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Currency Online Group specialise in providing Travel Cash and Currency Buyback services to customers across the UK. All Travel Cash orders are sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery for a tracked and fully insured service. Alternatively, face-to-face bookings can be made at our Waterloo Branch. We have more "excellent" reviews on Compare Holiday Money than any of our competitors, so why not use us for all your currency needs.

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Bought £2,000 worth of US dollars

Excellent exchange rate. Pleasant customer service experience at Waterloo

Stephen Mainwaring


Bought £2,000 worth of Euros

We have used the Currency Online Group a few times as their ordering process is great for a person of my age, I think their exchange rates are good the service is excellent and delivery is quick but most of all I trust them with my money and I would not hesitate to use them again.


28 November 2023

Bought £1,000 worth of US dollars

Again another happy customer so easy to use and quick, very good rates …. Thank you

Teresa Pollard

28 November 2023

Bought £1,500 worth of US dollars

Fantastic speedy service.

Wouldn’t use anyone else

Highly recommend


28 November 2023

Bought travel money

Great service done exactly as promised cash was delivered on time. Customer support available to answer all queries. Definitely recommend

Janet Ball

28 November 2023

Bought £1,603 worth of Kenyan shillings

Fantastic service, this is the second time I have ordered travel cash from the Currency Online Group for a forthcoming trip to Kenya. Last year I only ordered US Dollars as suggested by our specialist travel agent and requested a selection of mixed notes. As we were primarily using the cash for guide tips etc, we struggled as a large part of the cash came as $100 bills. This year I opted for the “small notes” request and have ended up with a lot of very small notes which means a lot of bills! It might be an idea to be able to request a proportion to be in the smaller notes in future. I also managed to order a quantity of Kenyan Shillings which will be especially useful in the local communities.

All in all, you get ease of safe and secure ordering of travel cash, quickly dispatched at a very competitive rate.


28 November 2023

Bought £760 worth of Saudi riyals

I ordered low currency notes in saudi riyals and was provided with large 500 notes that were difficult to use abroad as many places did not accept it. They did not call to inform me of this issue and said it was not a gurantee

Tony wood

25 November 2023

Bought US dollars

I was reluctant to use an on line travel money company..But it was easy and simple to do the bank transfer. I’m not so sure I would have done it on line had I had to put so many of my details using the personal collection section..

I only just met the 12 am dead line for next day delivery but it arrived the next day with my post delivery.. well done. I will use you again..

James Evans

25 November 2023

Bought £2,000 worth of Chinese yuan

Excellent next day currency £ to RMB delivery at the best exchange rate available.

Lucy Astbury

25 November 2023

Bought £2,500 worth of US dollars

So easy to order and quick to deliver. Excellent service.

Emmanuel Pitsiladis

24 November 2023

Bought travel money

The whole service was very simple and efficient. From choosing the desired currency and amount to delivery the following day the process was seamless. Thank you

Fast efficient service

24 November 2023

Bought £1,500 worth of Australian dollars

Good rates for Australian dollar

Alwyne EWERS

24 November 2023

Bought £750 worth of Euros

Great service with a great exchange rate, quick guaranteed delivery of your currency.: job done ✔️ excellent.

Vivien Taylor

24 November 2023

Bought £950 worth of Swiss francs

Excellent service and exchange rate.

chris murphy

24 November 2023

Bought travel money

Excellent service Ben and Lee were great to deal with

Painless experience compared to most banks and exchanges

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