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Caxton FX was founded in 2002 and is a leading provider of prepaid currency cards. Their low fees and good exchange rates make their cards some of the best on the market.

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Sara Tutton

1 Stars
1 Stars

25 July 2021

Bought Euros

25 July 2021

Used to be good. Have funds in my account, know my pin, weekend service and app say my card is active. Yet I cannot withdraw money or pay for meals in restaurants. It’s hard enough holidaying in a pandemic without this problem too


Henry S

2 Stars
2 Stars

28 June 2021

Used to be ok, now attracts fees, gets declined and to top it off they rob your leftover balance. Better off with cash or a travel credit card.


Carl wain

5 Stars
5 Stars

12 May 2021

I find this card and service to be very much as good as it can.. always quick to get through to a speaking person if need be.



1 Stars
1 Stars

6 May 2021

The card works as it should. However redeeming funds is an absolute nightmare.

The online portal says you can only redeem the full balance. This failed - apparently because the sum I was redeeming was larger than any individual loading - of course it was as I could only redeem the whole balance!! 'Rules' designed to fail.

I was told to release my funds I needed to supply a bank statement with my address on it. This is despite all the funds transferred onto the card being from the same account as the redemption - so what would a statement prove? Nothing!

Customer services promised to look into the matter and get back to me. A week later nothing so I rang and was told my funds are in suspense!

Yet again told to provide the statement.

I really think its a County Court action required to recover my own money!


I want all my money and the card closed - BEWARE!!!

This review does not want a response from Caxton it wants my money sent!


Steve G

5 Stars
5 Stars

1 January 2021

Have used this card for a number of years and have found simple and easy to use - no complaints and very impressed.


Carl wain

5 Stars
5 Stars

18 November 2020

Never had a problem with caxton. Customer service gas always been good.


D Nightscales

1 Stars
1 Stars

26 July 2020

I have a Caxton currency card. In error I used an incorrect password and the account was locked. I explained at we were in France and needed to pay for accommodation last night and the response was that they were very busy and would get back to me in 72 hours. I phoned 3 times during the day and emailed twice. The simple task of unblocking the card has still not been done and no one has been in contact with us. Heartless and uncaring! Would not recommend.


Gillian Burns

5 Stars
5 Stars

13 March 2020

terrible exchange rates


Mrs G K Benaliligha

1 Stars
1 Stars

2 February 2020

Stay away!!

Blocked my card with balance on it. Refuse to send my money back. Customer services as soon as I am telling my name dropping phone.

Stay away! !



3 Stars
3 Stars

27 September 2019

Card is good and easy to use and manage online.

Exchange rates for euros and other currencies not very good, so only useful as a backup card.

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