5 Things to know about Canada

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Planning a trip to Canada, eh?

Compared to the U.K. and Europe, there are so many differences that are quite important to be aware of before planning a trip to Canada… some of these also apply to the US as well!

1. Portion Size

You would think only the US has a massive portion when it comes to food, trust me Canada also has a really big portion.

For instance, a large size of coke from fast food restaurants in the U.K. is a medium size in Canada… because the actual large one is massive!

And when you order something a restaurant, you will get a big plate full of food.

2. Driving on a different side of the road

This one can be really confusing if you’ve only driven on the left side because the whole Canada drive on the right side of the road. If you’re renting a car just be careful and don’t accidentally end up honking at other cars for coming on the right side and then realise you’re the one who’s one the wrong.

3. Roundabouts

In the U.K. and most of Europe has loads and loads of roundabouts, and when you drive you only have to watch out for cars coming from the right. On the other hand, Canada has a lot of intersections… this is where it might get confusing and sometimes scary, because you have to be aware of cars coming from all directions. They have really good traffic lights system but it’s good to be extra careful just in case!

4. Language barrier

“Huh?” is probably your first reaction to this… YES language barrier can be an issue when traveling to this province in Canada that’s called ‘Quebec’ because the main language for this province is french not english.

The feeling you get when you’re visiting the province is like you’re in both Canada and France; Canada because of the environment, and France because of the language people speak.

Most people don’t speak english, or they do but not very strong. You usually find it easier to speak english when you’re in the main city or the more touristy area such as the city of Montreal. However, do learn some french words because we’re sure they will come in very handy.

5. National food

The English national food include fish & chips, roast dinners, etc. However the famous Canadian national food is called ‘poutine’. It is the combination of fries, cheese curds and gravy. The cheese curds give out sweeter flavour than regular cheese and they are real nice and chewy when melted.

The place to get the best poutine is in Canada’s very own french city, Montreal, Quebec. This city is where poutine originates; the Montreal style poutine’s got fries, cheese curds, bacon and gravy. Not a very friendly dish for vegans, people who are on a diet and sometimes vegetarians… but if you’re not super strict on your diet, we recommend you to try it at least once and you might even get yourself addicted!

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