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Travelex was founded in 1976 and has since grown to become one of the most recognised brands in the Travel Money sector with over 1,100 branches worldwide. As well as providing currency services for many banks and supermarkets, Travelex also operate 900 ATMs around the world.

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16 November 2023

Transferred funds overseas

Travelex has the worst app I've ever used. It doesn't work properly. I have to re-enter my card details every time I want to transfer money from my bank account to my Travelex card. Everything loads very slowly. Please fix your app because its very difficult to use.

Niko Oliver

13 October 2023

Bought £661 worth of Euros

I used a Travelex ATM at the Hamburg baggage claim. At the time the exchange booth was unmanned. I visit Germany quite regularly and have never had an issue withdrawing money from an ATM. On Jul 11th when I arrived in Hamburg Germany I tried to withdraw 500 euros using my bankcard. The ATM had an error code and shut down mid transaction. I was able to retrieve my card but I didn't receive any funds. I waited around a few minutes to see of the ATM would reboot, and it did not. I proceeded to baggage claim to get my bags. As I exited the baggage claim I used another ATM (not Travelex) and withdrew 500 euro (my bank limits me to 500 a day). So fast forward two days later I see that an amount was debited from my account. I immediately call my bank suspecting fraud, only to learn that the funds were withdrawn from my account even though I never received any cash from Travelex. I contacted my bank who told me to get in touch with Travelex. I contacted Travelex, who then directed me back to my bank. I have been going in circles for 3 months now trying to get refunded. I have never experienced any issues with ATMs in Germany over a three year span. This is the first time I am having an issue and Travelex downright refuses to help.


2 October 2023

Bought £150 worth of Euros

Terrible experience. Tried topping up funds via payid while away and it's still sitting in the ether. Funds have left my bank account but haven't hit the travelex card - 4 days after transfer. I contacted travelex who have a 1 -2 day response time. Too late , the holiday will be over, and I've had to use alternatives. I can't shout from the rooftop enough for people to avoid this debacle.

Jamie F

27 September 2023

Ordered a currency card

Would rate this under 1 star if I could. Card was rejected multiple times abroad, only managed to use it on a few payments and only in the airport. Turns out the payments I was trying to make WERE charged to the card but rejected at point of sale so I ended up paying on credit card and this card, and they are totally useless in resolving this.


13 September 2023

Bought Euros

Awful exchange rate, card was randomly declined, and the app is so slow to update my balance I never knew how much money I had. Closed the card as soon as I came home after first trip.


9 September 2023

Bought £2,000 worth of US dollars

I would rate this card 0 if I could! This card is a joke, do not recommend at all! 3 days for money to transfer when you’re overseas is ridiculous, cars still has plenty of money on it and just randomly declines (cannot be linked to a merchant buffer limit - there’s $200 on it for a $10 transaction declined as an example)! It’s left us high and fry several times in this day and age where many businesses don’t take cash which is our backup option! Tried to contact them, they just tried to pawn us off to MasterCard to deal with the issues, but clearly it’s the travel card that has the issues! Should’ve just used our bank, but you’d think a business that’s entire purpose is travel cards would get the job of travel cards right - no! We missed out on several experiences because the card wouldn’t work and cash wasn’t an option, absolutely ridiculous - do not use!!

Joy Archer

23 August 2023

Bought £315 worth of Euros

I've just collected my currency at LBA at the desk after security as instructed on the reservation. It's meant to open at 4am. At 4.15 I had to contact customer service by phone as no one had appeared. The representative couldn't get hold of anyone but left a message for the area manager. At almost 4.30 a staff member appeared saying that she'd been at the entrance desk as they have to collect euros from there.

No printout of my reservation which she had to locate "on the system".

Really poor service. After years of using them I won't be giving them my custom again.

Felipe Freitas

20 August 2023

Bought £1,700 worth of United Arab Emirates dirham

She helped me a lot with the money exchange!


19 August 2023

Bought Australian dollars

We've had nothing but problems using this card, it doesn't work at most stores and petrol stations. We got this card for easy access to our money but in fact has made it much harder to access money. The exchange rate is ridiculously low, we've lost half our money which has made this trip really expensive. Waiting 3 working days for money to be transferred is a joke, reload is not user friendly at all, don't use the app to reload because you'll come into more problems, use google instead to top up.

I won't be using Travelex again and don't recommend it either, it's been so frustrating with lots of emails and phone calls to get our money sorted.


3 August 2023

Bought £500 worth of US dollars

Terribly customer service. Terrible in-store rates to the point of it being absolutely criminal. Reporting to the financial ombudsman. The team were friendly enough at the booth but they told us if we purchased two Travelex cards that we would save money of about £80!!! Exchanged £500 for $540. We couldn’t see the amount and we were not told the amount of exchange until we could activate the card on our app. At no point were we told the exchange rate, even though we asked and they did not tell us how much was on the card itself when they gave it to us, even though we asked. They said you’ll see the balance when you log into the app!!!! Absolutely disgraceful and customer service appear not to care, even though we have the historical data of their exchange rates for Friday 28th July 2023!!! STAY AWAY from this company and ensure you go to the high street if you can! Their Price Promise for in store as well we feel is utter garbage and they don’t stick to any promises! We feel really conned and feel that this just company just doesn’t care about the customer whatsoever!!! Will be telling everyone we know what happened to us and will be sharing it across as many platforms as we can to help save others the bother and expense! Very unhappy as you can tell.


4 July 2023

Sold 100 US dollars

Got totally ripped off at Heathrow. Was assuming that this sort of thing wouldn't be allowed in the UK, especially in such a high profile location. What a terrible look for the nation. Don't ever use them!

P Fenner

30 June 2023

Bought Euros

I had 125 euros and to exchange to UK pound I would only receive 82 pounds


14 June 2023

Bought travel money

My travelex card with a balance of 570€ in it stopped yesterday from being accepted . I tried contacting Travelex in any poisonous way by phones and emails with zero response . Absolutely disgraceful service .

Pauline Langeluddecke

8 June 2023

Ordered a currency card

My husband and I are both having trouble with our Travelex cards in Canada. It is very hard to find an ATM that doesn’t charge fees. For no reason , after two days of using our cards (separate accounts) we have both been locked out of our accounts and are finding it a huge hassle to reestablish them. We are not impressed.


29 December 2022

Ordered a prepaid currency card

Takes 3 days to top up the Travelex card , when overseas it’s ridiculous

DO NOT get this card it is garbage

Should’ve gone to our Bank and got a travel card ! Service desk is as useless as this card

when you are running low and need to top it 3 days is a joke ! Never again Travelex I won’t get burnt again

Run away travellers ! Run fast


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