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The Currency Club's travel money service makes ordering online easy and efficient. We offer the best foreign exchange rates on global currencies, charge zero commission and offer a free delivery on every travel money transaction you make. The more you order, the better the rate you'll receive.

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Transferred funds overseas

Needed to make a money transfer to Cyprus (Sterling to euro) . It was a straightforward no hassle transfer at a good rate of exchange.

Would definitely recommend The Currency Club.

John Addison

1 June 2023

Bought £1,000 worth of Turkish lira

Found the best exchange rate and great service , fast and efficient.

Mrs Darby

31 May 2023

Bought Euros

Excellent service


30 May 2023

Bought £450 worth of Czech koruna

Ordered my koruna for a visit to Prague on Thursday & paid extra for Saturday delivery as we were travelling Monday morning ,

The currency never arrived so we had to purchase some at the airport at a poorer rate,

It's now Tuesday I am writing this in Prague & the currency has still not been delivered!


Derek Ogilvy

29 May 2023

Bought £330 worth of Euros

Convenient and easy way to order and sell back.

Rob Finch

26 May 2023

Bought £350 worth of Euros

First time of using the Currency Club and all went exactly as hoped. Good exchange rate (we always want more, but better than anything locally), good communication and delivered on time in full.

Will definitely use the Currency Club again!

Kevin Forbes

26 May 2023

Bought travel money

Excellent service easy to order and pay online

Steve L

16 May 2023

Sold 1,300 Danish kroner

Had some Danish Krone to change back to Sterling (less than £200). Currency Club were in top 2 for best buyback rate. They were not top but used them anyway as 1. Excellent service 2. Trustworthy. Beats the big boys and high street operators hands down as a lot of these (e.g. Post Office) stipulated high minimum denominations. No brainer! Wouldn't use anyone else.

Ferris Cowper

16 May 2023

Sold 225 Canadian dollars

Very impressed. I was sceptical I admit it, I've never done a buy back through the post. Everything went exactly as they promised and the cash was also in my bank exactly as expected. The whole process was fast and efficient.

excellent service as alway

8 May 2023

Sold currency

I came across some Croatia Kula I had purchased from here during covid for a holiday there, but it was cancelled, I had complete forgot all about the currency, till I came across it the other day only to find that they are now Euro !

I did a "buy back" , and even though the exchange rate wasn't great ,atleast I could get most of my money back, rather than lose it all completely, would of like to have been able to exchange it for Euro's but that wasnt an option


9 April 2023

Sent money overseas

we use the currency club to transfer money to our daughter in Australia for Xmas/Birthdays,easy to use & you are kept informed from start to finish.

Would recommend for international transfers.


29 March 2023

Bought £2,000 worth of US dollars

1st class service used previously would highly recommend.

John Peacock

21 March 2023

Bought £700 worth of Indonesian rupiahs

Ordered around £700 of IDR this morning. They took my money but received no email etc. phoned a few hours later to be told that due to a system error the order hadn’t gone through. My money won’t be credited back to me for 3 working days. I can’t risk using them again, if there is another system error I will be £1,400 down. I now have to find another 700 tomorrow to get my IDR from another company. I can’t wait until Monday for my money to be refunded. I emailed to complain but no other options were offered. Will not risk using them again.


19 March 2023

Sold 165,000 South Korean won

I had leftover currency from New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea totalling over £200. I ran a quick check via comparison sites and The Currency Club came up as highly recommended. I was reassured because they are FCA registered. Applied for their buy back scheme on the Sunday. Sent the cash with their printable order form on the Monday via recorded delivery (cost to me £6.30), and by Thursday the cash was in my chosen bank account paid by Baccs.

Extremely easy process, no quibble, no fees or hidden costs. Regular emailed updates throughout so I knew exactly what was happening.

Brilliant service that I would definitely consider using again. Will certainly check their exchange rates for buying currency in future.

Keith Hickman

17 March 2023

Sold 1,790 Australian dollars

Excellent service - definitely recommended

WOW - what an absolute pleasure to deal with - saved my self £125 in selling my left over new Zealand dollars and Australian dollars to TCC.

Very quick and easy transaction put the order in Tuesday night - sent currency on Wednesday and payment went in today Friday.

Definitely reccomended and will use again.

Date of experience: 17 March 2023

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