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Ordering your holiday money couldn't be easier. Take the hassle out of exchanging money by reserving your foreign currency online and collecting it from your local Hays Travel branch.

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Isola giananti

31 May 2023

Bought £300 worth of Euros

I tried to log in. .I was told my password was wrong...tried to get new one but no luck. I phoned helpline, I couldn't make head nor tail of what the woman was saying....tried to get password changed again, I uninstall the app, then installed again , only to be told my information is already on another card. I'm going mad here...I'll cancel it all tomorrow...


31 May 2023

Ordered a currency card

The card is absolutely a waste of time, I’ve been trying to top it up to enjoy the rest of my holiday but it won’t let me and I have £ days left of my holiday to go so I will only be able to spend what’s on my card and I’ll have to stay in for the next 7 days , please please don’t get this card if you want to enjoy your holiday

Lack of exchange rate transparency in shop

27 May 2023

Bought £378 worth of Euros

Bought €400 in shop. No rates on display. No indication or mention by staff that rate in shop is worse than online but was happy to suggest spending more for guaranteed buy-back (which I declined). As a result it cost me £21 more than it should - effectively a 5% hidden commission. Checking later I discovered that staff can 'price match' at the time of purchase. The website does mention the price difference with an obvious lack of prominence. Lesson learned but won't be using Hays again.

Mark Kendall

27 May 2023

Ordered a currency card

In Vietnam now with no money as this crap card will not top up. Luckily I have my credit card so I’ll have to incur their fees. Do not get this card.


22 May 2023

Ordered a currency card

Bought at Hays travel shop. Excellent service. No issues using the card in France, Monaco and Italy. Was able to keep track of spending via phone app. On return home changed Euros to Pounds to spend in UK. No problems with card. Only issue was with telephone customer service. Did not use in ATM or add funds to card while away so unable to rate those options. Agent seemed unsure on techical changes so I give up on that and sorted the changes myself. I would definitely use this card again

Andrew Black

15 May 2023

Bought £201 worth of US dollars

Bought US dollars at the window rate of 1.2217 when we checked the receipt it was 1.1412.we asked about this but they said it was for orders over £750. I lost $15 on this one deal and wont be going back to the shop again.


14 May 2023

Ordered a currency card

Told I could make online purchases with my card.

Tried to pre- book an experience for when we go on holiday later this week however card would not work (and the company is online payment only).

Obviously the card is not fit for purpose and I no longer trust the card so went to Hays to ask them to give me the money back off the card and I'd take actual cash abroad with me rather than rely on a card that may not work.

I had €445 on card.

They could only give me €339 of it back!

I was under the illusion the fee was going to be £6!

So I've lost over €100 and haven't even left the country (and lost out on the now fully booked trip).

Utter rubbish and a scam to boot.


3 May 2023

Bought Euros

Bought some euros from a Hays Travel shop today. Quoted a rate of 1.09 euros per pound. Question this rate and was quoted a rate of 1.1094. I was happy with this rate a bought 1050 euros. I had to ask for an order receipt which was then printed. Like an idiot I did not read this receipt. When I later read the receipt at Home I discovered I had been charged £3.95 as a buy back guarantee. I did ask for this and no mention of it was made when I bought the euros. I feel as though I have been conned and I will not use Hays travel for anything again.


1 May 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

We uploaded US dollars before departing the UK. When in the US I tried to upload with more money but an error message kept appearing so I was unable to upload any more funds. Thankfully I had taken my credit card abroad, so despite getting a Hays card to prevent using a credit card and incurring costs, I still had to use my credit card. This was very frustrating and worrying, I emailed Hays whilst abroad but they could not assist. I have since returned and gave 16 dollars remaining on my card and yet again the Hays app will not let me exchange the money back to pounds. Again I have emailed Hays and I am waiting a reply. I did call the number in the bank of the Hays card but it cuts you off so you are unable to speak uo any customer service...an sbsolute pile of crap and would not recommend this travel card to anyone.


24 April 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Junk it changed my PIN number

Managed to get by living in online by website. Now won’t top up. Absolute crap. Don’t waste your time and save the frustration and embarrassment of having no spending money for the airport. Shameful to say the least.


19 April 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Trying to add money whilst travelling from UK to Australia- keep getting error and can’t add money . Tried ringing Australian contact number to be told it had been disconnected. Tried other number on back of card also told disconnected. Help. Have sent an email so hopefully someone somewhere will respond and advise. Thanks in anticipation.

Bad experience

19 April 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Had 500 dollars on my card so rang the call centre to cash out, this process took 40 minutes!!! I have no idea why as request was super straightforward. After the call I received an email confirming that the money would be back onto my card in 2 working days. I have nothing. Really disappointed, no idea where my money is. Will not use the card again.

Joanne langston

14 April 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Hit and miss not reliable


13 April 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Ok . Dont buy . They tell you ,there is a 2%. Atm charge only. We have just returned from New Zealand. On many card reader machines . You have to declare the card as a credit card for it to work .then therecis a charge of 1.5% some even had 3% . In my opinion they are miss sell this card . Every watch out

Card from HELL!

2 April 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Do not purchase this under any circumstances. Tried for days to unblock the card (no idea why it was blocked in the first place). They stopped answering emails after they set up a call which NEVER happened. After this I had to use another email address so they would actually respond only to be told they couldn’t help me via email and I needed to call. I had already explained I couldn’t call their numbers as my phone wouldn’t let me in the country I was visiting. So now I have no access to MY money. Contacting the financial ombudsman asap.

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