5 Honeymoon Destinations without the Crowds

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A honeymoon is the perfect way for newlyweds to start their new lives together. Several of the most popular honeymoon destinations are often overrun with other tourists. The plethora of visitors can impede upon the privacy of couples and dampen the romantic spirit. These five splendid destinations can provide the perfect honeymoon experience without the excessive crowds:


This island allows honeymooners to enjoy the beauty and allure of Hawaii without the throngs of tourists found on other islands like Oahu or Maui. Visitors can connect with the island’s natural beauty as they explore tropical forests, gaze upon celestial waterfalls and discover secret swimming holes. Spectacular mountains enhance the island’s appeal. Kauai also features a stunning coastline perfectly suited for couples to share a romantic stroll along the beach.

Long Island

No, this isn’t the same Long Island found just outside of New York City. This particular Long Island is one of the beautiful islands comprising the Bahamas. The island’s sparse population and private hideouts make this an ideal honeymoon destination. Visitors can enjoy the heavenly beaches blanketed in white sand or traverse along the rugged terrain. Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world, is a particularly noteworthy site.

Turtle Island

This island of Fiji is so exclusive that only fourteen couples are allowed on it at a time. “The Blue Lagoon,” a famous romantic classic, was filmed at this location. Couples can rent their own private villa while staying on the quiet island. Tropical flora, glimmering seawater and majestic peaks are some of this destination’s most common characteristics. Couples can ride horses, scuba dive and be treated to soothing massage sessions during their stay.


Honeymooners visiting this Italian paradise can observe impressive historical structures as they enjoy the region’s picturesque countryside. Situated just southeast of Florence, Bucine is the perfect place to visit without having to stray too far off the beaten path. Honeymooners can stay in a private room inside the medieval castle of Castelletto di Montebenichi. Visitors can also journey to the nearby town of Arrezo to explore the medieval square of Piazza Grande and marvel at the architecture of the ancient wall surrounding the city.


Honeymooners visiting Greece can stop by this island to enjoy many secluded areas along its beaches. The island’s northern village of Kassiopi features a few secluded beaches along the stunningly beautiful Ionian Sea. Visitors can also enjoy some private time along the golden sands of Arillas Beach. The hilltop village overlooking Pelekas Beach offers many relaxing and private accommodations for guests.

Honeymooners will be able to enjoy a peaceful getaway by visiting any of the aforementioned locations. The noted destinations will allow couples to connect on a more personal level without the annoyance of being overcrowded by other tourists.

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