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ChangeGroup is a leading provider of foreign exchange services for the international traveller. They serve over 3 million customers every year with a global network of 120 branches in 22 cities across 11 countries and have been trading for over 19 years. A free uninsured delivery service is available for currency but we do not recommend this.

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30 April 2020

Bought travel money

30 April 2020

I needed US Dollars, I got a rate very close to the official one, the girl was really friendly, great experience..

Annie Li

5 December 2019

Sold 600 Euros

5 December 2019

This is a rip-off company, a money thief. The hidden cost of exchange is closed to 30%, how could the financial authority allow such business practice in UK?

I will file a police report as well, so angry and very upset..

Not to deal with this group, be alert!!

Guillaume Bertrand

24 August 2019

Bought £350 worth of US dollars

24 August 2019

A total rip-off by people very used to this way of doing business!

Today I went to the ChangeGroup bureau in New York, 315 Madison Avenue, to change some foreign currencies into US dollars.

The lady at the counter gave me an average rate (6% off mid market) which I accepted, but she then gave much less money than what corresponded to that rate.

Before I accepted the transaction I questioned the amount and, before responding to my question, she printed the ticket: it showed a handling charge of 19% when the company advertises 0% in their window.

I said that this had not been made clear and that I did not agree with the deal, and asked for my money back. But she refused, and she told me that she as she had printed the ticket she could not cancel the transaction (when she printed it after I questioned the amount!). When I asked her if she could cancel a transaction if she had made a mistake she refused to answer.

She refused to let me talk to her bosses and I eventually had to call the police for help as she refused to cancel the transaction and left the US dollars on the counter, saying that if I did not take them and something happened to them it would be my responsibility.

While waiting for the police she discussed with one of her friends telling him that "the police would always believe the version of a coloured overweight woman instead of a white man". Shocking!!

When the police arrived she told them that her bosses just told her to get me out of the place.

The police suggested I got to the company's headquarter to make a formal complaint, and later acknowledged that they had similar complaints about that company before.

So the real charge for their services, including all their hidden commissions, is 26%: a total rip-off by people very used to this way of doing business!

Lisa Powell

4 August 2019

Bought Euros

4 August 2019


Wish I had read the reviews before I changed my money with Change Group. They are shrewd scammers and should be shut down. They fail to advise on the high fees they charge when giving rates. Use them at you own peril, most of your hard earned money will be swallowed up in fees.



27 July 2019

Bought £1,200 worth of Euros

27 July 2019

They are thieves! They not only give you bad rates but also charge you 15% service charge! Yes 15% service charge! Basically I got 952 Euros and I had paid them 1200 pounds! Avoid them else you will be robbed! Worst place in whole Spain!


30 June 2019

Bought £800 worth of Euros

30 June 2019

Terrible rate I felt like I was robbed - and totally my fault for not checking other rates before buying currency. Don’ t do my same mistake

Rob S

24 June 2019

Bought £40 worth of Euros

24 June 2019

Here is what we received for changing $100 US dollars to €63.90 they ripped us of almost $40 US dollars. The exchange rate was quoted at $1.27 to €1 but they never told us anything about 15% fee on top of it. I asked to cancel the transaction and they refused. I will reporting them to the Spanish government. The employees at the Changegroup pray on innocent tourists that come to Spain and help the economy. The Changegroup are the thieves and should be prosecuted.


14 June 2019

Bought £300 worth of US dollars

14 June 2019

Scammers, Thugs, AVOID, AVOID, they are just going to rob you. Go somewhere Else. they Take 15%, extra, call it tax, never tell you about until the transaction is done and say it is non refundable, and hide behind the sliding door. Nothing you as a tourist can do about it. They need to be put in jail. So many people being scammed. They have so many locations. Absolutely crazy. NOT A service, TOTAL SCAM

Todd Johnson

29 June 2018

29 June 2018

Complete bait and switch! Horrible! They charge 15% to exchange money, plus a "convenience fee" We asked for the exchange rate and agreed to the rate. They NEVER told us about taking 15% of our money as well. We asked to have our dollars back and they told us "NO, the transaction is already in the computer". Bottom line, it was $140 to exchange $900 in to Euros! Worst exchange experience of my life. Go to the ATM instead as it is only 1-3% transaction fee and put these crooks out of business!


20 June 2018

20 June 2018

Stay away from this service. They are thiefs. They charge £3 fee and 14.99% service fee. Horrible service.

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