ATMs still charged me 500 Rupees a go (about £3). Bearable and not Caxton's fault.

So, overall, I'm happy with the card and am about to put it through its paces in the Netherlands. We'll see if it continues to work well for me.

Antonio Retamal

8 March 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Card not fit for purpose. I could not pay with it in retailers in New York. I manage to use ATM, but not paying to retailers. Failure.

Al Carter

18 February 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

No problems using this card in Sicily and France, loaded with Euros before we set off.

The only issue is the fairly poor exchange rate.

That said, it's safer than carrying cash and you don't have a large bill waiting when you get home.


14 February 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Just avoid, charges everywhere and don’t forget to cancel as they have dormancy costs. I don’t believe these are legal charges. I only got stung for a couple of quid but avoid!

Jim Lafferty

12 January 2023

Bought Euros

Tried every combination to use this card in Madeira. None of them worked. Just as well I wasn’t relying on it to get me through my holiday. Will be having a ceremonial cutting of the card when I get home. Just a rubbish card.


27 December 2022

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Got this card for going to USA. 3 different parts including a cruise. Card declined many times due to chip and pin in USA. Had to take cash out of ATM, but limited amount per day!! Thankfully had a credit card, but due to international bank issues, it was blocked after 3 attempts! I loaded caxton card a few times, but took 24 hrs to show. When I contacted caxton by email, was told the international team don't work at night! Had to ask a family member to send money via bank transfer. Caxton is NOT a bank!!

Christian Horsfield

7 August 2022

Ordered a prepaid currency card

I have used this card for over 10 years, but on the most recent visit to the USA the card was declined for almost every meal we ate out. Customer srvosais this was because the cashier needed to use chip and pin and not swipe, but most US restaurants are not set up this way and we ended up having to use our credit card- with our preloaded Caxton card sat with Monet we couldn’t access without paying a withdrawal fee. Most (but not all) small purchases were OK. Overall, an utter waste of time/money- will not bother in the future.


4 August 2022

Bought £2,000 worth of Euros

Unacceptable delays in answering the phone. Unobtainable account details online.

I think that this firm is failing.


10 July 2022

Ordered a prepaid currency card


My partner and I are currently travelling and our Caxton card has stopped working, despite having a substantial amount of money loaded. When calling the customer service line (Sat 9th July), we were told they won't do anything until Mon 11th July. We are left with no money for food or transport and are stranded without accommodation as we can't use our card to pay for travel to our next Airbnb. We explained this over the phone and Caxton DO NOT Care that we have no food for 3 DAYS. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!

Peter Urquhart

3 July 2022

Sold 2,500 Euros


Used this for years before it was taken over, worked fine. Customer service totally USELESS dont have a clue or any understanding of of emails sent long delay in reply.

Does not allow me to pay anything online always rejected when used as method of payment, they told me its fine try again !!!

just tried to withdraw money back to the same original debit card, got an email saying redemption refused contact customer service they now require a copy of bank statement before its released even tho its back to same debit card they also stated they do not have access to any of my account details and can't do a thing unless i provide proof via email REALLY . Its my fkin money not yours idiots !

Will be closing this asp had enough run by morons !


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