5 Weird Things You Will Find In Italy

Weird things you will find in Italy, the carb land… um… what??

I said carb land because their most famous food has a lot of carbs like pizza, pasta, Panini… pretty much carbs, carbs, carbs!

Anyway that’s not entirely the point of this video, it is about the weird / funny things about Italy!

1. Toilet seat 

Sorry guys I’m starting the topic from the most pleasant place. This doesn’t apply to all but you will see toilets in restaurants and more have no toilet seats. So whatever you do in there maybe try not to get your bum on it!

2. Bathroom sink 

Trust me, it’s not all about toilets after this. Some places you will notice that you can’t find a button or anything around the sink to turn on the sink with. This is when we all get frustrated cause we just want to watch our hands, but Italian install a foot paddle to turn the water off and on. Guess I can see why, it’s for hygiene reason cause I mean who would want to touch something that hundreds of people have touched before when their hands are dirty… yuck!

3. Size of cars

You wouldn’t believe how tiny cars around here are. A small truck is the length of a mini cooper but where a diver and a passenger sit is even smaller than the space a Smartcar has!

It seems that cars such as fiat 500 and Smartcars are so popular here. The reason is roads in Italy can be pretty small, especially away from big cities in which the locals live. The space is really small that when a car passes, you have to nearly stop walking and give way to a car so they can pass without crushing into a wall.

Another type of cars you’ll see a lot here is a classic fiat 500. This car will make a baby toy car looks like a real car! The even weirder / funnier thing is that it’s a car for 4! I mean a smartcar can’t even fit more than 2 and this car is even smaller than that so I really don’t know how they fit 4 in there…

4. Craziness on the road

One thing you might know is that Italy has a lot of motorcycles, wouldn’t say it’s more than Asia but there’s still enough to give you mini heart attacks once in a while on the road. There are so many that you can rent it from as little as 122 Euros per month.

But that’s not the main reason why the road is crazy here! As we were told that people here don’t really indicate when turning, they also don’t really stop at 3 ways and stuff. Not gonna lie, those things are so very true. More things that we discovered is that, people love to speed and take over each other. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a curvy road, they’re still coming after ya!

Also roads near the coast are like an endless curves of roller coaster. The Italians really love to zigzag because this is a route from Castellamare di Stabia (where we stayed) to Positano (the famous southern coast of Italy).

5. Stereotypes about Italy are true

The Italians are known to be laid back, friendly people who love their pizza and pasta.

Well those are more than true. In terms of laid back and friendliness, this is the proof of it. We were at a scooter rental place in Castellamare di Stabia planning to rent out a scooter for a week to explore the coastal towns. As they tested us and it seemed that we lack experience in riding a scooter and should not rent one out.

So not long after explaining why the scooter would be a good idea, the owner decided to allow one of us to drive with him on the scooter to see how well we would do. He took over around one of the busiest corners, took us back and said we can rent the scooter now. We were like… what?? You gave us a 15 minutes lesson and said we’re allowed to rent a scooter out? The biggest one you have??

It’s either England is way too strict with their health and safety or the Italians are the chill about people dying on the road.

Even though we decided to go with a car, they still let us take their bike cycles to go around the city while we wait for our car to arrive for free. They were like “go get some ice cream or something and come back in about an hour”. Um okay… thanks!

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