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HSBC Bank plc is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. HSBC has over 1000 branches in the UK and it's international network comprises over 7000 offices in over 80 countries.

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Dire experience!

18 June 2022

Bought £800 worth of US dollars

Ordered some Dollars and Levs with pick up due on Friday.

Went to bank… no currency…. HSBC staff clueless…. Then advised we would get it next day via courier by 1pm…. No delivery…

Spent another hour on the phone trying to find out where the money is and all HSBC staff want to do is fob you off and not help !!!

Dire service !!!


24 November 2021

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Tells me my card is the wrong type, it is not


29 August 2021

Bought Euros

Like previous reviews, kept telling me my visa debit was the wrong card type. Tried other cards, same problem. GET IT FIXED!!! this is complete nonsense.

Joe B

24 February 2021

Bought £500 worth of Vietnamese dongs

Disaster : Paid by cc for pick up and had to travel right across town. When I arrived was told that they did not have the currency in stock and could not get it.

Frank Northman

12 November 2020

Transferred funds overseas

Disaster.. internal procedures are a disaster, asking for impossible to arrange documentation + managers in charge (several different as you never talk to the same person 2x at HSBC) not willing to support. I closed my account at HSBC..

Row Holland

1 October 2020

Bought £200 worth of Turkish lira

Same thing as previous user - kept saying bank card type did not match details, although it did...tried four different cards and same response Totally hopeless and now trying a different provider.


16 September 2019

Bought £150 worth of Hungarian forints

Kept saying my visa debt card number was wrong even though I scanned the card and typed it in about five times rubbish online service. had to go with someone else because the website would not accept this

Susan Moon

3 April 2019

Bought £700 worth of US Dollars

Been with Midland HSBC for nearly 50 years. When I order my travel money I give them a list of what denominations I want. And always get what I order. If you do this you won't get higher which you don't really want

Keith williams

2 September 2015

I will not give these any star ratings, but you can't post the review without one showing! As others have said, they send out 100 euro notes and nobody wants to change them. Phoned them up and they didn't care. Went to my local branch, not thier problem, maybe i'll change banks!! Avoid . 1075 euros came as 7x100 6x50 3x20 1x10 1x5


18 August 2015

Ordered euros online from HSBC got a good rate and all went smoothly till I picked them up and most of euro were 100 euro notes they will not change for smaller notes and no one else will either. I have been a customer for over 30 years and was told by the branch tough luck. I have an official complaint just started today about the fact I got so many large notes and they will not change them, do not buy from here I know I wish I had not. I will not be a customer of HSBC for much longer and they don't care about that either, its the attitude we have your money tough luck its your problem. Wish I could give 0 stars


24 July 2015

Abysmal. I am very sorry I didn't see previous review before purchasing. HSBC sent 100 Euro notes and refused to change them. No one else will change them either (local bureaus all said they wouldn't take them as nobody would want them - shame HSBC think its ok!) Attitude of HSBC was 'tough luck'


16 July 2015

Avoid. Sent me most 100 Euro notes and refused to change them for lower denominations when I asked for more of a mix as I wasn't comfortable carrying large value notess

Ahmed Saad

30 October 2013

I think HSBC is one of the top ranking banks in the world as they offer a very professional services and good customer support. :)


11 September 2013

A quick easy and pleasant experience buying our Euros this week. HSBC certainly gave us a good rate and prompt no charge delivery service. We shall certainly use them again.


19 October 2012

hsbc are bottom of the pile ,the lowest exchange rates ever on a daily basis out of britain ,also the worst bank going,scammers and con merchants


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