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We offer great exchange rates and 0% commission on over 50 foreign currencies. Plus, Nectar members receive better exchange rates on single purchase transactions of all available foreign currencies. Excludes travel money card home delivery orders and online reloads. You need to tell us your Nectar card number at the time of your transaction. Order online with the option to collect your travel money from one of our bureaux in Sainsbury's stores across the UK at no extra cost, or have it delivered to your home with free delivery on orders over £500.

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1 Stars
1 Stars

14 February 2023

Cannot have a second card, cannot link to your google wallet.. waste of time!!



2 Stars
2 Stars

27 July 2022

Had this card for a while now, we used it in NZ and the Pacific island years ago and kept it (although it charged us for not using it) but we knew we'd use it again. Loaded it with Euros this time around and saved some money aside to load onto it once we'd used what was on the card.

Thank god we did. Day 3 into our holiday the card stopped working, we called the helpline and were put through to an absolute useless sap who couldn't give us any answers or any solutions except lengthy waits for money or help. We're now having to use our debit and savings at a few for using them as our €300 is inaccessible for the next "6-10days" we'll be home in 4....




1 Stars
1 Stars

17 July 2022

Ordered the card expecting a next working day delivery according to the FAQs on the website, and on completion of the order was told 5-8 working days. Called the call centre and was told 5-7 days, and everytime i said their website told me next day delivery was given the blanket response of "I understand" and that they will try to get the right department to call me within 48 hours. It is quite clear that Sainsburys customer service in this area is completely absent. Would not recommend this product to anyone, and would give no stars if it were possible.


Leslie Wright

1 Stars
1 Stars

3 May 2022

Website is rubbish. Asks for Nectar number twice then doesn’t accept it. Won’t take payment. Doesn’t always list stores for pick up. Gave up in the end



1 Stars
1 Stars

14 February 2022

Sainsburys travel passport.

Complete joke. Ordered £500 of euros for delivery following day. After paying, it said 5 to 8 days delivery time. Received no confirmation emails from them. Phoned up to see what was happening. Call centre is in Malaysia and they had no clue about my order. Eventually they offered to 'cash out" my euro balance and refund to my bank account at loss of £55 to me. My advice is DO NOT BOTHER with Sainsburys Travel Passport. It seems to be some sort of scam.


Carole Lockwood

1 Stars
1 Stars

24 November 2021

Put £300 on the card but lost £100 of it through non-usage charges! What a rip-off! Never again.


Joe H

2 Stars
2 Stars

12 November 2021

The card has worked fine for me when abroad so no complaints however the app is unreliable and so is the website - both difficult to access on occasions. Wasn't aware of the changes pointed out by others so maybe time for a change.


Michael G

2 Stars
2 Stars

6 September 2021

In Spain with Sainsbury’s cash passport card.

Tried several ATMs two days ago and cancelled transaction due to hefty fees from individual banks.

Although not received any cash two ( cancelled) transactions are showing‘ pending’ on my account.

Called customer services and have been informed that the money that has been deducted will probably show in my account in one week.


I never took the money so it should never have been taken out of my account in the first place.

My part to play? Thinking I was doing the right now hing and choosing Sainsbury’s cash passport.

My advice - do your research and plan carefully.


Donna McCausland

1 Stars
1 Stars

12 August 2021

Took out this card and loaded cash for a holiday I was unable to go on due to covid. Have been unable to use the card in the last 18 months due to travel restrictions and found that a monthly fee has been taken from my account. I tried to cash out at my local Sainburys to be told I could only have Sterling and not euros. This is very poor customer service. I rang the helpline on the back of the card, totally useless and unable to hear half of what she said. This is a scam of a card.



1 Stars
1 Stars

27 March 2021

I am sorry, i rarely do this but this is appalling. Charging people a non usage fee during covid times is just wrong. If you withdraw money, there is a charge. If you transfer there is a charge. I will gladly change my review if you put in the minimum effort in to fix this for your customers.

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