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Icelandic krona
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Best Icelandic kronur exchange rate

If you're travelling to Iceland, it's important to shop around and compare currency suppliers to maximise your chances of getting a good deal. We can help you to find the best Icelandic kronur exchange rate by comparing a wide range of UK travel money suppliers who have Icelandic krona in stock and ready to order online now. Our comparisons automatically factor in all costs and commission, so all you need to do is tell us how much you want to spend and we'll show you the top suppliers who fit the bill.

Compare before you buy

Some of the best travel money deals are only available when you buy online. By using a comparison site, you're more likely to see the full range of deals on offer and get the best rate.

Order online

Always place your order online, even if you plan to collect your currency in person. Most supermarkets and high street currency suppliers offer better exchange rates if you order online beforehand.

Combine orders

If you're travelling with others, consider placing one large currency order instead of buying individually. Many currency suppliers offer enhanced rates that improve as you order more.

Icelandic kronur rate trend

Over the past 30 days, the Icelandic kronur rate is up 0.26% from 170.74 on 17 May to 171.184 today. This means one pound will buy more Icelandic krona today than it would have a month ago. Right now, £750 is worth approximately kr 128,388.00 which is kr 333 more than you'd have got on 17 May.

These are the average Icelandic kronur rates taken from our panel of UK travel money providers at the end of each day. You can explore this further on our British pound to Icelandic kronur currency chart.

Icelandic kronur banknotes and coins

One Icelandic kronur (kr) can be subdivided into 100 aurar, although aurars are no longer in circulation due to their low value and the smallest unit of currency you're likely to come across is the 1 krona coin.

There are five denominations of Icelandic kronur banknotes in circulation: kr 500, kr 1000, kr 2000, kr 5000 and kr 10000; and five coin denominations: kr 1, kr 5, kr 10, kr 50 and kr 100.

The name 'krona' is derived from the Latin word 'corona' which means 'crown'. Krona were introduced to Iceland by the Danish who ruled the country in the 19th century. When Iceland gained independence from Denmark in 1918, they kept the krona as a currency but replaced the crown motif with a coat of arms.

Icelandic kronur banknote denominations
DenominationSterling equivalent
kr 500£2.93
kr 1000£5.86
kr 2000£11.71
kr 5000£29.28
kr 10000£58.57
Icelandic kronur coin denominations
DenominationSterling equivalent
kr 1£0.01
kr 5£0.03
kr 10£0.06
kr 50£0.29
kr 100£0.59