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Nectar members get better exchange rates (excludes travel money card home delivery orders and online reloads). Sainsbury's Bank offer over 50 foreign currencies. Order online with the option to collect your travel money from one of our bureaux in Sainsbury's stores across the UK at no extra cost, or have it delivered to your home with free delivery on orders of £400 and above. Please note, exchange rates will vary depending on whether you buy in store, online or by phone.

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23 February 2024

Bought £314 worth of Euros

I had received a Nectar voucher at Sainsburys, which offered £3 off a travel money purchase costing £300 or more. The small print said the whole transaction must take place at a Sainsburys bureau de change, not online or by telephone. So I went into a Sainsburys and bought 350 euros, but the rate was poor (1.10479 compared with the advertised Nectar rate of over 1.14). I did get the £3 discount so the net rate worked out at 1.1153 which is still not good. (Strangely it appears on the receipt as commission of minus £3!) So my advice is, if you get a voucher offering £3 off travel money at Sainsburys, just bin it.

And 24 hours later there's no sign of the Nectar points which I should have received from the purchase.

Joseph Rogerson

23 February 2024

Ordered a currency card

Tried to top up card while in Croatia but funds wouldn't transfer, tried calling Sainsbury's money for nearly 1 hour, and was told " you will just have to use your visa debit card". Makes you wonder why I got a travel card in the first place!

Katrina J

10 February 2024

Bought £200 worth of Euros

Almost 3 months ago now, while I was abroad in Italy my Sainsbury’s travel money card was eaten by a ATM machine not only leaving me without a card but also not distributing the cash I was trying to take out leaving me without my €20 plus a €4 charge for the transaction that didn’t happen. I’m not sure if this is because the card is not compatible with certain atms or just doesn’t work as it should abroad. However after this happened I ended up seeing if I was able to use my normal UK hsbc debit card and this worked amazing and wasn’t eaten by a machine and didn’t lose me any money.

Since this stressful trip I’ve been in contact with Sainsbury’s travel money card help team multiple times across these months, emailing multiple times, calling multiple times, even going in store to seek for help, just to get my money back. The first lie I was sold was, if I never got the money from the atm machine, that the money will automatically appear back into my account (this never happened). After this I was told it takes 30 days for a dispute form to go through but it’s been almost 90 days and nothing. I have followed every advice and instruction given to me, filling out the dispute form sending it multiple times, (as I kept being told they haven’t received it, even though over the phone they would contradict this by telling me they can see I’ve sent it multiple times). Leading me on to all the other empty promises I was consistently told: such as “we’ll contact you with an update very soon” (this never happened), “we’ll make this an urgent case” (I’m pretty sure they’ve completely forgotten I even exist. I’m not sure if they’re just ignoring my emails at this rate. But I’ve never received worse customer service in my life. I know €24 isn’t a great deal of money to lose but as my bank I would think it’s their responsibility for their customer to not lose out on their money that we trust to store with them. At this rate I don’t even care, it’s just the principle and I would like to my close account immediately with this bank as I don’t wish to ever rely on this card abroad again.


8 February 2024

Ordered a currency card

I switched over to a Sainsbury’s travel card , as my previous card company were very limited in the currencies you could use, we took it away with us this year for the first time when we went to Prague, had no issues what so ever, well chuffed with it

mike chapman

17 November 2023

Bought £250 worth of US dollars

ordered 250 dollars for travel who thought sending me 100 and 50 dollar bills was a good idea, virtually impossible to use at location, just thoughtless


16 November 2023

Ordered a currency card

Sainsburys travel money card always declining despite having enough funds on the card .. absolutely disgusting when you are relying on it

Instore is very bad rate

15 November 2023

Bought £266 worth of Euros

Exchange rate on line was1.12 online,but the rate instore was 1.08,staff didn’t explain why I am very disappointed I lost about 9£ for 290 euros ☹️☹️☹️ Do not buy Instore

Dan T

13 November 2023

Bought £138 worth of Euros

I bought 150 Euros at a Sainsbury's store currency bureau on Saturday, 11th November. Unfortunately I didn't check the rate online beforehand, which was 1.12 Euro to the Pound. In store I was only offered a paltry 1.08.

My saving grace is that I didn't make a bigger purchase of Euros but frankly still feel short-changed by Sainsbury's. My advice to anyone purchasing foreign currency from Sainsbury's is DO NOT buy currency in store. Only purchase online.


3 November 2023

Ordered a currency card

Do not use this travel card card or service, so temperamental. Sometimes it works, others it just refuses. We’ve now been abroad 5 times using this and the card hasn’t worked 3 out of those 5. Customer service have no idea what they’re doing either and just blame your bank for blocking it, despite us trying on multiple debit and credit cards to top up… Then when you contact your bank and make sure everything is ok and the transaction isn’t blocked, Sainsbury’s say you’ve ran out of attempts to top it up!! Won’t be making the mistake and using again.

Marie Lethbridge

18 August 2023

Bought £457 worth of Euros

Ordered currency to find it’s short of money so upsetting considering I trusted them

Stuart jones

12 August 2023

Bought travel money

Ordered travel card one week before holiday. Went to collect it at sainsburys reedswood walsall. Young lad on desk who seemed inexperienced and couldn't manage to validate the card . No-one on site to help him . Result, no card, had to accept cash instead or refund would take 7 to 10 days . Absolutely useless service. Will never use again, highly "NOT" recommended

Alexandra Storey

4 July 2023

Bought £300 worth of Euros

About four weeks ago I went to get euros put on to a travel card. Sainsbury’s Bank made two claims on my bank account, albeit one pending and that left me over £300 down on my possible spending.

I wrote to them and they diverted the blame to my own bank Nationwide claiming it was them that withheld my funds for over a week. My bank would not have done this had Sainsbury’s not made two claims.

The member of staff that replied to me was rude and not in the least bit apologetic.

I even wrote to the CEO and he didn’t want to know either.


24 June 2023

Bought £256 worth of US dollars

Customers of Sainsbury's should be aware that the advertised rates for currency online are not reflected in the shop. Very small print online but basically, if you walk into a store today and buy USD the rate is 1.20, if you order online and walk into the same store to collect the rate is 1.24. Don't get caught out

Mr D Fowles

22 May 2023

Ordered a currency card

In general the card and app worked ok, but.... the app doesn't show your purchases for 24 hours afterwards (sometimes longer) so it's extremely difficult to keep a track of your spending whilst away.

A Roberts

17 May 2023

Bought Euros

I ordered € online with plenty of time before my holiday. Unfortunately the money did not arrive in time so I arranged for the money to be collected from the airport which all went to plan.

Once I came back from holiday, the money had also arrived at my home address so it need to be returned. I contacted Sainsbury's today and requested they collect the money due to my rural location, they refused and then stated that if I did not return the money then would send in a debt collection company!

I now have to sort this mess out due to poor Service from Sainsbury at my own cost.

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