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We make travel money easy. Enjoy fast service, rates on over 50 currencies and a buy back guarantee if your holiday is cancelled. Choose to have your money delivered to your door or click & collect at Waitrose.

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5 September 2023

Bought £506 worth of Australian dollars

Only gave 1 star as it will not allow negative numbers.

Absolutely disgusted by John Lewis. I placed an order for Au dollars yesterday which were supposed to be delivered to the Willerby store for collection after 2pm today.

The money was not there when I went into the store to collect it. I waited until after 6pm and called to check where the money was. A member off staff informed me that it was delayed and didn't know when it would arrive.

I called John Lewis customer care centre also to be informed that the money had been delayed and they didn't know when it would arrive.

I asked for a refund only to be told that it would take 2 working days for the refund to come through. I had to give John Lewis the money the moment I ordered the foreign currency not having the option of waiting 2 working days.

John Lewis should not advertise the fact that you will receive your foreign currency the next day if they cannot guarantee that you will receive it as it is false advertising and potentially leaves people without the currency they need.

Absolutely disgusting service and would not recommend anyone else use this service

Sandra Beardmore

25 February 2022

Bought £600 worth of Euros

Great service, next day store collection, easy ordering and great exchange rate


23 May 2018

Excellent. Ordered on John Lewis and got a great rate and picked up at my local Waitrose.

Abigail Thomas

23 May 2018

Excellent service in Godalming - thank you


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