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The Post Office

Order your travel money online with the Post Office and collect it in any Post Office branch or get it delivered to your door for free. If you order more than £1000 of currency you will get an even better enhanced rate.

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6 December 2019

Ordered a prepaid multi-currency card

6 December 2019

Will not use again, Just been to Thailand and because it has the MasterCard logo on it had to pay 3% extra every time I used it, along with a poor rate back at my local post office a very expensive experience.


30 November 2019

Bought £500 worth of Euros

30 November 2019

Ordered my euro online to pick up at local Post Office. No problem at all and were there when they said they would be


18 November 2019

Ordered a prepaid US dollar card

18 November 2019

Resident at current address > 3 years ?

Car finance approved same day while resident at current address ?

Mortgage add-on approved same day while resident at current address ?

Credit card application approved while resident at current address ?

Required travel money card at relatively short notice ?

Applied for Post Office Travel Money Card in person at local post office ?

Produced valid photo ID in the form of driver's licence showing current address ?

Left post office without an activated travel money card due failure to verify personal details ? ????

Came home and called the post office as advised by the teller ?

Provided all information and answered security questions during call ?

Redirected and told to send additional proof of identification via email ?

Ended call with issue unresolved and travel money card not activated or usable ? ????

Additional documentation emailed as requested (valid and current passport + drivers licence displaying current address) ?

Additional documentation resent due to recipient advising they are unable to open attachments ?

Received acknowledgement that attachments in original mail had now been opened along with a message advising it can take a further 72 hours to verify personal details ?

3 Days after initial visit to the post office, the issue remains unresolved and time has run out to have this sorted before my trip ? ????

Web searched 'Post Office Travel Money Card' reviews (highly recommended for anyone considering this card !) ?

Accept this was a bad choice and abandon all efforts to activate Post Office Travel Money Card ?

Bought foreign currency at a high street travel agent and will use bank cards on this trip ?

Surely something is wrong when one is able to get a credit card, personal loan or car finance at the click of a button, yet not have the required 'credentials’ to own a Post Office prepaid cash card ? ? ????

I do not recommend this card but please be guided by the reviews of others as I might now be slightly biased.


19 October 2019

Ordered a prepaid multi-currency card

19 October 2019

The name “Post Office” describes what they were originally designed to do and they are great at delivering mail. This travel money card is a classic example of companies trying to branch out into other fields and failing. Very disappointed with both the service and product. The customer service team are disorganised and inadequate.

Avoid this card.


15 October 2019

Bought £1 worth of Euros

15 October 2019

Post Office Money transfer card:


Awful awful awful experience. Was convinced to get this card by a staff member in the Post Office as being told it would be cheaper and easier for currency exchange and it has caused nothing but problems since getting it. Card not activated properly and spent a week without it being usable in Greece. Tried to use it for a second holiday and once activated, it then did not work in any of the stores it should have worked in and the customer service team were unresponsive in helping fix the problem. This alongside the app not loading properly has made this the worst currency exchange service I have ever used

Avoid at all costs


5 October 2019

Bought £99 worth of Euros

5 October 2019

Shocked at post offices advertising tactics! The board advertises the lower rate at 1.09 for the euro on their board, you go to purchase and it ends up being a hidden rate of 1.01! They base the rate on you spending £1000! So went to another high street exchange which actually sold it at the advertised rate

Tim Rahill

5 October 2019

Bought £250 worth of Euros

5 October 2019

Dreadful. Terrible exchange rate. Just got 258 euros for 250gbp. Tesco would have given me 278 euros. Rip off.


30 September 2019

Ordered a prepaid Euro card

30 September 2019

Absolutely don’t get this card. Expensive fees and you have to pay to get your money back when you return.


30 September 2019

Ordered a prepaid Euro card

30 September 2019

What a terrible service my money seems to have disappeared from the card and when you call the customer service they are absolutely useless , just like the card , never buy one ever!!!

Richard Sheffield

29 September 2019

Ordered a prepaid multi-currency card

29 September 2019

Useful when your away if you want to pay by card only. But when you get back trying to get your money back is impossible. If you want the remainder of your balance back, you have to close your account, they give you a terrible rate and then they send you a cheque. They are willing to take your money from a bank card but cannot give it back to you as a transfer. It’s 2019 not the 1980’s. So if you do get one only transfer minimum amounts. They basically charge you for trying to get your own money back. When you ring customer service your just told it’s in the T & C’s. No mention of it in the advertising. I wouldn’t bother with one.

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