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Todd Johnson

29th June 2018

Complete bait and switch! Horrible! They charge 15% to exchange money, plus a "convenience fee" We asked for the exchange rate and agreed to the rate. They NEVER told us about taking 15% of our money as well. We asked to have our dollars back and they told us "NO, the transaction is already in the computer". Bottom line, it was $140 to exchange $900 in to Euros! Worst exchange experience of my life. Go to the ATM instead as it is only 1-3% transaction fee and put these crooks out of business!


20th June 2018

Stay away from this service. They are thiefs. They charge £3 fee and 14.99% service fee. Horrible service.

  • I ordered £100 worth of US Dollars
  • My order was not delivered on time
  • I did not receive the notes I requested
  • I would not recommend ChangeGroup to others

Maya So

25th March 2017

PLEASE Anyone changing money find somewhere else! Totally robbery 13% in service fee.....honesty tell me what service?

  • I sold 1000 US Dollars
  • I was not paid within three working days
  • I received the rate quoted
  • Selling was easy and straightforward
  • I would not recommend this supplier to others

Edward Martin

25th May 2016

Fantastic service and the staff member on the phone was so helpful and friendly when I rang to check the order - thank you will order again.

  • I ordered £450 worth of Euros
  • My currency arrived on time
  • I received the notes I requested
  • Ordering was easy and straightforward
  • I would recommend this supplier to others


25th March 2015

Ordered what I needed and it arrived as they said it would. Excellent service and much better rate than I would have got from the High Street. They even put in some low denomination notes which is really helpful for taxis etc at the destination.

  • This was my first time using this supplier
  • I received my currency on or before the expected date
  • I received a good mix of notes
  • I would recommend this supplier to others


28th February 2015

Free delivery with super saver, no charges. Cash arrived as informed. Top service

  • I ordered £650 worth of Euros
  • This was my first time using this supplier
  • I received my currency on or before the expected date
  • I did not receive a good mix of notes
  • I would recommend this supplier to others

d. carter

1st January 2015

currency arrived on date.

  • I ordered £1000 worth of Norwegian Krone
  • This was my first time using this supplier
  • I received my currency on or before the expected date
  • I did not receive a good mix of notes
  • I would recommend this supplier to others

Paul Myers

9th October 2014

Excellent communication and delivery, ditto exchange rate & service I would not hesitate using this company again for changing £s into foreign currency

gary whittle

7th October 2014

This company is rubbish! I would never use them again, they have taken over £900 and you need to wait 7 working days to receive your money, and pay insurance the communication from them is useless they don't reply to emails. Anyone changing money find somewhere else Do Not Use This company

steve bullock

12th February 2014

I have been trying to purchase some currency from changegroup for over 2 weeks and each time i try the site says it is undergoing maintenance, also they hav'nt replied to my e-mails and the rate keeps falling, not very good really.

Georgina Kergon

30th November 2013

Seamless ordering and delivery. In fact, I have just ordered more currency.

P. Nash

30th September 2013

Very good rate for Euro very easy to place the order, it arrived on the day they said. Very easy site to use compared with some sites, would use again and recommend this exchange group.


17th September 2013

Good exchange rate, free delivery and arrived on the day arranged. Great all round, would recommend and use again.

Sandra Harrison

3rd September 2013

Very efficient service. Website easy to use and currency delivered on time

andy king

31st August 2013

easy to use site when placing and paying for currency,was able to choose to have orded delivered on a sat for a small fee,would use again in the future.

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ChangeGroup is a leading provider of foreign exchange services for the international traveller. They serve over 3 million customers every year with a global network of 120 branches in 22 cities across 11 countries and have been trading for over 19 years. A free uninsured delivery service is available for currency but we do not recommend this.

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