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Spend less and see more with the new FairFX Currency Card that lets you lock in great rates for 15 major currencies and spend in over 190 countries around the world. Existing FairFX cardholders can upgrade to a multi-currency card and move any balances over from their old card in a flash.

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8 May 2023

Ordered a currency card

I got a FairFX card and to start with put £100 on it. I then had an email saying the money had gone on the card, but when I put the card into the ATM it said there was no money on it. I rang FairFX and was told they had no records at all about the £100 going on the card. I said I had asked about this in the bank and was told the money had been taken out of my bank account. I was then asked to go back to the bank and get a statement showing the money had come out, and send them the statement. I did as they asked. I had also had an email from FairFX saying the money had gone onto the card and I was asked to send the email to them as well. I had an email from them a couple of hours later saying there had been a slight delay with the money being transferred but it was now on the card. But the money still wasn’t on. I rang them a second time and after a few minutes was told the problem had been sorted but when I checked it hadn’t. I rang a third time and a young sounding man said he could see what the problem was on the screen that it would be put right and I would get a phone call in a while. I didn’t get the call and the money didn’t go on. I had a statement from Fair FX and that said there was £100 on the card as well. I have just rang for the 4th time but customer service is closed because of the coronation bank holiday. I have really had enough now, the money should have gone on the card on April 21st, so I’m ringing for the 5th time tomorrow and I’m going to ask for the money to go back onto my debit card then throw the damn FairFX card away. I just wondering how long it will take them to put the money back on my debit card. Absolute rubbish. I wouldn’t even give them one star if I didn’t have to.

Ciaran Jamieson

18 April 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Fair Fx used to be fantastic but they are now taking the cake with their security procedures. I'm trying to book an attraction for my next holiday in the local currency because of course if I use my UK card. there are transaction fees. Put in the card information, fine, they then want to send me a verification message. Understandable. But Then they want a passcode after that. but it's not a number. it's a pass word so its miss labled, and I supposedly have to set this up in the app. I do and then put it in when it askes me again. and incorrect answer to the security questions error, it's absolutely ridiculous that I have to go through all these hoops just to book tickets for a bloody theme park and then somehow what they ask for is incorrect despite me having reset it not 5 minutes ago. sort your shite out!

Donna Cooper-Holmes

8 February 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Currency card declined abroad despite having plenty of money on the card. Infuriating!! Just called to cancel and get my money back but they had me on hold for 15 minutes. I called back and was told it’s busy maybe call early morning or late pm as staff on lunch break!! Just ridiculous


31 December 2022

Bought travel money

Just tried to buy some foreign currency with my Fairfx card. Transaction declined.

I then tried to buy foreign currency on the Fairfx currency site using my Fairfx card. Guess what. Declined. They seem to have blocked my card even though there is ,more than enough money in the account. I have emailed them each time it has been refused today and am still waiting for a reply from their 24/7 email service. They have my money and I can’t access it.

Tim Roberts

11 December 2022

Ordered a prepaid currency card

I called FairFX twice before my trip to Disneyland Paris to confirm my multi currency card was not blocked or had any issues, I had issue in Italy in May.

2 agents confirmed there was no problem.

So I try to use my card in Disneyland, refused twice.

Very poor show as I will now have to use credit card.

Not my first choice.

So disappointed and frustrated, can’t tell you how angry I am after going through the process of confirming all should be ok!!!!.

Second trip abroad you have caused embarrassment, when card declined/refused.

Very Disappointed.


1 November 2022

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Impossible to top up while on holiday in Spain.

FairFX were always good, I loaded our shared cards with 2500 Euro to pay for the hotel and spending money and I also topped up a few days into our hols without an issue. With three days left of our hols, our funds were getting low so I tried to top up from my usual source, although I got a message that I'd added 300Euro to the account, no money appeared, I tried several more times with the same result. I tried two other cards to top up the currency cards also with no joy. It was an absolute waste of time having these currency cards as we just couldn't top them up. We ended up using our UK bank cards to finish our hol. Fair FX blamed my bank, but I went through all the usual security questions successfully with no issues. No more FairFX, will be looking for an alternative card for my next hol.

FairFX replied

Hello Geo,

I know our team are currently investigating how and why this happened. I'm sorry that you've had this difficult experience with our card. I'm sure this must have been frustrating on your holiday, and it's not the experience we want for our customers. We are working to ensure it does not happen again.

The FairFX Team


6 October 2022

Ordered a prepaid currency card

In general I've found the multi-currency card useful for budgeting particular purchases but it is becoming an increasing irritation that the app doesn't show daily balances. This means if I'm checking amounts I have to go back through the month to calculate everything up manually when daily balances would make things easier. Also, download monthly statements would be helpful too.


29 September 2022

Bought Euros

Got this card to use on holidays, thankfully it worked very well with no issues, however tried using it today and the card was declined 6 times!!!! absolutely shocking and so embarrassing when there is clearly enough funds on the card, but still wouldn't work until i topped it up more! what is this about, can you not use the money that's already on the card or what? afraid to use again incase it declines !!!

FairFX replied

Hi Deborah,

I'm sorry that you had difficulty using your card. Please get in touch with us on help@fairfx.com as we will be able to investigate and explain any issues you've had.



Alistair Chadwick

24 September 2022

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Lost my currency card and the cards and pin page on the website wont open and just says "oops" " error code"

Prior to that I have emailed 6-7 times but I still have the issue

FairFX replied

Hello Alistair,

I'm sorry to hear you've lost your card. We've hadn't experienced any issues with our PIN page, however, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to help resolve the issue.


The FairFX Team

Gavin Taylor

25 August 2022

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Started well, easy to load the card BUT....transactions started being declined on my card at various places and for various amounts (some as little as $1 with $500 still on the card). My wife has a seperate fairfx card that has now been declined in a fuel station, several bars and at Universal studios. Luckily we still have some cash but although my plan was to leave funds on the card, we will now be looking at good old cash and the normal credit cards in future. Sort yourselves out fairfx, my wifes card still has circa $1000 on it and we are actually scared to use it due to the embarassment of it failing time after time. Poor.


17 August 2022

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Won't give me my money back

After coming back from the US and still having money on my card i tried to call them to get a refund. The phone lines aren't taking calls. I messaged on their contact page, messaged on Twitter and emailed. 2.5 weeks and many promises someone would call to discuss and no call has come through. They're holding on to my money and won't give it back

FairFX replied

Hello Marc,

I'm extremely sorry you've had these issues getting in touch. Our lines have been very busy and we have not been able to reach people as quickly as we would like. We would not expect any of our customers to be waiting so long however, even while we're busy. Please do email again to ensure your email is reaching us.


The FairFX team


22 July 2022

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Terrible card. Do not even consider getting one. A majority of times transactions do not work. Nightmare while using in Spain.

FairFX replied

Hello Paul,

I'm sorry that some of your transactions in Spain did not go through. Please contact our team, who will be able to look at the transactions that have been declined on your card and explain the reasons for this.


The FairFX team

Scott Buchan

20 July 2022

Bought Euros

I orders some euro’s from them on a next day delivery. It is now 2 days on and the money still hasn’t turned up, I’ve tried emailing them and got no response, I’ve Alain tried phoning to be told their phones are temporarily down, I’ve also tried using live chat, not really sure how live it is as it says you have to wait an hour for a reply. I did get a reply giving me my RM tracking number nothing else. On checking the number RM haven’t even received the money yet. I’ve also tried replying to the live chat, it’s now 3 hours since I sent my reply and I’ve heard nothing. Now this really surprises me, I’ve used my FX card for 6 or 7 years without any issue. This now though has me thinking I won’t be using them again after this is resolved.


19 July 2022

Ordered a prepaid currency card

This is a rubbish service. They state they are better than your bank but this is not the case. Yes you can add money to a card and use this in different countries but you can also do this with your bank card if you let them know. Fairfx do not respond to emails live chats or calls if you are having problems with the card. I spent half my holiday with the card not working and now have returned and can't take the money out or transfer. This is not a good service.!


4 July 2022

Bought £1,000 worth of Euros

Awful customer service. Tried for 3 days to get sensible help. Their phone lines are constantly down. Email just acknowledge and don't reply to help. Chat I contacted many times and told someone will call to help me, never did. I asked they call me, never did. Left me stuck overseas with no access to my money. Awful.


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