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Sell Euros online: Compare today's best Euro buy back exchange rates

The Euro buy back rates below were last updated 15 minutes ago

Buy Back Rate
You Get
Accepts Coins
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Buy Back Rate: 1.1580
You Get: £215.89
Buy Back Rate: 1.1597
You Get: £215.57
Buy Back Rate: 1.1600
You Get: £215.52
Buy Back Rate: 1.1661
You Get: £214.39
Buy Back Rate: 1.1730
You Get: £213.13
Buy Back Rate: 1.1750
You Get: £212.77
Buy Back Rate: 1.1785
You Get: £212.13
Buy Back Rate: 1.2258
You Get: £203.95
Buy Back Rate: 1.2665
You Get: £197.39
Buy Back Rate: 1.2700
You Get: £196.85

Sell Euros Online

If you’ve got leftover Euros to sell, don’t take them to the bank! You could save a fortune by selling them back to a licenced currency broker who will offer you a much better deal than anyone on the high street. We’ve taken the hassle out of finding the best Euro buyback deals by comparing the UK’s top buyers in one place so you can see in an instant who can offer you the most cash for your currency.

Unlike when you buy Euros, selling them back again is not always a straightforward process. Some currency suppliers such as the Post Office will only buy back currency that they originally sold you in the first place (and you’ll need to show them your receipt as proof), while other suppliers won’t buy back currency at all, or will charge you a buyback fee for the privilege of accepting your order.

Fortunately there are a growing number of licenced currency suppliers who are snapping up unwanted Euros sold to them over the internet. They are able to offer much better rates than the high street because their overheads are much lower. They don’t have to pay expensive high street letting rates and they can sell the currency they buy from you straight on to another customer – cutting out the middlemen (the banks) and passing the savings directly on to you. You’ll get the best Euro buy back rates by selling online – but don’t just take our word for it. Compare Euro buyback rates now using our unique comparison table above and see how much you could save.

How to sell your currency

7 Day Buy Back Rate History

Over the past week the Euro buy back rate has worsened by 0.17% from last Monday's rate of 1.156 to today's rate of 1.1580 which means €250 is worth £0.37 less today than it did a week ago. During this period the worst time to sell was on Thursday at 1.16 and the best time to sell was on Monday at 1.156.

90 Day Buy Back Rate History

The 90 day outlook has seen the Euro buy back rate improve by 1.95% from 1.181 on 9th February 2017 to 1.1580 today. Based on these figures, €250 is worth £4.20 more today than it did three months ago. The worst buy back rate we recorded was 1.193 on 23rd February 2017 and the best buy back rate we recorded was 1.141 on 14th January 2017.

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