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30 years expertise in providing currency and financial services to tourists. 60 currencies available, and ATM services. With 38 conveniently located exchange bureaus, we've got you covered wherever you are.

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Kenneth Jackson

26 September 2023

Sold 2,400 Euros

I was told that they don't charge a commission an i was charged $52.18 commission rip off stay away


20 September 2023

Bought £324 worth of Euros

Do NOT buy foreign currency at the Gatwick ATMs. The exchange rate is the biggest rip-off you will ever see in FX dealing.

100 euros today should cost 86 sterling; the machine charged 108.

Awful experience

31 August 2023

Sold Mauritian rupees

Awful experience

Rude staff.

I don’t recommend Oxford Street / Bond St Stn London branch. Male staff member needs to be send for customer service training.

They charge handling fee and service fee. It’s a joke.

Ray Pile

19 August 2023

Bought £200 worth of Euros

Do not use .. They will Rip you off

Basically lost £50.00 spent £200.00 on Euros and received euros that should of cost only £150.00 .

Total Rip off


1 August 2023

Bought £100 worth of Euros

Total rip off

Purchased Euros at Gatwick Airport.

Exchange rate was 20-25% worse than elsewhere. Excessive.

They have a monopoly at the airport, they're abusing that. Buy before going to airport.

Jon Allen

1 August 2023

Bought £500 worth of Euros

Awful experience changed £500 at Stanstead and received just 460euro worst exchange rate I’ve ever seen


22 June 2023

Bought travel money

Exchange rate not the best but it was convenient to pick up at airport.


22 June 2023

Bought £100 worth of Euros

Rip off! I was gobsmacked when i saw the euro i was getting for my GBP.€87 for 100GBP that is 0.9 exchange rate and 4.25 commision! Avoid avoid avoid!


2 May 2023

Bought £334 worth of Euros

Decided to get it at an ATM here instead of an ATM there, thought it wouldn't be that bad and it was 8 x worse than imagined


19 April 2023

Bought Moroccan dirham



the fact that Gatwick Airport seems to not have a problem with this company systematically robbing people is disgusting, ( maybe there on a commission!?)

This company exchange rates are up to double of any other bureau de change. Surly there must be some kind of regulations against day light robbery.........

Avoid this company at all cost

12 April 2023

Bought travel money

Totally rip off and scamming, do not change your money with this company when you're on London.

I changed my money at one of their branches located in Soho, 95 Charing Cross and I was shocked of what I was given. The man clear didn't mention about the 14% service fee as well as the 3% handling fee until he handed me the money. And when I confronted him, he told me "go claim it on our website" shame on you ChangeGroup and these horrible dishonest people working for you.


9 April 2023

Sold 900 Euros

Exchange group is the worst ever seen rate in Gatwick airport do not ever use change group booth in airports


24 December 2022

Bought £60 worth of Egyptian pounds

Just don't go there is my advice.

Exchange rate from this lot? For Egyptian pounds - £1 buys you 17.85 Egyptian pounds.

Without even trying on arrival in Egypt and using an ATM, I'm getting just under 30 Egyptian pounds for my £1.

Yes - my £1 will buy me 2/3 more Egyptian pounds in Egypt than it will at Gatwick airport.

Gatwick airport - you should be ashamed of yourselves for giving this bunch of rip-off merchants an exclusive contract.

It is quite frankly licensed robbery - and I so wish I had read the reviews here before going to the airport.

Please - benefit from my mistake and go anywhere except here.

Patricia Williams

21 December 2022

Bought travel money

Upon arriving at Gatwick airport,I decided to withdraw money from a Change Group ATM as it stated free withdrawals. Inserting a Spanish debit card i withdrew 460euro. Checking my bank account I was charged 23euro by my bank but 579euro and 13 cents was charged by this group from my account. Having received 460 euro and had 579.13 euro taken I complained to their head office and got zero help. Do not have any dealings with this group.

Tammy Tatro

16 December 2022

Sold 2,000 US dollars



O only wish l checked this site before except l was dead tired after a trans-Atlantic flight. It was 6;00 am and l wad SOOO tired and l SPECIFICALLY ASKED THE AGENT if there was any extra cost to change the money. I asked “will doing it at my bank be the same price” and she looked me right in the face and said IT IS!!!

I said it seems like the exchange rate is higher than when l left. She says it fluctuates. So after handing over $1500 to be exchanged to pounds, she asked for an additional 600 and said we can just round up.

When l got home AND SLEPT l checked that they charged me an extra 30 Pence which doesnt sound like much, but it came out to over $600!!! THEY STOLE!!!


Date of experience: 14 December 2022


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