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Spend less and see more with the new FairFX Currency Card that lets you lock in great rates for 15 major currencies and spend in over 190 countries around the world. Existing FairFX cardholders can upgrade to a multi-currency card and move any balances over from their old card in a flash.

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Colin newton

27 November 2023

Bought travel money

Without doubt the worst customer service bar none - recently asked to update my card which I did(why can they not just send a replacement?)went on live chat and was assured this would be done - checked my new card and NOTHING! E mailed customer service which is up to a 3 day response time - Google luck with that!

Finally got a response saying it would be done within the hour - still nothing!!!

Complained to customer service and NOTHING so back on live chat which is up to a 2 hour response time by which time they have closed the chat - PATHETIC

this has been going on for over a week now - STEER CLEAR OF THESE COWBOYS.

Bob C

24 November 2023

Ordered a currency card

Cant get my wife's new linked card account App to work, so she cant use the card (No PIN).

Tried the live chat...don't make me laugh! 9 minutes response time for each message.

Have sent four emails to "Help@fair@fx.com. NOT EVEN AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT!

Totally useless customer service.

If not resolved soon, I will close the account.

Lisa Cook

21 November 2023

Ordered a currency card

Upgraded today and virtual card created. Old one had to cancel. Balance transfer 'may take time'! Tried to top up £10 to Euro as a test using bank card. It started pressing the confirm button itself and now £90 is showing as pending on my bank account but not on FX side according to chat. Also tried £1 top up to Euro and there are 2 of those processing also. Told to wait until tomorrow before trying again! The last time they 'upgraded' the app it was also a shambles!


20 November 2023

Ordered a currency card

Since the upgrade Fairfx appears to have fallen off a cliff, customer support on live chat appears to non-existent, the comms about the platform upgrade were disengenous and did not fully explain how much effort was required to actually get a new card or get it live - took over a month for the whole process meanwhile my funds were blocked and had to make alternative arrangements for foreign travel. New platform is pretty poor and nothing about it from a user perspective is better, will be closing the account and moving on as this is just too much like hard work


14 November 2023

Ordered a currency card

Have had a fair fx currency card for a number of years with no problems, until they upgraded the card.

(1)Customer service is non existent , I found a number which I called and the person who answered , informed me that it was only for international transactions, when I asked for the contact number for my queries was told there was not one and should use live chat, which I had done with no success. She then went into a tirade saying it wasn't her fault that nobody answered and she was fed up with people ringing up complaining !!!

(3) I have emailed using the link on the app and had some fawning apologetic replies from a woman called Hollie W , who tried to tell me that I had been charged for a conversion from Sterling to euros for a euro withdrawal, when there was already a euro balance on the card , when I pointed this out was informed that it was a Uk card, and therefore the atm would automatically recognise it as sterling and not euros and that is why the withdrawal was done in sterling , which has never happened in the past before the upgrade. This defeats the whole purpose of having a currency card if you are going to be charged for a conversion when there is no need for one, if you already have a balance in the curreny/country that you wish to use.

(3) A lot of times when trying to use the card for payment in shops/bars ete kept getting declined, even contactless.


9 November 2023

Ordered a currency card

I've been with Fairfx for years but I'm closing my account. Since the new equals system, there has been problem after problem. It was so difficult to actually get a new card (another complaint) and now today loaded £40 to buy a ferry ticket in euros, 4 hours later transaction still pending, despite contacting live chat which was useless and email. What is happening? Had to pay in pounds now. I'm disgusted with lack of service and find it laughable that such an organisation's customer service and chat is 9-5. You are going to lose many customers, you've never been great, but now is dismal.

Peter Burrows

9 November 2023

Ordered a currency card

Received a new card, but have been unable to use it. Website says the card is Frozen, but no explanantion. The chatline is utterly hopeless and I got no sensible answers. Whilst you wait for an answer, the chatline decides you are "inactive" and closes the chat. Pathetic. I now just want my money back, but dont know how to acheive this, their service is so bad.



8 November 2023

Ordered a currency card

Have new style card and have trying for days to load using my debit card without success, which previously was easy. Chat line seems hopeless including up to 55 min waits and times out after 10 unless you are prepared to sit and wait for 55!!!! There appears no method of talking to people for any help or explanation of what is going on; even the complaints line is an answerphone suggesting up to 3 day response time!


7 November 2023

Ordered a currency card

We tried to set up a prepaid card for our adult son who has a severe learning disability and his support staff. Unfortunately, it just didn't work. The card kept getting refused and they would have to put the PIN number in. Then it would say the PIN number was wrong (which it wasn't) and the card would get blocked. We did manage to communicate eventually with real people both by telephone and e-mail and they were very helpful. But, even when they sorted it out the same problem reoccurred.

w. Temple

26 October 2023

Ordered a currency card

Had a Fairfx card for several years and now no longer have a need for one although there is a large amount of Cash on my account I just cannot get through to them to cancel and obtain a refund; they don't answer their query line, I cannot get through to them on e-mail, I cannot find a valid telephone contact number and, because they have changed their card type they say my current one won't be valid after the end of October. They say that I have to give them a valid mobile number to enable them to cancel ( we don't use mobiles ) to provide a refund, as after the end of October they will charge ME interest on the balance they are holding.

Rotten service and no way I would recommend.

Gordon Brown

26 October 2023

Ordered a currency card

I can only confirm that the help received is non-existent. Absolutely appalling service. I’m locked out of app and have tried for over 3 weeks to get it resolved. Fortunately for me I only have around €7.00 in the account. It’s not worth the effort to redeem. I’m due to go away soon so I’ll look for another company.

Michelle Quick

21 October 2023

Ordered a currency card

I have used the FairFX a few times and apart from a few teething issues (card not working in Punta Carna and unable to access app

for additional family cards and unable to track their transactions) I have generally found the card and app both good. Yesterday (Friday) I transferred money to pay for a holiday which had to be paid in Euros, only to find that the funds haven’t been transferred into my account even through my bank account has been credited yesterday. No customer service available outside Mon-Friday and now at risk of losing my holiday booking as payment needed within 24hrs.

L Thomas

15 October 2023

Ordered a currency card

Appalling service. My card expired at the end of September and on trying to upgrade my card (having been sent a link by Fair FX) I was locked out of the App and online accounts. Multiple emails remain unanswered and so called customer services say that they have emailed the Fair FX IT department and they will respond as quickly as they can. That was five days ago. No access to my money and I cannot log in. I am going to Europe shortly and at this time there is no sign if the issue being resolved.


15 October 2023

Ordered a currency card

15 year old son in USA with school card keeps declining despite £500 balance so he has no access to any money - no response from customer service appalling service

Jonathan Hier

13 October 2023

Ordered a currency card

Got an email telling me that my card was due to expire at the end of October. I decided to download the new App and order a physical card. Yes you get a virtual card until the physical one arrives and you decide to activate it +or not as is the case with me).

Funds from my old card were transferred across. Loaded some additional funds to ensure that worked, it did.

Exchanged Euros to Pounds using the App to make sure that worked, it did.

Then tried to make a payment. I added a beneficiary, you have to do that from a computer it cannot be done on the App. It worked. Then tried to make a payment from the App to the beneficiary. That's when the fun started.

To cut a long story short:

1. Live Chat is abysmal. It appears to time out so I had to log out and login again to be able to send messages on numerous occasions.

2. Request a call back in the Live Chat and the first time it took about two hours. The second occasion it was over four hours.

3. During the first call back the Fairfax employee who rang me "read between the lines" and as a result thought that what I was trying to do was something different to what I actually was trying to do.

4. Individuals cannot follow simple instructions.

5. Emails can pass like ships in the night

I have decided, after using FairFx for a number of years, that it is time to bid them farewell.

Any decent bank account now offers the almost perfect MasterCard or equivalent exchange rate with no fees.


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