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Marks and Spencer are one of the most recognisable brand names in the UK high street and have been offering foreign currency services online and in their stores for many years. They launched their banking service in July 2012. All Marks and Spencer cardholders get even better rates.

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6 April 2024

Bought £500 worth of Euros

Bought £500 of euros and was encouraged to pay using my m&s credit card in order to obtain the best rate all fine until my credit card statement arrived and me being charged £25 for a non sterling transaction...total rip off ...this was last year and I've just received an email from them asking me to do exactly the same again..surely this can't be good practice

Vasantha Jennings

27 October 2023

Bought travel money

Yesterday 26th Oct, I visited your bank to change 500 Aussie dollars for pounds! I handed over my 500 dollars, and to my surprise, I was just kept waiting and waiting while this staff too her own sweet time scanning the notes 1 by 1 under the UV scanner! Not a word was said! On questioning, why was it taking so long, she answered, "we are not pressurising you! I have never experienced this long wait! She was slow and not sure what she was doing! I have never been asked for my address or any details whenever I went to an exchange bureau around the world! She wanted my address! I felt that I was seen to be a fraudster in someway, and made to feel embarrassed! If she had told me before hand that it will take sometime, I would have decided otherwise, or have chosen another day!

Thank you


21 August 2023

Bought £400 worth of Japanese yen

I have handed over a total of £500 (10x£50 notes wrapped with an elastic band for the purchase Japanese yens ) to a lady at the desk in kingston branch , she put to one side on the desk £100 & inserted the rest in the machine reading £300 . She claimed the total was £400 & not £500 . I was shocked & confused because I could not believe how this happened & as could not argue against what she showed me , I resigned to the fact that I might have made a mistake despite the fact that I counted the money before leaving home & also prior to entering M&S . I have ended up exchanging £400 . When returned home my wife also confirmed that she definitely handed me £500 . I would like to highlight what happen in order to warn others to avoid handing over a lump sum of money to the person at the desk & M&s to investigate the person involved to ensure the would not trick their customers .


11 August 2023

Bought Canadian dollars


I ordered Canadian dollars online to collect in store at Kingston. Received all in small denominations and was told that they don't have Canadian dollars in 100 denominations.


25 July 2023

Bought £400 worth of Euros

Tried to buy euros on line it would not let me put details in phoned customer service said online was down go to local store which I did they said nothing they can do as it’s online totally useless all round. Going to tesco same deal with tesco card. M&S totally crap

Colin Atkins

8 July 2023

Bought £509 worth of Euros

I order Euro's on line on the 7 June and received a confirmation which I printed and took with me to the Bluewater Store. The gentleman serving insisted I was not on his list and wasn't interested in the printed proof I provided. He charged me an addition £8, complete rip off.


1 July 2023

Bought £1,000 worth of Euros

Bought Euros

Easy to use on line service

Got the best possible exchange rate and great service from Ikram at the finsbury Square Branch.


Just a little advise if you are going to collect from a branch make sure it is open on the day of your visit.

Some branches will show as open on google but they might be close.


19 June 2023

Bought £1,700 worth of Euros

Visited M&S in Inverness on Saturday to collect my euros which I had pre ordered and pain online. When I got to the front of the queue the employee said he can't serve me as he is now going on his break and to come back in an hour. I return in an hour and was left for an additional 20 minutes standing around. I did consult a manager who was equally as rude and unhelpful. Very poor service.

Tanya Dodds

11 May 2023

Bought £4,000 worth of US dollars

Elaine and Rory were amazing. They couldn't do enough to help. They gave us a great variety in our currency and explained the process every step of the way. This is our first time to travel so we were nervous. I cannot thank them both enough, they are a real credit to M&S. I will be recommending your service to everyone.

Chris Denyer

26 January 2023

Bought £604 worth of Euros

After a long year saving lifes, going to volatile situations and struggling with finances I felt I deserve a break. I came to Marks and Spencers Bluewater to change so well earned money for a trip abroad. The guy serving my self I wasn't sure wether he was being serious or joking. He began to get into one over age he's 54 and decided to attempt to belittle myself due to a age gap of 17 years , is this appropriate? Once he had put the measurement stick down accused me of being rude....over a wallet for money....what is it with shops what ever happened to good customer service. At the end of this extremely awkward situation he then stated he knows where I live, well buddy I'm here waiting any time you like....there is a difference between a joke and being unreasonable with members of the public. I can honestly say I will never use the services of M and S again teach your staff how to behave.


16 September 2022

Bought £265 worth of Euros

I ordered travel money which was due to be collected on the 19th the queens funeral, understandably the shop it closed no issue there , what I have an issue with is calling the line for 40 minutes on wait 3x only to be hung up on or spoken to rudely by staff, told they don't have access to the system the whole process is an absolute shambles , I ordered with tesco the same day also and had Same issue you can't collect that date now, call them they move it to today for collection instead and was all sorted within 6 minutes m&ms customer service for travel money is an absolute joke do not order from

Here spend your money else where as heaven forbib you run in to an issue you will be stuck unable to resolve!!


2 August 2022

Bought £750 worth of Euros



26 July 2022

Bought £200 worth of Euros

I bought currency online to collect in-store at Bluewater and had to wait for 45 minutes as the bureau de change was so understaffed. Bluewater store management were unhelpful and patronising when I raised this. Exchange rates are fair, but I won't be using this service from M&S again, when it's quicker and more convenient to use the Post Office.

Absolutely appalling service AVOID

4 July 2022

Bought £1,000 worth of Euros

I ordered and paid for my currency online. I received an email to collect from local store in 7 days. Another email informed me it was ready for collection from store. When I went in to collect I was told in store my currency was re allocated to other customers. I was therefore left with no currency.

I paid for my currency in good faith. M&S did not meet their end of the exchange but they took my money easily enough. Customer service at M&S currency exchange say fault is with local store. Local store say the fault is with M&S currency exchange. I’m no further forward still waiting on my currency which is now too late for purpose.

A Prior

19 April 2022

Bought £2,500 worth of US dollars

Took eight phone calls to various parts of the world. to establish that an order I had placed for US dollars contained an error. Zero call centre in the UK. Staff denied I even had an order. Instead of applying logic and common sense, the order was cancelled and was told my money would be returned to my account in 2 weeks. I had to cancel my holiday, as I needed the foreign currency and there wasn't enough time before leaving to wait for the funds to come back.

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