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Order your travel money online with the Post Office and collect it in any Post Office branch or get it delivered to your door for free. If you order more than £1000 of currency you will get an even better enhanced rate. The Post Office have a currency refund guarantee if your holiday is cancelled. Full terms and conditions available on the Post Office Travel Money website.

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6 June 2024

Bought £1,000 worth of Euros

I've never had any problems ordering Euros from the Abby Post Office. They tried to encourage me to have a travel card but I prefer to have the cash in my pocket.


27 April 2024

Ordered a currency card


Avoid this card nightmare

This card was suggested in the post office, unaware the staff had no understanding what they were “selling” they were in fact miss selling.

It was explained that with the card I could load currency to the card for no charge, and use it when travelling anywhere, with no charge or commission and when back in the UK get your money back with no charge.

Sounds great, so I agreed and got the card adding a large amount using my credit card (so it was protected) no the bank charge for that, but staff at the post office gave no warning so £12 cost so far.

Next day trying to activate the card was another fiasco, reading other reviews sounds like I am not alone.

Decide to travel to Spain, so returned to the post office to add more money, in cash this time, staff had no idea what they were doing, talked about commission but I had no idea they were reducing the amount I was adding to the card to cover commission!!

This happened again, only when I visited my local Post office was I asked how I wanted to pay the commission!!!

After paying another £7 commission I retuned and contacted The post office only to be told yes there is a commission charge to add funds. I was told it was free to add euros, but the Post office says you cannot now add euros, the whole system is as clear as mud.

The reading reviews from other users unable to use the card abroad and many other issues my advice is don’t get one, it is being miss sold and I will write to the FCA. The staff cannot sell these ecards as they don’t even understand what they are selling.

On the wall at the post office a large poster saying win £5000 with the card, asked the staff even that they could not tell you how to enter let alone win.

310 people gave the card one star are the post office reading reviews or even listening, clearly they do not care.


13 April 2024

Ordered a currency card

Glad I read the reviews before I got a Travel money card. Wont be getting one now will just take cash with me.

Mandy Price

11 April 2024

Ordered a currency card

I've had reason to phone the travel card money team about 4 times this week (my fault, not theirs). I've spoken to Matthew, Carolyn and Stephen in the Glasgow office and I wanted to say it's been a pleasure. They've sorted all my weird queries, been genuinely friendly and nice to talk to, and I love their accents. Good work guys!


9 April 2024

Bought Euros

I attempted several times today to order currency but the system kept freezing. I took it to my local post office and they saw this for themselves but could not resolve the issue and then offered me an inferior exchange rate. I have made a complaint which will be addressed within 15 days by which time I will have returned from my travels. Totally unsatisfactory.

Garth Williams

5 April 2024

Bought Euros

We have had a PO Travel card for a few years which has worked fine. We are going away on Monday and have put more money on it, but the travel app doesn't work on my Android phone. I have uninstalled it and re-installed it, then it asks me to check my email to verify my account, but the PO email never arrives. I have done this so many times that I have exceeded the allowed tries and was locked out of my app yesterday. The PO helpline told me to try again in 24 hours, but I still don't get the verification email. I can log into my account via the internet, but the app used to work well before it was upgraded, and is clearly easier to use compared to using the internet. What do I do next? The clock is ticking........

Andrew Maclean

4 April 2024

Bought travel money

Absolutely shocked that they are willing to leave me homeless in London on my holidays because they blocked my card I have no access to any other funds and they refusing to call me or email me please can someone help me get a phone call from post office travel card to resolve this as I have no where to stay tonight because card is blocked

The Post Office replied

Hi Andrew. I am really sorry to hear this. Please email us on and in the subject header put "Your full name - Last four digits of your Travel Money Card - URGENT" so our team can take a look into this

Angie Mortimer

3 April 2024

Ordered a currency card

Here's hoping that you can help me.

I have a pre-paid post office card.

When she went to use it on Good Friday at a local supermarket, at the check-out she was informed that the card had been blocked.

She immediately contacted the post office pre-paid customer services, who told her that they had blocked it due to suspicious activity in that same supermarket.

Which we had not be made aware of by the Post Office

NO communication from the post office to ask her if she had used it no text no call, they just seemed to do this off their own back.

It is now 6 days since we have been able to use the card.

Several phone calls to the Customer Services have still not resolved the issue.

They still have our money, and are still refusing to unblock the card.

Every time we asked to speak to a manager, none were available. "I will send an email"

Every time we contact them to get it unblocked they say that they cannot do it and we need to forward it to another team.

This is outrageous that they cannot or WILL NOT UNBLOCK IT SO WE CAN ACCESS OUT MONEY.

What can you advise us to do?

The Post Office replied

Hi there, I am really sorry to hear this. Are you able to email the team at and put your "full name - last four digits of your Travel Money card - URGENT" so we can take a look into this?


23 March 2024

Bought travel money

Downloaded the new app and linked my new card. Couldn’t use it to top up so had to use website. App then didn’t display new balance or pin . Phoned customer services and advised to use an atm to get pin. No atm in my high street supported the card. Tried to pay holiday vendor in euros and hit more errors. Went into post office and the lady who has worked there for years said you can’t use the card for online transactions which I insisted should be possible as it’s a Mastercard! She disagreed ( and is wrong!!) so I then had to ring customer services. Turns out security block in card. Tried 5 times to remove it and then it declined the transaction again so had to ring France and do it over phone which worked. Talk about stressful! Finally went back to app and still wouldn’t top up. Reported then to IT. They fiddled behind the scenes and said to deinstall/ reinstall app and relink card but still doesn’t work. It’s just useless really! An app that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to so when I’m going abroad next week I’ll now have to get the website up on phone as I’m not taking a laptop skiing ! This is harder to use as text is tony. Incompetent IT team !

The Post Office replied

Hi there, I am sorry to hear this. Please can you contact the team on so this can be investigated further?


19 March 2024

Ordered a currency card

I purchased a Post Office card the day before flying to Australia, it was very last minute due to bereavement. Half my money was on this card but I was not told that the card had to be activated in the UK. I arrived in Australia only to discover I could not access any of it. It had a massive impact on my ability to enjoy my stay and a huge embarrassment.

Your star rating does not reflect my experience, the staff member was not rude or unhelpful, she just did not give me the one most important fact.

David Chalk

15 March 2024

Ordered a currency card

We have had a PO travel money card for a few years and had no problems, either logging in or obtaining money. Since the new app has been installed we cannot log in to our card. Our email address flashes up and then disappears. This situation seems very familiar to another PO system error problem!!! This should not be beyond the wit of competent people to sort out. I have spoken to customer services twice and, so far, nothing has happened. Please sort this problem out.

Christine armstrong

15 March 2024

Bought Euros

Ordered euros on line post office sent email advising to collect the following day from local post office.

Guess what it failed to arrive, I was not informed, and wasted my time .

Go elsewhere for foreign currency is my advice.

John Barry Dawson

8 March 2024

Bought £500 worth of US dollars

I booked an exchange for US Dollars on-line and got confirmation that this was ready for collection. When I arrived at the post office in Horley they scanned my QR code then told me there was a problem and gave me a number to ring (0845 301 0100) - I called the number and everything got sorted, however, when I got my mobile phone bill I discovered this is a PREMIUM RATE number. It was only £2.54 but this is an unacceptable SCAM in my view - is this to help pay the Horizon scandal costs?

Carl Tate

3 March 2024

Ordered a currency card

Just got a card for a trip to Australia, however the exchange rate given appears very poor and does not match what the post office offer for a cash exchange. Worked out that it is cheaper to use my credit card for purchase in Australia.


29 February 2024

Ordered a currency card

I went on holiday but my card was blocked and on my return have called the tmc team at the post office but unfortunately every day they promise to sort the issue But as of today still don’t have access to my money

They promise to call back but don’t and also can’t even Tell me why the card was blocked

Not professional at all

And to make matters worst I work for the PostOffice

The Post Office replied

Hi there, I am sorry to hear this. If you can give us a email at and put your full name, last four digits of your card, and "REF-#32429486" the team can take a further look into this.

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