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Get a better exchange rate if you choose to purchase any single currency online from £800 to £2500. Order and collect your cash from over 500 Tesco stores. Free home delivery on orders of £500 or more.

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Tony Bence

5 November 2019

Bought £200 worth of Turkish lira

5 November 2019

OK, the online order process was fine BUT when the Turkish Lira arrived I was shocked to find simply 280 of 10 Lira notes, worth about 71p each! That bundle was about 30mm thick and would hardly fit in any wallet. Just consider, for a one week holiday, that means passing over over 40 notes each day! That's hardly very practical and very inconvenient. It was not even possible to try changing any notes for larger denominations as the nearest bank was a 40 minutes drive away - not wasting that time/effort!

The bank's agents did not understand that their actions caused any inconvenience and only investigated further after pressure. The reward was a £10 Tesco Voucher as compensation. They should have warned of the situation before dispatch and then an alternative supplier would have been used. Not going to trust Tesco Travel Money again.


18 October 2019

Bought £270 worth of US dollars

18 October 2019

I have twice bought US dollars from click and collect. They arrived when they said both times. But both times I was given large bills $100 and $50. Not many places in the US accept these due to the chances of forgery, much like our higher value notes here. There is no option to select the denomination you want. Until this is an option or I know I will get $20 bills or less I will no longer use this service. This time I’ve come back with $200 in notes I couldn’t spend so I’ll see if they’ll let me change back to pounds like they say they do.


15 October 2019

Bought £1,500 worth of US dollars

15 October 2019

Great service. This is the 5th time I've used Tesco bank for currency. Free next day delivery to the Outer Hebrides; arriving on time, exactly as ordered and in a good spread of denominations. Cannot be faulted.

Rose Harrison

7 October 2019

Bought Mexican pesos

7 October 2019

Terrible customer service from the management.

Went in to pick up some pre-ordered travel money.

There was some problem with a form which should have been filled in and kept with the money, but hadn't been fully completed.

Don't know the details because it was entirely an internal Tesco's procedure.

The upshot was that they had to phone a manager, and I had to wait for her.

Nearly 15 minutes later she appeared, and had a chat with some management colleagues, then called over to the ladies on the customer service desk about some litter that had been left (while they were serving other customers). Then when they reminded her that I was waiting she said she knew, and carried on talking to one of the cashiers.

At this point I left having not been acknowledged by the manager once.

So will expect a refund in the fullness of time, though will be charged £10 for not picking up the cash, but I could not put up with being treated with such contempt for another minute.

Having worked in customer focused jobs I am appalled that someone with such disdain for customers would be working in a managerial position for a reputable company.


20 September 2019

Bought £600 worth of Euros

20 September 2019

Shocking service, never again. Ordered currency 2 weeks in advance and the money was taken from my debit card immediately. A week later (so still more than a week before the collection date) I cancelled the order. 10 days later I am still awaiting a refund for something I never had. Customer service are useless just sending out ‘stock’ replies to emails that don’t answer your query.

NEVER again


20 September 2019

Sold 1 Kenyan shillings

20 September 2019

Ordered Kenyan Shillings in mid June, collected and was told that I could bring back any unspent ones to change back into sterling, also got an email confirming this. When I’ve gone in about 4 weeks later I’m told the notes that Tesco sold me are now out of date and I’m stuck with them. Been complaining via web for over a month, no further forward. No one is interested in the slightest and I’m £250 down. Apparently the notes I were sold were announced as going out of circulation on the 30th October three weeks before I bought them. No one mentioned this or I would have spent them. Appalling lack of customer service.

Brian C

11 September 2019

Bought Euros

11 September 2019

Very poor experience. I paid online and went to pick up euros from Tesco Edinburgh Corstorphine Superstore. Despite having ID and the bank card I paid with, they would not release the order as I didn't have a PIN for the card I ordered with. Tried to explain it was card I only use for online purchases and don't have a PIN for it but they would not release the order. Took me 20 mins to get though to Customer Services on the phone to cancel my order and it will take up to 10 days to get my money back. A big 'Jobsworth' award to Tesco Bank!


29 August 2019

Bought Euros

29 August 2019

Don’t ignore the amount of people rating this company’s travel money online service as bad. Absolutely dire service and if there had been a zero option it would have been selected. The online system went down during the ordering process and a note appeared “you have not been charged” actually we had. So a lot of money lost and trying to get that back has need a lot of calls/emails, Tesco saying has been refunded but depending on our bank’s ability to receive it, it may take 10 days to get to the account. Then constantly blaming our bank for not processing the refund. After 10 days and further emails etc tesco admitted it hadn’t been released to the bank in the first place and only processed 10 days AFTER by themselves and THEN may take a further 10 days for own bank to process. This is a completely different interpretation by Tesco and when challenged, agree what they initially said but interpret as their right to take 10 days to process their error! Not at all transparent and throughout this they have constantly blamed our bank. AVOID! never use these again.

Stephanie Few

27 August 2019

Bought £255 worth of Vietnamese dongs

27 August 2019

Ordered travel money online. Had approximately £35 worth of travel money missing from my order, Tesco investigated this and found no discrepancies and refused to give my money back leaving me £35 out of pocket after trusting them to do their jobs correctly. Do not use them. Go to a trusted travel exchange.

Angela Danby

21 August 2019

Bought £200 worth of Czech koruna

21 August 2019

Can't fault the service as currency was waiting to be picked up when they said it would be. Having said that I ordered £200 in Czech koruna which came in the largest denomination possible. 5500 in 4 notes. 2x 2000, 1x 1000 and 1x 500. Not sure how easy it will be to change. Imagine getting a drink with a £75 note !!

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