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Sell Egyptian Pounds online: Compare today's best Egyptian Pound buy back exchange rates

The Egyptian Pound buy back rates below were last updated 3 minutes ago

Buy Back Rate
You Get
Accepts Coins
Customer Reviews
Sell Online
Buy Back Rate: 25.5783
You Get: £58.64
Buy Back Rate: 25.8000
You Get: £58.14
Buy Back Rate: 26.2131
You Get: £57.22
Buy Back Rate: 28.8700
You Get: £51.96

Sell Egyptian Pounds Online

Due to the unsettled political situation in Egypt and other parts of northern Africa, we recommend you sell any leftover Egyptian Pounds back as soon as possible in case they quickly lose their value quickly and without warning.

The best Egyptian Pound buy back rates can always be found online by the specialist brokers and the worst rates are offered by the banks so try and avoid the high street when selling. Also some suppliers such as the Post Office may offer you a buy back guarantee where they will offer to buy your unused currency back when you return from holiday. These should generally be avoided because they can lock you in to an uncompetitive buy back rate and usually charge you a fee for the privilege.

Use our unique comparison table above to find the top Egyptian Pound buy back rates. You can see your currency back to a specialist online broker at a great rate and receive payment directly into your bank account within a few working days.

How to sell your currency

7 Day Buy Back Rate History

Over the past week the Egyptian Pound buy back rate has worsened by 0.08% from last Sunday's rate of 25.5569 to today's rate of 25.5783 which means £1500 is worth £0.05 less today than it did a week ago. During this period the worst time to sell is right now at 25.5783 and the best time to sell was on Tuesday at 25.4392.

90 Day Buy Back Rate History

The 90 day outlook has seen the Egyptian Pound buy back rate improve by 4.91% from 26.8977 on 25th March 2018 to 25.5783 today. Based on these figures, £1500 is worth £2.88 more today than it did three months ago. The worst buy back rate we recorded was 27.3927 on 16th April 2018 and the best buy back rate we recorded was 25.4 on 10th April 2018.

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