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Order your travel money online with the Post Office and collect it in any Post Office branch or get it delivered to your door for free. If you order more than £1000 of currency you will get an even better enhanced rate. The Post Office have a currency refund guarantee if your holiday is cancelled. Full terms and conditions available on the Post Office Travel Money website.

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3 July 2022

I put money onto the Travel card, three weeks before I left for my holiday.

On holiday I could not use it in a shop. Decided to get money out. I used the ATM finder (brilliant idea) the card was rejected before I got to the stage of putting the pin in.

I phoned the helpline. I was advised to try a different ATM. Two different bank ATMs later and still no luck. Phoned the helpline again. I was informed that they could transfer the cash to my bank account, plus they did this using that days buy back exchange rate, this meant I lost money (luckily I had my card with me) and it would take a few hours.

30 hours later the money had not been transferred. I phoned again. I was told that it nothing had been started and that it could take up to 48 hours for the money to be transferred. I also explained about the exchange rate and was told I would be refunded what I had initially paid.

Upshot I got all my money back but it went into my account day 6 of a seven day holiday. I was lucky I had money in my account to use but I am really angry for the people who might not have the extra funds.

Also the lack of knowledge of some of the people I spoke to.




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2 July 2022

Bought US dollars

2 July 2022

Ordered US dollars, when the postmaster opened the wallet, there was $250 in $50 notes. Not useable. The branch did not have any US currency so could not swap them for small denominations. The post office’s own website advises taking small denomination notes rather than large ones. No response from the customer support email. Dreadful and disappointing.



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30 June 2022

Ordered a prepaid card and added £550 on the card. I didn’t end up using the card so went to get a refund and was told the exchange rate would only refund £450. This is a week after adding. When I checked online the exchange rate was £525 for €610. AVOID. What a bunch of cowboys


David Green

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1 Stars

29 June 2022

Following the guidelines and after many phone calls to the customer service number regarding the refund from expired Travel Card, this has still not been processed or completed, the balance has also disappeared from the card app, the transaction for the process was supposed to be sent today before 6pm still no corespondance from Travel Card, looks like a stalling process



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1 Stars

13 June 2022

Ordered 12 days ago. Never arrived. Charged £1000 to a card that never arrived. Got a second card to transfer funds to but apparently now my id cannot be verified. Now less than 24 hours to my flight ans i have no travel money and been told s to ring back every hour to check the status. Thats handy when preparing for a holiday..

Hands down the worst service i have ever used and some of the worst customer service.

The Post Office replied

I'm very sorry to hear of the issues you faced when using our Travel Money Card, I'll ensure this is fed back. Our helpline will do everything they can to assist with this, but you can also raise this by emailing


Tracey Rhodes

2 Stars
2 Stars

9 June 2022

Changed pin in UK. Tried to use card in Malta... accepted pin, requested cash and card returned

Called customer services to be told I hadn't changed my pin and card had been blocked as too many attempts with incorrect pin.

Card unblocked and used now but.... receiving a message in the app or email to say card has been blocked would have been so helpful, and saved a lot of stress

The Post Office replied

I'm very sorry to hear of the issues you faced when using our Travel Money Card, I'll ensure this is fed back. If you are continuing to face issues at the moment, please do reach out to our helpline on +44 207 937 0280 so they can help with getting this sorted.



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1 Stars

7 June 2022

Absolutely fucking awful, stole money, activated the card but it never activated its dreadful if you want a stress free holiday take cash or use another travel card because I’m stuck in fucking Prague without any cash USELESS!!


Christian G

2 Stars
2 Stars

2 June 2022

Used pre paid post office travel card in austria as thought great idea. Drew out money (or tried) for 200 euros and got error message. Card was returned and tried again and received 200 euros no problem. Checked on line and been charged twice! so 2 x 200 euros have come off my card but only received 200 once. Tried at the bank where machine was to no avail. Now trying with Post Office and the company that manages the machine to recover refund on card so BEWARE!!! Not sure if this is a machine scam or IT error or Post Office Card issue but 200 euros has GONE!!!



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25 May 2022

Ordered €1750 but received 2 confirmation emails with the same order number and the post office had charged my debit card twice with £1508.49 I called them and they said it’s an IT error and that it will be refunded but I’m still waiting. I’ve listed a complaint as my bank account has this amount missing .

The Post Office replied

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you experienced when ordering Travel Money from our website. Please give us a call on 0345 8500 900 so we can look into this further for you


Paul Ratcliffe

1 Stars
1 Stars

24 May 2022

Bought travel money

24 May 2022

Just awful, the website keeps failing to process my order and telling me to call my bank, which I did, ended up locking my credit card account and had to send a picture of my face to unlock, and I'm still not able to purchase travel money

After waiting on hold for 35mins on the phone I was advised to try a different web browser, still didn't work... so the problem is the post office's, not mine, an entire day just mucking about with this.. terrible! Going to the post office tomorrow to try again face to face

The Post Office replied

I'm very sorry to hear about the issues you experienced when purchasing Travel Money from our website. I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Your feedback will be shared with the relevant team.

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