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Ordering your holiday money couldn't be easier. Take the hassle out of exchanging money by reserving your foreign currency online and collecting it from your local Hays Travel branch.

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Dee Napier

1 Stars
1 Stars

10 October 2021

Dreadful app doesn’t work and telephone numbers apparently don’t exist.

absolute nightmare !!


Ted traynor

5 Stars
5 Stars

11 September 2021

Bought travel money

11 September 2021

Change are money to day at hays no problem ask for 1.000 very happy with all the help we receive and the exchange rate good ty for the help the young person for all there help


Graeme Pattison

1 Stars
1 Stars

10 July 2021

Totally ripped off to the tune of 150Euros! I always trusted this company when it was Thomas Cook to match or better any rate in the town but these thieves seem to have forgotten that pledge and are as far from competitive as it is possible to be.

I shall be returning all my currency in the morning and going to an honest broker.


Edward cullen

1 Stars
1 Stars

10 May 2021

Bought travel money

10 May 2021

My Wife today exchanged £700 , expecting to get the rate in the shop window (1.13) Euro. When she got home and I checked the rate she was given 1.062. On complaint I was told it was in the small print that the rate only applied to purchase over £1000, they did not mention this in the shop !! Further to this, the website says the days rate is 1.082, so again a different rate.. what a disgrace and daylight robbery .

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