The most expensive countries to visit in Europe

We take a look at some of the most expensive countries to visit in Europe

Graham Morley

27 January 2022

If you are planning a holiday or trip to a destination in Europe, do you give much thought to how much it costs to stay there?

There is a huge difference in the cost of your holiday in different EU countries. In recent years some of the former East European countries have joined the tourist revolution and every country in Europe now has a great deal to offer travellers and tourists. Of course, wherever you visit in the world there will be budget options but we are assuming here that you are not backpacking and living in hostels!

4. Denmark

Denmark is a stone's throw from the UK internationally speaking. This has made it a popular place to visit especially for weekend city trips. It has a great reputation as a safe, clean and very interesting destination. The prices in Copenhagen are very similar overall to what you would find in London. Although once again house rents are cheaper if you live there.

The currency is the Danish krone (Kr)

ItemCost (Kr)Equivalent (£)
3-course meal in a mid-priced restaurant70078
Pint of domestic beer505.10
Bottle of mid-priced wine657.30
Loaf of bread212.20
One way on local transport242.70
A litre of petrol121.34

3. Iceland

Iceland has become a popular place to visit especially since the budget airlines have been flying there. Unfortunately, it's location and climate means it produces little of it's own goods and the fact its an island means it has to import a lot of it's consumable goods including food, and that makes things expensive. It is considered to be about 15% more expensive than London but like Norway, the rent is generally lower.

The official currency is the Icelandic krona (Kr)

ItemCost (Kr)Equivalent (£)
3-course meal in a mid-priced restaurant13,70079
Pint of domestic beer1,2006.90
Bottle of mid-priced wine2,70015.50
Loaf of bread4702.70
One way on local transport4902.80
A litre of petrol2401.40

2. Norway

Norway is the second most expensive place to visit in Europe. It's not a member of the European Union but it's part of the European continent so it counts! Bergen is generally around 17% more expensive than London.

The official currency is the Norwegian krone (Kr)

ItemCost (Kr)Equivalent (£)
3-course meal in a mid-priced restaurant80066
Pint of domestic beer907.50
Bottle of mid-priced wine15012.50
Loaf of bread302.50
One way on local transport403.25
A litre of petrol171.40

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is the most expensive country in Europe to visit. The local currency is the Swiss franc (Fr). Average prices for some common goods and services are as follow:

ItemCost (Fr)Equivalent (£)
3-course meal in a mid-priced restaurant10083.30
Pint of domestic beer6.505.00
Bottle of mid-priced wine1310
Loaf of bread2.42
One way on local transport32.50
A litre of petrol1.681.40

And on the other end of the scale...

39. Romania

Romania is one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe.The prices in Romania are generally 50% lower than in London, and housing rent are a whopping 80% lower. The official currency is the Romanian leu (L). The prices you would expect to pay for a visit to the capital Bucharest would be:

ItemCost (L)Equivalent (£)
3-course meal in a mid-priced restaurant356
Pint of domestic beer101.75
Bottle of mid-priced wine254.40
Loaf of bread3.300.58
One way on local transport30.53
A litre of petrol61.05

Thanks to Numbeo for providing the figures used in this post.

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