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We make travel money easy. Enjoy fast service, rates on up to 60 currencies and a buy back guarantee if your holiday is cancelled. Choose to have your money delivered to your door or click & collect at Waitrose.

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1 Stars
1 Stars

25 August 2022

Could not buy travel money using two different bank cards, so their website must be either broken or very unreliable. Frustrating to say the least.

It's never a good sign when a shops website has a warning that you should not refresh the page after you confirm all your details. Why would I need to refresh the page, unless the page is permanently frozen and not working correctly.


Dave Cash

1 Stars
1 Stars

29 July 2022

Tried to order money but was unable to due to the address finder not working.


Oswald McClure

5 Stars
5 Stars

20 May 2022

Used on two occasions recently and can only use one word to describe experience. “EXCELLENT”



1 Stars
1 Stars

25 December 2020

I bought £1100 worth of US dollars for my holiday. They did not come when they said they would. I had to leave for my holiday and so l requested a refund, it’s a week of waiting. I am away on holiday, l am having to spend Christmas without any money. Very very disappointed


Elisabeth Spence

1 Stars
1 Stars

14 March 2020

Sold 19 Vietnamese dongs

14 March 2020

Our trip was cancelled 12 hours before departure due to Coronavirus.

As there is no John Lewis Bureau de change where we live ( I purchased foreign currency using click and collect). I went to Marks and Spencer where I was advised to contact John Lewis as M&S were buying back currently purchased from them at sell rates where trip was cancelled due to Coronavirus.

I contacted John Lewis where were informed they were not matching anyone else’s exchange arrangements and told me their buy back rates which would mean I lost some £140!!!!!!!

My advice don’t use John Lewis for foreign currency I certainly never will again. M and S here I come at they genuinely care about their customers



3 Stars
3 Stars

25 July 2019

Bought Euros

25 July 2019

Everything went great delivered to my local waitrose but on checking my Euros 90% of it was in 50s it says you get mixed notes I got only 100 in 20s


Jas Singh

5 Stars
5 Stars

13 July 2019

Couldn’t ask for a better service!!! Couldn’t get Bulgarian lev from anywhere then ordered online came the next day before 10am recorded delivery for free bang on time was non stop panicking incase it didn’t come but they did



5 Stars
5 Stars

6 July 2019

Couldn't have been more straightforward.Delivered on the dot.


Debbie Hankin

5 Stars
5 Stars

19 June 2019

Got a rate on line and John Lewis honoured the rate, no fuss.



5 Stars
5 Stars

25 May 2019

Have used John Lewis previously and always pleased with the service. The rate offered this time was once again the best exchange rate on the day, I received good communication throughout the transaction via email and text. Next day delivery promise and as usual within the 1pm deadline promise - prompt at 11am. Excellent service.

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