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John Ireland

4th May 2018

Been with the RBS since 1967 when they were Williams Deacons and before they were Williams & Glyns. Finally left them after 50 years. Wrote to their Fraud Operations team, they completely ignored my letter, instead Customer Care sent me £25 compensation, t. They still to this day ignore my request for help. I donated the compensation to cancer research and switched to a different bank. Sad to see the decline of what was once a fine bank.

    William kennedy

    31st July 2017

    I was a customer of RBS for over 40 years however moved to First Direct as I was too embarassed to be a customer. They are a total disgrace to Scotland and still continue to rip off their clients in every way they can. Lock at everything they offer and you will find them bottom in All departments. How they are allowed to continue beats me.


      22nd June 2017

      £500 to RM. RBS best price and easy pick-up. Free delivery which works out better rate when you add delivery rates of other companies when totalled.

      • I ordered £500 worth of Malaysian Ringgits
      • My order was delivered on time
      • I received the notes I requested
      • I would recommend RBS to others


      4th June 2017

      different rate given from advertised on homepage rip off

      • I ordered £750 worth of Turkish Lira
      • My order was delivered on time
      • I would recommend RBS to others

      Fred Mason

      18th April 2017

      RBS and NATWEST have the worse exchange rate I have ever seen, you can look up and compare exchange sites are these two are always bottom of the pile for rates, I have banked with these banks for over 40yrs but do not get anything for loyalty. They should close down their foreign exchange and stop ripping off customers and concentrate of giving better interest to their customers on their accounts

        Fred Mason

        10th March 2017

        I have been looking at changing 1000 pounds into Euros and have been checking the rates at various sites, RBS are the worse rates around, I am a Nat west cudtomer for over 40yrs, makes no difference, If you like being ripped off then change money at RBS or Nat West....Let those banks go under, it will save us all money and time wasted banking with them, you want to go on Holiday, you approach your bank and given the worse ever rate.....disgusting

          Special Service???

          19th April 2016

          I was "sold" the "no commission foreign exchange rates" as one of the benefits of the Nat West black card that costs me hundreds of pounds a year in charges. Having ordered the money I made the mistake of checking on line only to find that this supposedly premium service isn't even in the top 25 providers! I now have to wait 30 hours for my money and walk past numerous providers on the high street that can find far better rates on the way to the bank tomorrow. Appalling!

            Unhappy Customers

            15th October 2014

            Just been down the local RBS branch to wire-transfer Euros abroad. The quote I received was ridiculous. Compared to actual FX market, the first quote would have ripped me off by 300, upon challenging, they got a "live" quote which was still 200 Sterling away from where the market is trading. Reminds one of "The Sting" with Paul Newman, a movie about horse racing and bucket shops.


            1st March 2012

            There is no point writing about your experience down at your local RBS on this site. These reviews should be for the web based service only. You get a better rate of exchange and most currency is held, including Malaysian currency! Instructions are easy to follow. I dont think that the rates are very good compared to other web based currency exchange sites and only give them 3 stars for that reason only.

            Michael Jones

            1st November 2011

            My elderly Father ordered £1000 worth of euros for a week long trip. He couldn\'t go because of ill health. When he went for his euros they had been sent to the wrong branch and when he asked how much it would cost to convert them back to UKP he was told around £100!!! We\'re already bailing the banks out through taxes, no pay rises etc and they still continue to rip the public off.By the way my Father\'s been a RBS customer for over 40 years.

            Shaun nolan

            4th October 2011

            Shame iv bin with RBS for 22 years but can walk in of the street to the post office and get a better rate ?!

            Christine Tulip

            4th May 2011

            Ordered and received 2 days later, RBS were best rate for Turkish Lira in april.

            peter taylor

            6th April 2011

            I tried to order Malaysian Ringits at my high street RBS and was told most firmly that i needed an account with RBS before they would order any currency not in stock. Don't waste your time going there.

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            The RBS group is a large international banking and financial services company. From its headquarters in Edinburgh, the Group serves over 30 million customers in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia.

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