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Marks and Spencer are one of the most recognisable brand names in the UK high street and have been offering foreign currency services online and in their stores for many years. They launched their banking service in July 2012. All Marks and Spencer cardholders get even better rates.

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1 Stars
1 Stars

16 September 2022

Bought £265 worth of Euros

16 September 2022

I ordered travel money which was due to be collected on the 19th the queens funeral, understandably the shop it closed no issue there , what I have an issue with is calling the line for 40 minutes on wait 3x only to be hung up on or spoken to rudely by staff, told they don't have access to the system the whole process is an absolute shambles , I ordered with tesco the same day also and had Same issue you can't collect that date now, call them they move it to today for collection instead and was all sorted within 6 minutes m&ms customer service for travel money is an absolute joke do not order from

Here spend your money else where as heaven forbib you run in to an issue you will be stuck unable to resolve!!



5 Stars
5 Stars

2 August 2022




3 Stars
3 Stars

26 July 2022

I bought currency online to collect in-store at Bluewater and had to wait for 45 minutes as the bureau de change was so understaffed. Bluewater store management were unhelpful and patronising when I raised this. Exchange rates are fair, but I won't be using this service from M&S again, when it's quicker and more convenient to use the Post Office.


Absolutely appalling service AVOID

1 Stars
1 Stars

4 July 2022

I ordered and paid for my currency online. I received an email to collect from local store in 7 days. Another email informed me it was ready for collection from store. When I went in to collect I was told in store my currency was re allocated to other customers. I was therefore left with no currency.

I paid for my currency in good faith. M&S did not meet their end of the exchange but they took my money easily enough. Customer service at M&S currency exchange say fault is with local store. Local store say the fault is with M&S currency exchange. I’m no further forward still waiting on my currency which is now too late for purpose.


A Prior

1 Stars
1 Stars

19 April 2022

Took eight phone calls to various parts of the world. to establish that an order I had placed for US dollars contained an error. Zero call centre in the UK. Staff denied I even had an order. Instead of applying logic and common sense, the order was cancelled and was told my money would be returned to my account in 2 weeks. I had to cancel my holiday, as I needed the foreign currency and there wasn't enough time before leaving to wait for the funds to come back.


Steven Edwards

1 Stars
1 Stars

18 April 2022

Absolutely rubbish service rubbish customer service says collect from next day then find out 8 days later 4 days after due to fly and ask for refund so can get my holiday money back in time get informed takes up to 2 weeks



1 Stars
1 Stars

7 February 2022

Second visit to collect currency and have had to wait a considerable time to collect click and collect currency. Not the ladies on the desk fault as I’m guessing Marcos and spencer are cutting corners with their service and have them covering other areas in the shop. Won’t be back.



2 Stars
2 Stars

13 November 2021

Bought £500 worth of Euros

13 November 2021

Tried to place on line order click n collect,filled out all details pressed next just brought up details,some missing asked to fill out again.Shown in basket,press purchase nothing.Dissapointed annoyed as given all bank card details!!


Richard Atkins

1 Stars
1 Stars

19 September 2021

Went to collect my money ,was told I needed my passport and bankcard as ID.When I arrived I was told the ID did not match ,I showed them the confirmation email showing the card and passport match,and my bank statement to show the money coming out my account .The guy made a phone call,sorry can't give you the money if the ID does not match.I said what does not match about it,would not tall me,I asked it the money can go back to my card immediately as I am traveling tomorrow to lanzarotte and that is all the money I have in the world for my spending and it will ruin my holiday.He said did not know how I could get a refund or how long it would take.Young black guy at cribbs causeway Bristol,didn't seem to care ,say sorry or have any emotion about it at all.



2 Stars
2 Stars

30 July 2019

Bought US dollars

30 July 2019

At no stage, until I viewed my credit card, was I told there was a 2.5% charge when purchasing foreign currency on my credit card. The website suggested a better rate if one used an M&S card but no mention of a cash exchange fee. I’m unimpressed by what seems like an underhand trick. The service at the M&S bureau was very good. The 2.5% charge a nasty surprise. The charge was from my bank not M&S but I still feel like M&S should have made this clear before I placed the order.

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