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Ordering your holiday money couldn't be easier. Take the hassle out of exchanging money by reserving your foreign currency online and collecting it from your local Hays Travel branch.

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Martin S


Bought £500 worth of Euros

Unable to add money to card. Support suggested I visit a shop. The whole idea of travel money and ease of use completely overlooked.


Nick messitis

19 September 2023

Ordered a currency card

Been away for 4 days and on 4 occasions it has either accepted my PIN then cancelled transaction or rejected the PIN altogether, so I then try an ATM or login and it's ok.

Customer services team fobbed me off


19 September 2023

Ordered a currency card

App is useless. Used fine for 2 previous trips. Topped up fine for the first time in Portugal, but now won't let me !!! Keeps showing error message at various stages, kicks me off app !! I've tried re-setting password, and now using passcode instead.....makes no difference !! Use something else instead for money abroad. I shall visit local branch on my return and complain !!


17 September 2023

Ordered a currency card

Never again will I use a currency card! Keeps saying error when I try and add money to the card! Rang customer service who weren’t helpful at all! Due to go on holiday tomorrow and now having to use our bank cards.


10 September 2023

Ordered a currency card

Found the app infuriating to use. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t and takes a long time to update balance. It’s now telling me I don’t have a connection, when I absolutely do!! Have used Hays cards for many years but won’t ever again.


8 September 2023

Ordered a currency card

Tried to log in to my app it keeps telling me forgot password, went into Hayes shop they were very helpful and sorted it . But now on holiday and it’s happened again , so annoying I want to see my balance, I won’t use it for my next holiday


4 September 2023

Ordered a currency card

Have used my Hays card in New York, Greece, Australia & New Zealand and couldn't fault it! Used it in restaurants, bars, train stations, on a ferry and in shops! Would highly recommend.


28 August 2023

Ordered a currency card

Found the card to be a great way of paying for goods. Accepted everywhere we purchased items, only spend money you have purchased on the card, so if card is lost the worst case is you only lose money left on the card balance.

Easy to add funds & make changes through the app. Great addition to taking currency.

Bobby Marshall

28 August 2023

Ordered a currency card

Travel currency card. What a load of Cr.p! Keep getting error message when trying to load currency. Leaving for holiday today and now have to use my bank card while abroad and pay charges :(

Joseph Nowak

22 August 2023

Ordered a currency card

Look at the reviews..i never.I am on holiday with the hays mastercard.USELESS.I made 16 attempts to top up...error..error

I phoned for help,USELESS Customer service,on holiday with little money.DO NOT TOUCH HAYS TRAVEL MONEY CARD.When i back i going straight to hays travel...........

S Brereton-Banks

10 August 2023

Ordered a currency card

Holiday great and Hays superb

BUT Hays travel money card absolutely useless- DO NOT USE

Actual use of the card was fine BUT

I could not get the app to work and could not access what I spent on line.

So I had to note all I spent and add it up myself and trust my maths that I still

had enough money on it. Luckily I had taken other cards with me.

Tried to contact them and no joy. Useless card.


9 August 2023

Ordered a currency card

Put initial amount on card. Not used yet, but app keeps logging me out saying no recent activity. Also keeps asking to change password. Not very satisfied.

Craig mcnally

6 August 2023

Bought £1,000 worth of US dollars

Tried topping up my hays travel card my bank authorised it ok yet hays comes back with an error all details are correct as advised on the hays website but still no joy what a waste of our time left in LA having to withdraw cash from atms which is costing us a small fortune thank you hays for this we will never use them or their products ever again and I would advise anyone thinking about using hays not to bothet


2 August 2023

Sold 500 US dollars

I was sold the Buy back which i did not think i would need but still took it as you never know i came back with 500 UDS left and knew i would not be going back to the USA for a long time and wow i saved £55 doing this .

Tara allen

30 July 2023

Bought £500 worth of Euros

Shocking card, unable to add money from GB to Euros. Would definitely not use this again. It also keeps throwing me out.

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