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Order your travel money online with the Post Office and collect it in any Post Office branch or get it delivered to your door for free. If you order more than £1000 of currency you will get an even better enhanced rate. The Post Office have a currency refund guarantee if your holiday is cancelled. Full terms and conditions available on the Post Office Travel Money website.

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1 Stars

5 October 2021

Bought a travel card had no issues. Downloaded the app . Just went online to post office to check exchange rate pound to euro for £1000 which came up at 1.159

Went to app to top up and was offered 1.12 which is a €30 euro difference. The online exchange rate should be the same. If I had know this was going to be the case I wouldn't have bothered I would have saved money paying by debit card with a 2.95 per cent charge . A total rip off to be honest . This process is supposed to be easy, they already make money from the difference is currency exchange . Stay clear would be my advice!!


Awful - unusable

1 Stars
1 Stars

4 October 2021

Took my ID etc into a branch and picked up a card. Was told they couldn't verify my details, but with no reason as to why, and I should wait for a phone call to verify them.

No phone call. So I called them - told to email the very same details over I had with me in the branch and they would verify them. Apparently marked as urgent, but 3 days later (I was already abroad by this point), I had nothing back from them, not even a confirmation email. Called again, again told they had marked it as urgent.

Skip another 3 days, I was in an area with no phone signal, so thought maybe they had tried to call me and I hadn't been able to receive it. Got my signal back, had they called? Of course they hadn't. I'd also sent 3 emails - had they replied? Of course not. Called again, and turns out my card had been verified, but no-one had told me.

So, then I tried to login to the app to put some money on the card. I was told my password was wrong (I hadn't ever given any details before), so did a forgot my password reset. No password reset email ever received.

Called once more. They sent another password reset email - did this ever arrive? Of course not. Told this would be logged with the tech team, and they would call me back urgently.

Did the tech team ever call me? (now 10 days later and counting) I think you've guessed the answer by now - of course not.

What an absolute waste of time and effort. Ended up just using my normal bank card, which actually gave a much better exchange rate, so maybe the post office actually did me a favour by being utterly useless.

The Post Office replied

Hi, Thanks for choosing us for your Travel Money requirements and I'm so sorry that you were unhappy with the service. We will ensure that this is logged internally as feedback to the relevant team but if you require further assistance you can contact the team direct on +44 207 937 0280. - Post Office



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1 Stars

29 September 2021

Absolutely hopeless; used it to pay for fuel and tolls when travelling through France.

Notwithstanding there were plenty of funds in the account not a single petrol station would accept the card. Caused me enormous inconvenience.

Don't even think of getting one of these cards!

The Post Office replied

Sorry to hear this was the case. We can certainly share your experience internally and apologies for the inconvenience caused while you were away


John mackenzie

1 Stars
1 Stars

16 September 2021

Used the card many times in different parts of Spain. Once in Barcelona the card started to be declined. Phoned up numerous times but got different stories but no answer. Had to get the money transferred into sterling. Which cost me a lot of money because the exchange rate was so poor. Decided to give it one more chance & put £500 worth of euros on the card & it wouldn't work once. Out off pocket once again & still no answer or even a apology.

The Post Office replied

Hi John, Thanks for choosing us to provide your travel money and sorry to hear you had issues when abroad. We will share this internally but you can call +44 207 937 0280 if you need further assistance or to raise a complaint.


Pamela Durrant

2 Stars
2 Stars

6 September 2021

Bought Euros

6 September 2021

I looked up where to buy euros the Post Office were advertising as the best rate.

However on return home I have actually received an extremely poor rate of 1.110 instead of the advertised 1.146 - disgraceful!


Alan Fryer

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1 Stars

14 August 2021

Bought travel money

14 August 2021

Attempted to but £2500 worth of euros online.

Tried to pay with my debit card and transaction came up as declined even though there plenty of funds to cover this transaction.

Tried again and got another declined message, could not understand why.

Tried my wife's card from the same bank account and also declined.

Really bothered by this now.

Tried my credit card and this time came up payment successful, a few minutes later got an email with a reference number to collect euros next day.

The following afternoon we received another email from post office with another reference number.(15 hours later)

We checked our bank account and sure enough 2 payments had been taken.(£5000)

Contacted post office straight away to inform them we only wanted 1 transaction and that is all we collected.

Now the really annoying bit

A few days later we looked at our credit card statement and found we had been charged a third time plus a Cash transfer fee of £99.56.

Contacted post office who were about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

I told them that due to an error in their system this has left Me out of pocket by almost £100.

As I stated had that the apparent failed transactions were apparently successful

Had I known these payments were successful why would I then go on to use my credit card and incur fees.

The post office could have easily refunded 1 payment to my credit card and 1 payment to my bank account

Instead they refunded 2 payments to bank account meaning the live payment was from credit card.

Post office have told me to go to credit card provider and explain situation.

But i believe it is the post office systems that caused the issues with the failed transactions in the first place

I believe the post office should refund the credit card fees to me as it was there error that caused chain of events

The Post Office replied

Sorry to hear this was the case Alan and we can certainly feed this back. Should you wish for our team to look into this further please contact us via


Angus harte

1 Stars
1 Stars

13 August 2021

Ordered 460 euros on the website and when I went to collect they said my reference number was showing and after a long phone call to their helpline they said they couldn’t process due to IT issues and would call me to organise a refund. They didn’t then call me so I had to go back to the post office the next day and they said they would send my refund within 3-5 days. 7 days later they haven’t refunded me or contacted me and I’m now £400 down and had to organise other travel money. Extremely disappointing and still waiting for an explanation and my money.

The Post Office replied

Sorry to hear this was the case Angus. We can certainly get this shared internally and apologies for the inconvenience caused



1 Stars
1 Stars

9 August 2021

Absolute daylight robbery!

Used a travel card in the US & left $673 on the card, which expired without so much as a reminder!

Called to transfer to my account. Worth £475 IF I converted to GBP on a new card Offered me £428 if converting & transferring to my bank!


Avoid the Post Office. Only advise I could give.

The Post Office replied

Hi Aiden, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. We set our rate on a daily basis and aim to be as competitive as possible, while style being able to offer the services provided. thanks David



1 Stars
1 Stars

28 July 2021

Terrible experience. I have funds in my account which I can not access because they want verification proof which I had sent in over a month before and they confirm that they had received . The post office are basically holding my own funds hostage and now I don’t have access to any money. Never, ever use this service

The Post Office replied

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience. Could you please give us a call on 0344 335 0109 so we can look into this for you?


Told I couldn't get Icelandic Kronur

2 Stars
2 Stars

28 July 2021

Bought Icelandic krona

28 July 2021

Hi I visited the Ledbury branch this morning and requested to preorder Icelandic Kronur and was told that the currency for Iceland was Euros. I said I certainly didn't want Euros and they said that was the only I could request for that country.

So obviously left with no preordered currency. Not unpleasant but just incorrect.

The Post Office replied

Really sorry to hear of your experience when trying to pre-order your currency, it's not the type of experience we expect, and the branch shouldn't have had any problems with pre-ordering the right currency instead of Euros as we do also offer Icelandic Krona. We will get this raised internally.

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