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Get a better exchange rate if you choose to purchase any single currency online from £800 to £2500. Order and collect your cash from over 500 Tesco stores. Free home delivery on orders of £500 or more.

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Angela Danby

21 August 2019

Bought £200 worth of Czech koruna

21 August 2019

Can't fault the service as currency was waiting to be picked up when they said it would be. Having said that I ordered £200 in Czech koruna which came in the largest denomination possible. 5500 in 4 notes. 2x 2000, 1x 1000 and 1x 500. Not sure how easy it will be to change. Imagine getting a drink with a £75 note !!


10 August 2019

Bought £1,000 worth of Euros

10 August 2019

I've just used Tesco Travel Money for the first time. I will only deal with financial institutions that are FCA registered and authorised which Tesco's are. Their rate was a little lower than some companies but that's a small price to pay for security. All I can say is that their service is excellent. I ordered Friday morning and the money was delivered to my home on Saturday morning at no extra cost. I was able to pay using my Tesco Credit Card without any transaction fees. Brilliant service, thank you very much Tesco.


2 August 2019

Bought Croatian kuna

2 August 2019

Absolute shambles. Arrived to pick up currency from Newbury Tesco at 3pm, a small cardboard sign said staff were taking a break and would return at twenty to three! Tesco Customer service literally no help at all: “It’s nothing to do with Tesco”. Waited outside kiosk for 40 minutes when girl turned up, by this time 6 other customers waiting behind me. No apology. Will never use again.


31 July 2019

Bought £750 worth of Euros

31 July 2019

If there was a zero I would provide it.

I wanted 2 currencies so could not order on internet. Rang them and it took 30 minutes for them to go through the details including telling me that if I don’t provide the exact address they would put my money in a holding account. I explained my postcode and first line of my address but that was insufficient.

I was asked what Tesco I wanted to pick up from so I used one of the ones mentioned on the internet. Couldn’t do those as they were click and. I’ll exit and we could only use bureaus ???? So he asked again what I wanted. I explained that as their website was only showing click and collect I was going to struggle.

He then (after clearing the money) broke the news that they were a 3rd party travel fx company working on behalf of Tesco. So we played a game of guess where Tesco’s were until he confirmed I had found one !!!

Wow !! - you couldn’t make up (although apparently Tesco think this is acceptable)

Barry Davies

17 July 2019

Bought £400 worth of Israeli shekels

17 July 2019

Ordered currency for Israel and Jordan. Got the best rate for "known" company. No postage charge. Collected from local Tesco store the next day.


5 July 2019

Bought £500 worth of Bulgarian lev

5 July 2019

Ordered Bulgarian Levs online 27 Th June went to pick them up today 5 Th July as notified they were in store,went to cash desk Levs were there my Bank card i used online had run out but had taken that card and my new replacement bank card all with same details & same pin No.etc & Photo ID but wouldnt accept anything as my original card had run out , what kind of service is this Tesco you took my money easily enough but not prepared to hand over my money i have paid for even though i had all the necessary proof of purchase ** UTTERLY SHAMBOLIC ** Will never Use Tescos service again , now i have to try and get Levs again before travelling while Tesco still has my money ,Please be aware of this when ordering Money they don tel you online if your card changes between purchase date & collection date they wont pay out ...

K henson

21 June 2019

Bought £400 worth of Hungarian forints

21 June 2019

Booked currency online went to collect as instructed at customer services they had no record of it

I phoned the helpline to be told after being on hold for over 20 minutes that the courier had taken it to a different Tesco by mistake!

I was then told I would have to wait up to 20 days for the money to be returned to my account.I explained that I needed the money to buy the currency elsewhere and I was travelling the next day...the guy could only apologise

So I have to go on holiday £400 down!



17 June 2019

Bought £226 worth of Euros

17 June 2019

Horrible service - was promised money on a certain date, staff at the local Tesco had no idea where is was. Took 6 people looking half an hour and they found nothing. Later we found out it was sent to the wrong store. An hour and a half of my time wasted, speaking to the bank on the phone and at the store, and now I have to arrange to get money from somewhere else at short notice, along with the stress of getting ready to travel. I was offered no compensation from Tesco for this, even after asking.

bob mcluckie

13 June 2019

Bought Vietnamese dongs

13 June 2019

Very pleased with all my dealings with Tesco travel money normally one of the best rates on the local market click and collect is convienent and easy opening times are OK with me kept me up to date on transaction with emails. Will continue to use them in the future people should order their travel money about 2 weeks in advance of holiday.


30 May 2019

Sold 600 Euros

30 May 2019

Lousiest exchange rate on the market for buyback of euros. 1.25 vs 1.13 for most other companies... complete rip off!

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