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Currency SupplierYou'll ReceiveBuy Back RateCustomer RatingOrder Online
£31.33Appx. Postage £6.70 1 ARS = 0.0031 GBP319.216 31 Reviews Sell Now

Manor FX

Sell Now

Since 2019, Manor FX buy and sell over 150 currencies from Albania to Zambia. Closed currencies? Off the beaten track? We've got you covered. We buy and sell travel money for currencies not offered by others, at great rates with no commission. Delivered fast with Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Manor FX

Unit 1 Portland Business Centre
Manor House Lane

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Last updated 4 minutes ago.

Exchange by post

Post your currency to Manor FXand get paid by Bank Tranfer within 5 working days of your currency being received. The actual buy back rate you receive will be the prevailing rate on the day that your currency is received. These rates do not vary greatly from day to day but it could mean that you receive slightly more or less than the amount quoted today.

Exchange in person

You can also exchange your currency for cash in person by taking it to their offices in Datchet.

Notes and coins

Manor FX will buy back all denomination notes apart from 500 Euro notes, and 1000 Swiss Franc notes. They do not accept any coins.

Argentine peso buy back rate over the past 90 days


If you're selling Argentine pesos, you want to exchange rate to be as low as possible because the amount of money you'll receive is calculated by dividing the amount of Argentine pesos you have by the buy back rate.

The Argentine peso buy back rate is currently 204.02% higher than it was 90 days ago, having increased from 105 on the 22nd February to 319.216 today. This means $10000 are worth £63.91 less today than they did back in February. During this period, the lowest rate we recorded was 105 on the 22nd February and the highest rate was 318.619 on the 1st April.

For more historical Argentine peso buy back rates dating back over years, see our Argentine peso to British pound exchange rate history page.

We don't just compare Argentine peso buy back rates

Whether you're looking to sell currency, buy travel money or send funds overseas; we've got all of your currency needs covered. You're currently looking at our Argentine peso buy back page, but we have range of other products and services that you might also be interested in:

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Prepaid Currency Cards

A secure and flexible alternative to cash. Open an account, add funds to your card and use it anywhere in Argentina or the rest of the world at the fraction of the cost of traditional UK bank cards.

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Click & Collect Argentine pesos

Our unique Click & Collect service can help you to find your nearest currency supplier so you can order online and pick your currency up in-store or at the airport.

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Do you buy back Argentine peso coins?

Most suppliers do not buy back coins because they are expensive to post and difficult to exchange. However, there are some exceptions; we've indicated which suppliers accept coins in their extended descriptions which you can see by clicking 'More Details' in the results table above. If you have a large amount of coins it may be more cost-effective to sell them as scrap metal. In this case the coins are sold based on a fixed price per kilogram - please contact us for more information.

Can I sell multiple currencies at the same time?

Absolutely. Just indicate which currencies you have when you place your order and you'll be paid a lump sum for everything.

How should I post my Argentine pesos?

When posting your Argentine pesos you should use Royal Mail's Special Delivery service which is fully insured and guaranteed to arrive on the next working day. When you purchase Special Delivery you'll be given an option to insure the package for up to £2,500 (orders worth more than this can be split up into multiple packages) and you'll be given a receipt which contains a tracking number and proof of insurance.

The cost of Special Delivery varies depending on the amount you've insured the package for, but we estimate this cost for you in our comparison results above. You should ensure that your currency is securely packaged before you post it; we recommend you use a plastic tamper-proof envelope that you can obtain from the Post Office when you purchase Special Delivery. If you are in any doubt, just ask the Post Office clerk to check your package before you send it and they will advise you on whether it is suitably packaged and insured.

Is it safe to send Argentine pesos in the post?

Yes, it is very safe. Packages sent by Special Delivery go through a more secure process than regular mail and can be tracked from the moment they enter the system right through to when they are delivered where they must be signed for by the supplier. It is very rare for Royal Mail to lose a Special Delivery package, but in the unlikely event that this does happen they will refund you the entire insured amount plus postage costs. You can also reclaim your postage costs if Royal Mail do not deliver your currency on time.

When and how do I get paid?

For orders sent by post you'll be paid by Bank Transfer within 3 working days from the day you currency is received. For orders exchanged in person you'll be paid immediately in cash.

Do I need to provide ID or any other documentation?

ID requirements and other documentation can vary from supplier to supplier so we recommend you check their website for specific instructions before you place an order.

No ID is usually required for small amounts of currency, although some suppliers may ask you to register with them online beforehand. For larger amounts you may be asked to provide some photographic ID, and for very large amounts you may also be asked to provide other documentation to verify your identity and/or the source of your funds.

What happens if the buy back rate changes before my Argentine pesos have been received?

The Argentine peso buy back rate you receive will be the prevailing rate on the day your currency is received. This rate does not change significantly from day to day but it does mean you may receive slightly more or slightly less than the amount quoted today.

What happens if I dispute the amount I am offered?

The Sterling amount offered for your Argentine pesos should not change significantly from the amount quoted at the time you place your order, but if you're unhappy with the final amount the supplier will arrange to return your currency minus the cost of return postage.

Can I exchange my Argentine pesos for a non-GBP currency?

Most suppliers will be happy to exchange your Argentine pesos for a currency other than pounds sterling. There is no formal process for this so you'll need to speak to the supplier before you place your order. It most cases this will happen as two separate orders; i.e. your Argentine pesos will be bought at the buy back rate quoted and you'll receive your new currency based on their current sell rate.

What happens if my Argentine pesos are old, withdrawn or out-of-date?

Every so often, a country will update it's currency and issue a new set of notes or coins whilst simultaneously withdrawing the old ones. The withdrawn currency is usually accepted for a while after the issue of the new currency to allow a for graceful transition to take place, but eventually the old currency will cease to become legal tender. Once this happens, the old currency cannot usually be exchanged.

If you have one or more old notes or coins in your buy back order, most suppliers will return the affected currency to you or arrange for it to be recycled. If you're unsure whether the currency you have is still accepted, we recommend you contact the supplier beforehand and they will gladly help you to determine its status.

Paradoxically, some suppliers actually specialise in buying back currencies that are old and withdrawn - albeit at lower buy back rates than the ones advertised here. You can find out more by checking the supplier descriptions in the results table above.