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Spend less and see more with the new FairFX Currency Card that lets you lock in great rates for 15 major currencies and spend in over 190 countries around the world. Existing FairFX cardholders can upgrade to a multi-currency card and move any balances over from their old card in a flash.

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14 May 2024

Ordered a currency card

FX Currency Card.

never worked - whilst abroad the card was declined even though it had been loaded with Euro currency. Working on the website app was impossible. The programmers should be de-bugging and testing their app.

Very stressful trying to exit from card and put the balance back into our account. no human help only remote text, that is until some weeks later when a human called from their helpline......!!

R Clarke

2 May 2024

Ordered a currency card

Same here used for years, now every top up is a problem.

The app is cumbersome and non functional.

I will use my balance and switch to Starling


30 April 2024

Ordered a currency card

Just awful!

Used to be 5stars now zero

13 April 2024

Ordered a currency card

I don’t know is fair fx have been taken over or what but the new app and cards are the worst things ever and their customer service non existent. I had used them for years and loved them but since they changed end of last year it’s been one big disaster after another and nothing works. Their new app is the worst I’ve ever used and literally I’ve ordered over 10 cards and none of them work nor can be activated. Just do everyone a favour and close down the company as they’ve either been taken over or decided to run it into the ground.

Richard Bennett

8 April 2024

Ordered a currency card

I have ( had ) a FairFX card with a significant amount of money on it in dollars and euros. The app started to refuse my log in. After endless effort trying to get help from FairFX, they said they had no record of my account, even though I had recently received a new card from them. I decided to try the card in a cash machine which swallowed the card and issued a note saying it had been retained at the request of FairFX.

Richard Turner

29 March 2024

Ordered a currency card

I thought it might be me, but reading the reviews it seems it's not. They used to be good, now they're not


26 March 2024

Ordered a currency card

My card ran out in September last year and no sign of a replacement! Tried various options to speak or email to somebody human and you just hit a brick wall! They were so good when I first started using them but looking at other reviews it looks like a lot of people are seriously unhappy with them! I have an amount in credit which I cannot access and withdraw because of this impasse! Their service does not come even close to one star as they are seriously bad news! Time to get heavy with them now! AVOID WOULD BE MY ADVICE!!!

Stephen Williams

26 March 2024

Ordered a currency card

Transferred onto a new platform and does not work after many attempts and conversations


15 March 2024

Ordered a currency card

My partner and I saved up our holiday money to transferr onto our card 5 days before we leave. The money is still "pending" we leave today. Fairfx at this point have effectively stolen our money. Wait times on their chat time are 30 mins to an hour. I was promised an update and recieved no correspondence. I have now sent all my partners details and his bank statements and still the money has not cleared. We now have to source other funds for our holiday. How a company can advertise as travel money service and then keep a hold of your money is abhorrent and we will be seeking legal advice.

Sally Nash

13 March 2024

Ordered a currency card

App wouldn't work to tell me my PIN reported it, sent several chasing emails and ended up abroad still not knowing PIN and tapping didn't work. Never again


12 March 2024

Ordered a currency card

Spent P660 on transaction in Philippines. I had P1,700 on my Fx card. Didn’t debit from this balance. It was converted into GBP and then Euros and debited from my Euros balance. I seemingly have P1,700 that I can’t use!!! Bizarre.

Mike Aubert

8 March 2024

Ordered a currency card

The cards themselves work well, but the app (even the new one) is very poor and customer service almost non-existent. I spent 90 minutes today trying to change my email, with waiting in the online chat queue, being cut off, having to log back in and then being requested to refresh etc and then got cut off as it was 5PM!

Not recommended at all!

Simon Drury

5 March 2024

Ordered a currency card

I have had a fairfx card for 10 years and it has been brilliant until recently.

New website is rubbish and impossible to navigate. Every time you try and give an instruction or use the chatline you are required to log on again and again. Equals appears not to recognise you and suggests that you call customer support, round and round in circles.

There is plenty of competition out there and I will be closing my account as soon as I can get their website to recognise me!

Harry Rogers

26 February 2024

Ordered a currency card

This now appears to be run on a shoestring! It used to provide a great service but now it's full of barriers to use and glacial customer service. What a shame such a useful service has become so poor.

Cassie Britton

26 February 2024

Ordered a currency card

I previously had a card last year with Fair FX which worked well and I was happy with. However they reissued a new card recently. Appalling service. I went away and transferred money from my current account which stayed pending. I contacted them to try and resolve it and they couldn’t move it over as accounts in different names. I used my maiden name for the new card. Understandable I hear you say but I had previously transferred money to it with no questions asked. I contacted them and despite their service saying responses 7 days a week I have now been ignored for 3 days straight and my money is stuck in the ether. It ruined my trip as they didn’t even send the money back to me so I had a really tight budget and I had not intended for this. I still haven’t got it back and have bills to pay which will now bounce. The new app is awful and fiddly to navigate around and I will never be using this card again. Don’t bother ad if something goes wrong no one will get back to you and you will be stuck abroad with limited funds.


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