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Get a better exchange rate if you choose to purchase any single currency online from £800 to £2500. We offer competitive exchange rates and 0% commission on foreign currency. Order and collect your cash from selected Tesco stores. Free home delivery on orders of £500 or more. £3.95 delivery for orders under £500. Tesco Travel money ordered online or by telephone is provided by Travelex Currency Services Ltd.

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8 February 2021

Bought £52 worth of Canadian dollars

8 February 2021

The order wasn't at the shop for me to collect. When I called the number that was given to me by customer services,03453660103. The lady was very unhelpful and tried to say that even though I had selected an available collection date, the order may still take up to 48hours after that day to get to the store, even though it must also be collected with 4 days of the selected collection date! Very disappointed would not order travel money from them again, it's not worth the hassle.


12 December 2020

Bought £190 worth of US dollars

12 December 2020

I put in a collection order but decided to cancel within 2 hours of putting in the order. Support confirmed that they have put it a cancellation request but magically the order was already dispatched (I would need to collect 3 days after the order). Now I have to wait until the order is received at the collection desk, then sent back, processed before I’m issued a refund. How does that make sense? I asked for a cancellation within 2 hours of making the order!

Nick Price

28 September 2020

Bought £250 worth of Turkish lira

28 September 2020

Purchased £250 worth of Turkish Lira for a last minute holiday. Received a mixture of notes, mostly low denominations - 10 or 20 Lira, worth around £1 or £2. This was excellent, as this is exactly what I needed for tipping staff at the resort.


8 September 2020

Bought £700 worth of Turkish lira

8 September 2020

WARNING be careful as they do not tell you what denominations you can have, just received £700 worth of lira in 10s (£1) and 20 (£2) notes I am going to have fun counting that out on holiday can’t even fit it in my handbag..complained but they can’t help...go somewhere else

Rebecca P

8 September 2020

Bought £276 worth of Euros

8 September 2020

I cancelled a travel money order 2 days before collection due to developing Covid symptoms and not being able to travel. I was given a cancellation reference and told the money would be refunded within 4-5 days. It wasn't, so I called to chase this, and was told that the refund had been processed and the money should be with me by the end of the day. The refund did not materialise so I called again, only to be told that the Tesco store I had chosen to collect from still hadn't returned my Euros! This was almost 2 weeks after cancelling the order. They have now offered to process a fast refund directly to my bank account rather than via my debit card but I am still waiting. I have been misled with regards to the refund time-frame, and feel that staff have not received adequate training to be able to give accurate information. Avoid Tesco Bank at all costs for travel money. This is the first time I used them and this will be the last. Appalling customer service.

Tom Wicks

13 August 2020

Bought Euros

13 August 2020

Rude and unhelpful staff. Quote different rates for walk ins against buy on line, significantly so. Poor show, Tesco! I’ll take my business elsewhere


22 March 2020

Bought travel money

22 March 2020

I would not recommend using Tesco Currency Exchange for any currency transaction. The service provided to my by Tesco Currency Exchange in Walkded was appalling when trying to exchange my unused currency back to sterling.I would not recommend their service, nor will I be entering any Tesco stores.


9 January 2020

Ordered a prepaid multi-currency card

9 January 2020

I will never use a Tesco cash passport again. It has been declined several times and the app to reload it from my bank account onto the cash passport states error code all the time.

If it hadn't been for my brother living there I would have been completely stuck.!!!!

Liam higgins

6 January 2020

Bought Swiss francs

6 January 2020

Ordered Swiss francs mid December.

When I went to collect them they had spelt my name wrong and refused to give me the Swiss francs. My account had been debited. I was told my money would be refunded. It hasn’t yet.

When I telephoned on Friday 3rd January 2020 I was told there computer systems were down for the last 3 days and they could not help me. Think twice before using Tesco.


24 December 2019

Bought £1,274 worth of United Arab Emirates dirham

24 December 2019

I ordered £1274 worth of emirates dirham’s. The money was taking from my bank immediately and I was meant to receive my money 2 days before my holiday. I never received the money and now I am having difficulty getting a refund from tesco, who wont reply to my e mails

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