5 stunning Australian islands worth a visit

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The Land Down Under has always been one of those magical places that attracted people from all over the world. Exciting and exotic, Australia has a lot to offer to everyone who decides to step their foot there: wild parties, modern architecture, hidden beaches, and barren lands that inspired artists. Even though people have turned their eyes on Australia in fear because of terrible fires, there are still hidden places that shine bright like gems and wait to be discovered. We give you a list of five amazing islands in Australia that will make you fall in love.

Norfolk Island

It doesn’t matter that Norfolk Island is a miniature rocky outcrop located out there, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, because it technically falls under Australian control. Still, this tiny territory is much more than a simple Australian province; instead, it’s a beautiful place with a highly distinctive way of life. You will have to take a flight from Sydney or Brisbane to get there, though, because it’s located more than a thousand kilometres off the Australian shore, but it will be worth it. The island is a volcanic outcrop whose rocky shorelines surround lovely green hills, and it’s home to peculiar customs too.

To begin with, Norfolk island has its own strange language called Norf’k. It’s an unexpected mixture of Tahitian and 18th century English, and it sounds rather odd to people who first come there. You’ll be hearing a lot of Watawieh Yorlye? (How-are-yous) and plenty of Kushu (good). Also, when you’re driving a car, and you see a cow on the road, you better wait up, because cows have the right of way here, not cars. You will also discover that you can find people in the phonebook according to their nicknames, and browsing that list is hilarious.

Cockatoo Island

Right in the middle of Sydney Harbour in New South Wales lays Cockatoo Island, a small wonder and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s very easy to get there as it is located right at the junction of the Parramatta and Lane Cover rivers, so it’s only the matter of getting onto the right ferry. The island is known for its turbulent history – it used to be a convict penal establishment and a reformatory school, and it was a dockyard for naval ships. Today, however, visitors can catch a glimpse of those times by staying at heritage accommodation and joining one of many tours offered at the island.

Of course, you don’t have to join official tours if you don’t want to. You can just as easily explore the island on your own: you can walk or get a scooter from Scooter Village if you’re feeling adventurous and would like to cover more ground during your stay there. There are plenty of family-friendly cafés if you’re travelling with children but also many tranquil picnic spots that will allow you to have a great view of the harbour if you’re up for an adventure.

Phillip Island

Located 90 minutes away from Melbourne by coach, Phillip Island is one of Australia’s best beach towns. Because there are a lot of animal colonies here, it’s a very popular place to visit with your family. On the other hand, there are also activities for adrenaline lovers, such as the famous Phillip Island motorcycle race track. The island has a large colony of little penguins as well as a Koala research centre, and over the course of a year, there are more them 3 million people who visit. There are also several great yacht and boat clubs, which means that people who love sailing will be able to enjoy their favourite hobby too.

Maria Island

Maria Island in Tasmania is like a little piece of heaven for people in love with nature, and it’s not an overstatement at all. With a lot of beautiful tranquil bays surrounded by dramatic cliffs and lush rainforests, it’s a perfect getaway for those who want to escape concrete and cars. The entire island is turned into a national park, which means that visitors should be extra careful not to disturb the wildlife or damage any plants. This also means that the accommodation is not luxurious, but those who love camping will have a blast.  Getting there isn’t too difficult as there is a ferry that goes from Triabunna regularly.

Bedarra Island

Family Group of Islands covers the pace of a hundred hectares and is located off the tropical North Queensland coast, and this is where Bedarra Island is. It’s right between Townsville and Cairns and Dunk Island. This is a breathtakingly beautiful place where you’ll forget to look at both your watch and your calendar, and you’ll only measure time by the passage of the sun. The island is fringed with reefs, and it’s the epitome of secluded exclusivity, seeing as you can only access it by private launch from the neighboring Dunk Island. This, of course, means that you can do as you wish when you wish, and you will be able to take a step back from the business of everyday life.

A lot of young couples choose to visit Bedarra Island when on their honeymoon because there are more private beaches than guests here. A perfect romantic getaway, Bedarra Island will give you a chance to have picnics on private beaches or walk through lush tropical rainforest covering the island. You can also visit Dunk Island if you’re hoping for some adventure and try Parasailing as well as jet- or water-skiing.

Even though Australia will take a long time to recover from the disaster that took place, this doesn’t mean there is nothing to see an experience there. On the contrary, you will feel like you’ve won a jackpot when you step your foot on one of these amazing islands and start exploring everything it has to offer. See for yourself the beauty that Australia proudly has to offer to those who are adventurous and brave enough to venture further than the borders of big cities.

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