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Travel FX

Travel FX are specialist dealers in foreign currency, providing a leading alternative to Bureau de Changes for clients seeking the best exchange rates. Travel FX offer some of the best rates on the market, with free home delivery over £700 and no commission.

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Natalie Beck

3 July 2020

Bought £4,000 worth of Euros

3 July 2020

Best rates online and after looking at reviews decided to order. Was a bit nervous ordering such a large amount of money. Ordered on Tuesday and arrived by Friday. Will definitely be using again

Sam James

2 July 2020

Bought £500 worth of Turkish lira

2 July 2020

Great customer service. Money came quick. Would use again & recommended

Fiona D

5 May 2020

Bought Canadian dollars

5 May 2020

Fantastic service throughout! Used them twice now and everything was perfect! Best exchange rate! Would not buy through anyone else now. Thank you


22 March 2020

Bought £10,000 worth of Australian dollars

22 March 2020

Great service, best exchange rate on the internet. Changed up 10k in Australian dollars, arrived the next day.. very happy will use them again without hesitation.


12 March 2020

Bought £800 worth of Mexican pesos

12 March 2020

Ordered £800 Mexican pesos

Kept informed ordering easy and arrived on said day today Thursday good selection of denominations of currency

Have used this company quite a few times and will do again

Good rates as well

Alan Horobin

11 March 2020

Bought £1,450 worth of Thai baht

11 March 2020

I have ordered currency from Travel FX on several occasions and have never had an issue. The ordering procedure is very easy and delivery has always been prompt with a notification via email that the currency has been despatched. Best of all, the exchange rates are (significantly) better than anywhere else.

I would happily recommend their services to anyone.

Andy G

2 March 2020

Bought £1,000 worth of Turkish lira

2 March 2020

I have used this company for the last couple of occasions I've needed foreign currency, delivery has been prompt on both occasions and also they always seem to have the best exchange rate. I for one will continue to use this superb company


28 February 2020

Bought £700 worth of South Korean won

28 February 2020

Very disappointed with this service and would not recommend them. I ordered travel money on Thursday with a need to receive the money by the Monday as I was travelling first thing Tuesday morning. Order was accepted but money did not arrive in time.

To add to my frustration they will not even buy the money back!

Travel FX replied

Hi Emily, It appears that it is your belief that we guarantee delivery dates or offer a last minute /next day service. Unfortunately this is not the case and we do expressly state timeframes on our website and in our Terms and conditions. .

In addition, we do not recommend that you place orders if you require your funds within 2 full business days of ordering. This is to provide us with sufficient time to process your order and for Royal Mail to deliver it to you before you travel.

You will also recall that we did in fact offer to buy back your currency despite your somewhat mysterious assertion to the contrary here.

Like most businesses we try to provide a good customer experience but notwithstanding our previous comments if you feel we have fallen short on this occasion then please accept our apologies.

Steve D

28 February 2020

Bought £1,000 worth of US dollars

28 February 2020

2nd try in a month. This time delivery date spot on. Euros and dollars again.

Ronnie O' Pray

25 February 2020

Bought travel money

25 February 2020

Travel FX ,

This is the first time i have ever purchased travel monies from the internet let along a monies broker, i was very unsure what to expect, so i carried out some security and revue checks on Travel FX before committing to any purchase agreement.

It will not be my last purchase from Travel FX the whole experience has been very reassuring and professionally handled by the travel FX team. Numerous emails of conformation and delivery details along the way.

Travel TX, Many thanks for all your help and reassurance during this process, Yes and i can confirm the monies have arrived via Royal Mail on the notified timescale,

Brilliant service and would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing there holiday monies over the internet,

Happy customer


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