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Currency Online Group specialise in providing Travel Cash and Currency Buyback services to customers across the UK. All Travel Cash orders are sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery for a tracked and fully insured service. Alternatively, face-to-face bookings can be made at our Waterloo Branch. We have more "excellent" reviews on Compare Holiday Money than any of our competitors, so why not use us for all your currency needs.

Currency Online Group exchange rates

Currency Online Group have 44 currencies in stock and ready to order online now. Buy or reserve your currency on the Currency Online Group website to guarantee these online rates:

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Remember that exchange rates aren't the only important factor when it comes to getting the best travel money deal; commission, card surcharges and delivery costs can all affect the final amount of currency you'll receive.

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Buying currency with Currency Online Group

Order your travel money online and pick a delivery date that's convenient for you! Delivery is free on all orders over £750, otherwise a £5.00 delivery charge will apply. All orders are sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery which is fully insured and guaranteed to arrive on the next working day.

Currency Online Group travel money limits and fees
Minimum order amount for collectionNo minimum
Maximum order amount for collectionNo maximum
Minimum order amount for deliveryNo minimum
Minimum order amount for free delivery£750
Maximum order amount for deliveryNo maximum
Delivery charge for orders under free delivery amount£5.00
Surcharge for payment by debit cardNone
Surcharge for payment by credit cardNone

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Currency Online Group are rated Excellent in 11463 reviews. You can read what customers are saying on our Currency Online Group reviews page.


I was slightly nervous about ordering a tricky currency order online for delivery, but shouldn’t have worried. It’s a great service at a great rate. Will definitely use again.

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I've bought from them a couple times, (once via debit card and once via bank transfer). I was hesitant at first with the bank transfer as it's less safe but everything was fine in the end. Typically they are good company with good rates but I asked f [...]

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Elaine Stoner

Great company always delivered on time and good rates

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