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The Currency Club

The Currency Club's travel money service makes ordering online easy and efficient. We offer the best foreign exchange rates on global currencies, charge zero commission and offer a free delivery on every travel money transaction you make. The more you order, the better the rate you'll receive.

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23 August 2019

Bought £300 worth of Czech koruna

23 August 2019

Service received was exactly as promised. Would definitely use again and recommend.

Catherine B

22 August 2019

Bought Czech koruna

22 August 2019

Excellent service, highly recommend.

S Pyper

22 August 2019

Bought £2,500 worth of Croatian kuna

22 August 2019

Great rate and arrived when stated. What more can you ask for?


20 August 2019

Bought £310 worth of Bulgarian lev

20 August 2019

I’d never used a on line currency shop before I was so worried about this and if my money would arrive .

Excellent service no problems at all lots of communication and emails to reassure . Defo use them again


20 August 2019

Bought £600 worth of Croatian kuna

20 August 2019

Ordered my kuna late afternoon and it was with the morning post. Excellent quicker than ordering at my local shops. Excellent

Lynn McMurray

20 August 2019

Bought £1,000 worth of Thai baht

20 August 2019

Great rates over 4 different currencies but initially cautious about relying on postal delivery. I needn’t have worried. Excellent service, delivered on time the next day and with the added bonus of being able to pay by credit card. Points for spend with my credit card provider plus the reassurance that should there be a problem my credit card provider would cover me. Rates permitting they’ll be my ‘go to’ place for currency now!

Mr s hazel

20 August 2019

Bought £400 worth of Croatian kuna

20 August 2019

Just had my currency delivered on time this is a great service with a very good rate compared to others I looked at thankyou

Peter Myers

20 August 2019

Bought £316 worth of Hungarian forints

20 August 2019

Used then for the first time this week (19th Aug 2019) to buy £300.00 of Hungarian Forint - very easy to use money arrived as stated - great exchange rate; will be using them again.

Neil Wilcox

20 August 2019

Bought £1,800 worth of Thai baht

20 August 2019

I have just received my currency from the currency club and I am happy to say no problems.

I use there website after searching on compare holiday money, they offered the best rates I could find for both Thai baht and Singapore dollars so I ordered on line then paid through my bank all very easy. The money arrived on time with no problems sent by Royal mail recorded delivery so you have to be in to sign for it but worked well and very happy with the service.


15 August 2019

Bought £1,600 worth of Croatian kuna

15 August 2019

Ordered it Monday at 7pm, delivered Wednesday at midday as committed. The best rate and a fantastic service.

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