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Travel FX

Travel FX are specialist dealers in foreign currency, providing a leading alternative to Bureau de Changes for clients seeking the best exchange rates. Travel FX offer some of the best rates on the market, with free home delivery over £700 and no commission.

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21 June 2019

Bought £2,500 worth of Euros

21 June 2019

Easy to use. Great rate. Emailed to update on progress of order. Arrived on time. Excellent, thanks.


15 June 2019

Bought £2,200 worth of Euros

15 June 2019

Very professional. I’ve changed 2200£ with them in Euro, great currency, and in only 2 days I’ve got the money. Notes were from 100€ to 5€. Brilliant. Definitely will use again.

Pam L

14 June 2019

Bought £1,000 worth of Euros

14 June 2019

Used Travel FX for the first time and was apprehensive as not used before.

Found them to be very efficient and helpful. Will definitely use them again

and recommend them.

Deborah Mackenzie

12 June 2019

Bought £1,060 worth of Euros

12 June 2019

Was a bit worried paying by bank transfer but it was all fine money arrived when it said it would.small gripe I asked for small denomination and got mainly 100 and 50 euro notes.

But would definitely order again.

Jodie Sloan

10 June 2019

Bought Mexican pesos

10 June 2019

Was really impressed, kept me updated and money arrived extremely quickly (ordered on the Friday, money was delivered Saturday).

Julie B

22 May 2019

Bought £1,000 worth of Euros

22 May 2019

My money has just arrived, right on time as usual. This is the 4th or 5th time I have used Travel FX now and I have received a fantastic service every time. You are kept informed of the progress of your order every step of the way. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and always recommend them to everyone.

Colin Edney

22 May 2019

Bought £1,100 worth of Euros

22 May 2019

Very pleased with the service, cash arrived at 10:00am today and the communication process was thorough and reliable - would happily recommend.

Clare Flanagan

18 May 2019

Bought £1,500 worth of Canadian dollars

18 May 2019

I have bought currency from Travel FX on several occasions, mostly Canadian Dollars and Euros. Each time, the currency has been delivered by Royal Mail within 3-4 days. I find that the rates offered have consistently been higher than High St banks and so I always look at Travel FX rates before I look at comparison sites. So far, I've never been disappointed!


18 May 2019

Bought £300 worth of Turkish lira

18 May 2019

First time using travel fx and won’t be the last ordered some Turkish lira, best rate on the market have to use bank transfer or mobile app which I used very easy and was kept updated by email very quick delivery or you can choose a date for delivery definitely recommend and will definitely use again first class service


14 May 2019

Bought £250 worth of Vietnamese dongs

14 May 2019

We travel extensively and have used Travel FX many times and have never had an issue with them until now.

Recently, before ordering, I contacted them to ask if we could specify what currency denominations we required. I was told to send a note after ordering specifying the order number and the notes (demoninations) required.

We did this, having ordered US$ (in smallish notes) and 7m+ Vietnamese Dong, requesting that no notes should be larger than VD200,000.

The reason for the request is that the larger notes (500,000) are difficult to change in Vietnam.

Anyway, Travel FX (by their own admission) misinterpreted the instruction and supplied VD7M in 500,000 notes!

They offered to change them but flatly refused to stand the cost of sending the currency back to them.

I personally find that this is an unacceptable level of customer service, given that error was theirs.

For this reason won't be using or recommending Travel FX again.

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