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Clubcard Prices are available on Tesco Travel Money. We offer competitive exchange rates and 0% commission on foreign currency. Order and collect your cash from selected Tesco stores. Tesco Travel money ordered online or by telephone is provided by Travelex Currency Services Limited.

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17 August 2023

Bought £440 worth of Euros

Orded Euro`s online Monday evening for collection Wednesday after 3 p.m from a Local Tesco store .

Rate really good . Collected after 7 p.m from local store , asked to check correct at customer services .

Well done Tesco .

Paul Martin

2 August 2023

Bought £300 worth of Euros

If you're a Clubcard holder you get a better rate than what's shown here, so worth checking their website. Money was at my local store the next day and even got a call from the person at the bureau to tell me it was ready and when they would be closed for lunch, breaks etc so I wouldn't be hanging around waiting when I went to collect. Can't fault in any way, will definitely use again.


24 June 2023

Bought £152 worth of Euros

Why is it when you order euros with your credit card they debit it twice. One goes on your account but the other remains in pending and takes a week to come off. This affects the funds available to use.


19 June 2023

Bought £200 worth of Euros

Ordered euros for collection after 3pm today, only to find the Bureau closed, will have to travel to the store again tomorrow and hope it will be open this time.

Sean Tunnicliffe

28 May 2023

Bought Euros

Went into Tesco Seacroft Green Foreign Exchange today to get holiday money. We wanted to get the pre-paid travel cards but were unable to as the woman behind the counter hadn't been trained to do this and wasn't confident in doing them. As a result we will have to go back. another day at some inconvenience and at an inconvenient time for my wife and I in order to get our cards sorted. What is the point in putting staff staff who aren't fully trained into this situation and expecting them to be able to do their job. The woman who served us was polite and as helpful as she could be and this complaint is no reflection on her but is aimed at management who should ensure that all staff are fully trained.

G Keath

13 May 2023

Bought £500 worth of Euros

I previously used the Post Office earlier this year to buy Euros as their exchange rate was great but I was very pleasantly surprised to see Tesco's rate this week (May) was probs the best & even better than the P.O!! The online ordering service was so easy and the money arrived soon after. NO PROBS WHATSOEVER - WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?!!


2 May 2023

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Avoid the cashpassport card. What a shambles. Obtained it in the store, added Euros to it and told to login and register the card when I got home. However, I couldn't log in, it wouldn't remember any password either, so had to call their helpline. They couldn't assist me either despite several attempts so was stuck with an unworkable card online. Had no choice but to get to a Tesco, cash it in (of course, the buy back rate is a good 32 cent more than I obtained the Euros for) ended up £40 out of pocket but at least have the majority of my funds back unlike some of the reviewers on here. Moral of the story - don't bother with travel cards from Tesco. It's cheaper to use your own debit cards even with transaction fees. Or just get cash from some place with a better reputation.


25 April 2023

Sold 117 Singapore dollars

Purchase from Tesco was great. Great rate and quick service for collection. Rate for SGP was 1.5650 on 17-3-2023.

On return from holiday I returned to sell my remaining currency. Tesco's rate for Buy SGP on the day I sold 25-4-2023, was 1.5825. rate I was given in store to sell was 1.8890. That is a spread of 16.3%. I am only glad I only returned with minimal currency.


18 March 2023

Bought £604 worth of Euros

I ordered Euros on the Thursday evening and they arrived on Saturday morning. I had been emailed several times to keep me informed of the progress, on Friday they emailed to say they had been dispatched. There was a good mixture of notes. I am very pleased with my transaction, everything went has it should.

Clare lr

5 March 2023

Bought £211 worth of Jordanian dinars

They will not refund you for up to 10 working days if they cannot fulfill your order.


6 February 2023

Bought £300 worth of US dollars

Placed order to receive for home delivery, some Jamaican dollars & some US dollars. Delivery was straight forward and on time but no confirmation email received at time of order, made contact myself to confirm my order booked in. Most of the USD were 100$ notes which are not great to use for tipping. Wish I had read reviews in advance as probably wouldn't have used Tesco. For this reason highly unlikely to use again.


27 January 2023

Bought travel money

Wish I'd read the reviews before ordering currency but I was using Tesco so surely reliable!!!! Ordered NZ and Singapore dollars online for collection 5 days later at my local Tesco, that was the earliest day available, cost immediately

taken from my account. Had a phone call a day later to say they couldn't supply the NZ dollars as they had no stock. Was not happy as why did they accept the order in the first place, surely in this day of advanced technology the system should have warned of stock situation. Asked them to cancel the order completely and I would go elsewhere and they assured me I would get a full refund. Imagine my surprise when told it could take up to 10 days to get MY MONEY back. This is the first time I have used Tesco but I will never use them again, very unreliable.

Tony Robinson

21 January 2023

Bought £500 worth of Euros

Great service. No issues at all

Charlie Stone

5 January 2023

Bought travel money

Ordered both US Dollars and Costa Rican Colon on-line for collection on 7/1/23 after 3pm at Southend store as I was visiting that weekend. Money taken straight away from my bank account. Received email following day stating Costa Rican Colon has to be ordered in and I could not pick up until 10/1/23 but I will no longer be in Southend then! Cancelled order but Tesco stated a £10 admin fee would be charged and refund would take 5-10 working days!!! I argued that their website let me order the currency for collection on 7/1/23, so it is their fault, not mine, that they changed the collection day which is no longer convenient to me. They say they will waive the £10 admin fee. Now need to find extra money to buy currency elsewhere. Needless to say, I won't be using them again. Very poor customer service. Avoid.

Jackie Kelly

3 December 2022

Bought £260 worth of Euros

Ordered currency on line to collect in store the following day. Money didn't arrive. No one rang, e mailed or texted to advise there was a problem. No idea when currency will be available. Complete lack of customer care. Won't ve using again!

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