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Santander are easily one of the most recognisable names on the UK high street. As well as providing standard banking services, Santader also offer a range of currency services including travel money and international money transfers.

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12 September 2019

Bought £700 worth of Croatian kuna

Appalling exchange rate! Being a Santander customer I automatically and naively when’s strait to there online currency site

Only to be ripped off!

My advice is don’t use them.


17 April 2012

I ordered my Swiss currency yesterday at lunchtime. It was delivered by Royal Mail at 7.45 this morning. The exchange rate

was not as high as some but I did not incur a charge by using my Santander debit card. I would use their service again.tubing


17 March 2012

This is just a comment on Raymond\'s review below. He is complaining about previous reviews containing criticisms of Santander Bank, and asking why they are being made when the reviews are meant to be solely about their FX rates?

Well Raymond you are WRONG!!! Such comments are welcomed by the site. You should read the \"Review\" guidance notes at the bottom of this page - which read . . .

\"If you would like to share your own experiences of Santander with other users, please use the form below. Aim to write at least a couple of sentences, and remember to be factual and honest with your opinions. If you are stuck for things to write about; tell us what the customer service was like, if you would buy from them again, and whether or not you would recommend their services to others.\"



22 February 2012

Why are people making comments about Santander Bank when these reviews are supposed to be about the web based currency exchange? Air your complaints somewhere else. The exchange rates here are not the best so perhaps dont use it for that reason but your experiences down at your local branch are not legitimate here. They get 2 stars for their poor rates, thats why I wouldnt use them again.

Very frustrating

24 November 2011

Just to add to those below: what a joke, they give the best rate yet they do not hold the currency!! Don\'t waste your time with Santander... I rang Marks & Spencer and I had a good rate and booked my Zloty ready to pick up with no problem!!


28 July 2011

Facinating. Just phoned Santander.

a. Didn't know they did money.

b. Recommended Debenhams.

Possibly not a winning formula for me!

Vanessa Dambis

26 July 2011

this bank does not even deserve one star. I regret the day ever joining or creating an account here. They are indeed the worst bank in the UK. i advise everyone, stay far from Santander.


14 April 2011

This review is a compliment for one employee,only. I do not care for this company nor do I advise anyone to use this company. I have dealt with this nightmare of a company only because my loan was with Citi and Santander bought them out. I had not one problem with Citi.

DATREON EMPLOYEE NUMBER 31162 in the Louisville office you were the one person that actually treated me like a person and not like scum of the earth. I have asked numerous times for a due date change for my bill but all I get are rude comments like "you are the one who made the agreement so pay your bills on time" I have also told them that when we purchased the car my husband and I had great jobs but now because of the world today I no longer have my good job. So we live pay check to pay check. I recieve 3 rude calls a day if the payment has not been made on the due date. I also recieve ugly calls on Sundays. I thought those were God's days. I also do not believe that we should have to pay a fee for them to take our payment. But we do so they say. Thanks Datreon you are a great person, and I wish this company had more employees like you. God Bless

I give you 4 stars the company 0 because they allow these rude people to treat their customers like this.


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