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11th November 2018

Excellent service from the Bellshill branch and other services offered as well in which I didn’t know they did jewellery cheque cashing and buying your old broken gold, will definitely be back in again

  • I ordered £400 worth of Euros
  • My currency arrived on time
  • I received the notes I requested
  • I would recommend Ramsdens to others

Mrs J wilcox

18th October 2018

Exchanged.650 euros today and only got 525.74 pounds back.should have shopped around. Rate was (1.23636) this was in shop.

  • I sold 650 Euros
  • I would not recommend Ramsdens to others

Vera P

4th October 2018

Would not give us online rate for euros at shop as we only wanted £600 worth of euros they said had to get £1000’s worth before you get online rate so said no thanks, went to a travel agent and they matched Ramsdens online rate no problem, so won’t bother with Ramsdens again !!!!

  • I ordered £600 worth of Euros
  • I would not recommend Ramsdens to others

Sam McPhail

29th August 2018

Terrible value. Exchanged 260 euros today for £217.40. My mistake ! Have now realised I could have got more in many other stores. Do not exchange money back in these stores. Shop around !

  • I would not recommend Ramsdens to others

Gerard Harvey

25th August 2018

Not great deal. I checked online but in store was totally different paid more in Sterling for less than quoted euro. Never again

  • I ordered £703 worth of Euros
  • My currency arrived on time
  • I did not received the notes I requested
  • I would not recommend Ramsdens to others

Dan Wooden

16th July 2018

Terrible experience. Put £200 on card but couldn't login to check balance. Rang up to explain which turned out to be a third party who couldn't help, but said they would refer it back to Ramsdens. Haven't heard anything back. Hopefully there will not be much on the card so I won't loose much. Have now gone with Revolut which lets you know immediately the card has been used with balance. Avoid Ramsdens like the plague.

  • I ordered a prepaid Euro card
  • Reloading the card was easy
  • The card was accepted everywhere that I used it
  • I would not recommend Ramsdens to others

Ray. Caerphilly Wales ,

28th June 2018

Great service ,Got all the advice i needed on buying travel money and selling it back if any left over ,Thank you for being so helpfull and cheerfull, nice to see a smiling face . Thank you Tina in the Caerphilly Shop ,

Mary T

11th May 2018

Not the best rate in the world but had a good store near by and they were very freindly

barry lewis

10th May 2018

Good experience at the lancaster store. thank you

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