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With over 35 years experience in the foreign exchange sector, Sterling has established an excellent reputation for offering the best exchange rates and excellent customer service to a long standing and ever expanding clientele.

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22 June 2019

Bought £1,000 worth of Euros

22 June 2019

After reading the reviews thought i'd give Sterling a try. I wish i hadn't

Very disappointed to receive a shortage from the amount of which was confirmed on my initial order.

On calling with complaint i found a rude customer service

Was travelling the next day

Will not return


22 June 2019

Bought £300 worth of Euros

22 June 2019

Have used Sterling several times now. Service is excellent. Arrives next day. This time I forgot to put about preferred denominations but a quick email with my reference number sorted this out. Can't fault them will continue to use and highly recommend

fi las

20 June 2019

Bought Japanese yen

20 June 2019

excellent fast service thank you

Linda Irwin

19 June 2019

Bought £750 worth of Mexican pesos

19 June 2019

Exchanged money for Mexican Pesos, asked for mixed denominations and got hit with 500 notes! No use! Didn’t even take my complaint seriously. Would not recommend ????

Alisha kumar

19 June 2019

Bought £458 worth of Indian rupees

19 June 2019

I was so beyond worried about ordering through this website and I actually told myself I’m going to go through and take the risk, cannot have been any more wrong, within seconds I received a confirmation and within 24 hours I got a tracking number and within 12 hours after that the money was at my door, only thing would be the fact that I asked for mixed denominations but got a lot of huge amounts which I’m wondering how to change for smaller currency

mike phillips

12 June 2019

Bought £700 worth of Vietnamese dongs

12 June 2019

Great rate, great service

David G Hicks

12 June 2019

Bought £900 worth of Euros

12 June 2019

Excellent service. A little mix up with paying by bank transfer but that was totally my fault and soon sorted.

Money delivered by Royal Mail on time. Cannot fault the service and will definitely be using again.

Tony J

12 June 2019

Bought £1,000 worth of Croatian kuna

12 June 2019

Once again I have used Sterling FX to purchase my holiday Currency, not only was it at good exchange rate but was delivered on the day that suited me.


12 June 2019

Bought £700 worth of Czech koruna

12 June 2019

By far the best exchange rate going and so simple to order, money showed up on the day selected and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.

steve lomas

11 June 2019

Bought £711 worth of Euros

11 June 2019

Second time that I have used them. Money came exactly when they said with a good mixture of notes. V Goood exchange rate. Like many, I was apprehensive about ordering on line/delivery by post but all worked out very well. Will definitely use again!

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