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Covent Garden FX

Covent Garden FX is a family-owned and operated Bureau De Change located in the heart of Central London. Established for over 20 years, we offer extremely competitive exchange rates with no commission and no fees.

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20 June 2019

Bought £3,000 worth of US dollars

20 June 2019

This is the sex nd time I have ordered money from here and Couldn't get a better service ???????? ordered £3000 worth of dollars on a Saturday and received them by Wednesday when I requested.

Sam is amazing and extremely helpful.

Thanks very much ????????????????????????

Julia Lee Baker

18 June 2019

Bought £500 worth of US dollars

18 June 2019

I am so happy with the services I had ! Great rates, great services! Staff so helpful and I will definitely shop again.

Andy Wilson

17 June 2019

Bought £2,300 worth of US dollars

17 June 2019

Brilliant only place to shop for currency every single holiday. Thank you again top service delivered on time with notes requested. Highly recommended.

Michael D

13 June 2019

Bought £915 worth of Euros

13 June 2019

I use Covent Garden FX every time I need foreign cash. I was a little wary at first of using an online company but, having used them once and found them fast, efficient, friendly and helpful if you need to phone, then I won't go anywhere else. With consistently good rates they are my go-to currency providers.

Jackie White

20 May 2019

Bought £1,500 worth of US dollars

20 May 2019

I brought Dollars online for same day collection service. Really easy to use excellent rate currency ready in the notes requested on same day. Friendly service recommended.

Alan Bayliss

16 May 2019

Bought US dollars

16 May 2019

Second time of using, good customer service, sent out notes in timely fashion, will use again 100%

Katherine Longhurst

14 May 2019

Sold 3,000 US dollars

14 May 2019

So easy to use best buy back rate exchanged at the rate booked online. Popped into Covent Garden and exchanged within the hour. Highly recommended in a great location .


13 May 2019

Bought £1,000 worth of US dollars

13 May 2019

Very easy to order on line and my US Dollars were delivered on they exact date I asked for. Will most definitely use again. ????

John Hilditch

8 May 2019

Bought £7,725 worth of US dollars

8 May 2019

Ordered $10,000 for my family’s holiday to Florida & it was a very Smooth transaction .very pleased the way everything was handled. Amazing at what they do as a small family business. Well recommended

Thank you once again

Janet Quin

8 May 2019

Bought £480 worth of Euros

8 May 2019

Easy to use friendly customer service quick exchange had next day delivery. recommended

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