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At Moneybee we're all about simplicity. Buy your travel money online, pay by card or bank transfer and relax as we securely package and post your currency to your home within one working day. No fuss, no queueing, just a quick and user friendly service with great exchange rates.

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keith messer

12 January 2021

Sold Euros

12 January 2021

Holiday canceled again due to covid so we decided to sell our currancy. Money Bee had the best rate so we went with them. Sent the package on mondayand the money was in my bank on wednesday. Great service A+

Moneybee replied

Thanks for the review Keith. Sorry you had to cancel your plans but hopefully you can take your holiday in the summer.

Lyn Cavill

5 January 2021

Bought £750 worth of Euros

5 January 2021

Quick and easy way to purchase foreign currency. The price they quote is what you get no hidden extras. Postage is included. Delivery is fast and reliable. Good communication throughout. Would recommend

Moneybee replied

Thanks for your positive review Lyn!

Sam Acaster

16 November 2020

Bought £1,300 worth of Turkish lira

16 November 2020

First time using MoneyBee but they had the best rate for £1300 Turkish lira (which is already at a 10 year high!). They sent brand new notes which is something I was worried about because I've had problems before exchanging old notes and some places refuse to accept them. Delivery was on time and I was told when to expect it so no problems there. Would definitely use again.

Moneybee replied

Thanks for leaving a review Sam. We are glad to offer you such a great rate. Have a safe trip!

Barry F

15 October 2020

Bought travel money

15 October 2020

No problems. Delivered on time and good mix of notes, thank you.

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