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Michael G

2 Stars
2 Stars

6 September 2021

In Spain with Sainsbury’s cash passport card.

Tried several ATMs two days ago and cancelled transaction due to hefty fees from individual banks.

Although not received any cash two ( cancelled) transactions are showing‘ pending’ on my account.

Called customer services and have been informed that the money that has been deducted will probably show in my account in one week.


I never took the money so it should never have been taken out of my account in the first place.

My part to play? Thinking I was doing the right now hing and choosing Sainsbury’s cash passport.

My advice - do your research and plan carefully.


Donna McCausland

1 Stars
1 Stars

12 August 2021

Took out this card and loaded cash for a holiday I was unable to go on due to covid. Have been unable to use the card in the last 18 months due to travel restrictions and found that a monthly fee has been taken from my account. I tried to cash out at my local Sainburys to be told I could only have Sterling and not euros. This is very poor customer service. I rang the helpline on the back of the card, totally useless and unable to hear half of what she said. This is a scam of a card.



1 Stars
1 Stars

27 March 2021

I am sorry, i rarely do this but this is appalling. Charging people a non usage fee during covid times is just wrong. If you withdraw money, there is a charge. If you transfer there is a charge. I will gladly change my review if you put in the minimum effort in to fix this for your customers.


Oliver Evans

1 Stars
1 Stars

18 February 2021

Do not purchase this card. Rarely works at ATMs, does not allow online purchases, gives poor conversion rates, and to top it all off charges £6 to withdraw your remaining balance. A complete waste of time!


Chris Adams

1 Stars
1 Stars

10 November 2020

Ordered a prepaid Euro card

10 November 2020

Avoid this card or cash out if you already have one. We've cancelled 3 holidays this year because of Covid 19 & forgot about the card loaded with Euros. It's cost us a charge each month for inactivity. We tried to cash out at an ATM but the card was rejected even though the requested amount was less than the displayed balance. A prolonged phone call to 'card services' eventually resulted in a bank transfer of the 'full' balance in GBP but no refund of charges. We were

assured that there were no charges for cashing out but the amount received was approx £6 less than calculated using the published daily exchange rate. Coincidentally, Sainsbury Bank usual rate for cashing out is £6. This can be done FREE at Sainsbury Travel Money bureau....... but they are all closed !

Appalling customer service, especially when so many other businesses are making extra efforts to help people in these difficult times.


Jim Atwell

1 Stars
1 Stars

29 October 2020

Ordered a prepaid Euro card

29 October 2020

Did not realise that after a period of no transactions , they start eroding your money with monthly fees . After 5 months of them ,basically, stealing my money I went to atm and the balance was £106.37 , so I withdrew £100 leaving balance of £6.37 , went into store to spend the balance but transaction was rejected. Went back to atm and balance was zero . Yes they had stolen the £6.37 . Never again . Avoid .


Denise Donovan

1 Stars
1 Stars

11 September 2020

Avoid this card. I got one in 2016 when I was going to Australia for 3 weeks. The extortionate fees were not explained. I forgot I still had it but 6 months ago I started to get emails to say to check recent transactions. I hadn't realised that there is a monthly inactivity charge. I managed to withdraw £10 but then realised I had £8.62 left. I rang to cash this out to my bank account as the card provider is changing and I was emailed yo say that cancellation charges would be waived. I was on the phone ages to a female customer service assistant who didn't seem to know thus and had to ask a manager etc. Finally I was told yes I could cash it out. Just gad an email 4 days later to say my card been topped up!! What is going on here. I will be writing a formal complaint letter!!


Bob Grundy

1 Stars
1 Stars

24 August 2020

Be very aware of small print on currency cashcard -after 18 months they start charging £2 a month if you havent used the card. After 12 months they send you the first email asking you to review transactions, What Transaction I havent used the card. When you review you find they have already taken £24+. Bloody annoyed.

You then try to close the account, I am now on my 4th phone call and have not managed to have them shut the account. Dire service!!


Andrew Parry

1 Stars
1 Stars

19 August 2020

Card was great when I first used it in 2017 and the next year. Proved troublesome in 2019. Now with Covid I am unable to go abroad and it has been a nightmare trying to find out how I avoid charges (after 18 months inactivity Sainsbury start to charge you each month). The kiosk in store is closed. The telephone help lines kept cutting me off. No reply to an email I sent. I will now write a formal complaint to Sainsburys with a copy to the Martin Lewis programme. My advice to you readers? Avoid this card!


Wenzhe Chen

1 Stars
1 Stars

28 April 2020

We took out annual global travel insurance In February then cancelled it the next day. It has however so far taken 2 months to process the refund. It's been 5 phone calls, 3 emails, 3 tweets and each time they apologise, say they made a mistake and they'll process it. I'm now having to take them to a Small Claims Court. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

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