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Currency Online Group specialise in providing Travel Cash and Currency Buyback services to customers across the UK. All Travel Cash orders are sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery for a tracked and fully insured service. Alternatively, face-to-face bookings can be made at our Waterloo Branch. We have more "excellent" reviews on Compare Holiday Money than any of our competitors, so why not use us for all your currency needs.

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Bought £2,000 worth of Japanese yen

I have used CoG now several times. Their rates are always top and delivery is very efficient. Would always recommend !

Robert Foster


Bought £1,000 worth of United Arab Emirates dirham

Although my UAE dirhams order was delivered on time following my order, I was extremely

upset that my order consisted of four 1000 dirham notes, when ordering I asked for small

notes. Can you imaging arriving in the early hours trying to pay for things with such a large

1000 banknote (approx. £225) I know from many previous visits to Dubai it’s hard to use

500 dirham notes let alone 1000. It will be extremely difficult to the notes changed.

I have had to go to a high street currency exchange and buy some smaller notes.

Laura & Dave Simpson


Bought £1,000 worth of Thai baht

I've used Cog Currency before and found their rates to be the best. Delivery was fast and super efficient. Will always come back to them for future holiday cash.



Bought travel money

Excellent and efficient service. Great rates. No hassles. I would definitely recommend them.

Jerry Kiang


Bought £800 worth of Euros

Very friendly service, and excellent rates. Fast and efficient.



Bought £2,500 worth of US dollars

Easy fast and no issues - great rate


14 April 2024

Bought Euros

Very efficient service and decent exchange rate


14 April 2024

Bought £750 worth of Thai baht

Excellent service never disappoints.


14 April 2024

Bought £500 worth of Jamaican dollars

The service was excellent, and quick


13 April 2024

Bought £1,743 worth of Euros


Easy to book, competitive rate, prompt delivery.....perfect, well done.

Jean Brown

13 April 2024

Bought £1,500 worth of Canadian dollars

Excellent service, top rates. Wouldn't get currency anywhere else

Excellent service

12 April 2024

Bought £4,200 worth of Euros

The app was easy to use, great rates given and no charge as over £750 I requested small notes, which I received on the date as promised.


12 April 2024

Bought Euros

Brilliant service, great rate and swift delivery. I will definitely use you again


12 April 2024

Bought Euros

Fast, efficient service with good rate.

Mrs Elaine Clark

12 April 2024

Bought £1,000 worth of Euros

Have used currency Online Group a few time now and find the service faultless. I always order enough currency to not have to pay delivery costs, some may seem to be giving slightly rates but they charge a small fee anyway regardless of how much you order. Would recommend Currency Online and will definitely use again.

Currency Online Group

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