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COG Premium

Currency Online Group Premium Service specialise in providing travel money for orders over £3000. We also offer exclusive, enhanced currency Buyback rates to Compare Holiday Money customers that you won't find anywhere else, both services can be done either via postal service or in person at our new Waterloo Kiosk.

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2 July 2020

Bought £5,000 worth of Euros

2 July 2020

First time using COG Premium good rate delivered on time would recommend to anyone.

Pete Burchill

14 January 2020

Bought £6,500 worth of US dollars

14 January 2020

Going to the states for an extended stay so needed quite a bit. Currency Online Group's rate was the best out there so went ahead. Very pleased. Will use again.


14 January 2020

Bought £3,500 worth of Euros

14 January 2020

I needed a large number of Euros for my travels, I've used COG once before, and was impressed, so was very pleased they now offer better rates for larger amounts. Would recommend to everyone

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