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It is not often that we get to anounced something completely new but today is one of those days. Up until now we have shown reviews for each currency supplier and you have been able to add your own reviews but only from suppliers we already feature. As from today you can now add reviews for any company whether we feature them or not.

We are not only interested in currency suppliers. We already feature reviews from a wide range of travel insurers and we would like you to start adding any other travel companies that you have used.

All of our reviews are read by Dan and myself and unlike Trip Advisor if we think that people are making up reviews just to boost their own profile we will simply delete them. What we want is geuinesly useful reviews from real customers.

So how does it work?

Firstly visit the new reviews home page and there is a very simple form for you to complete. You then either choose from a drop down list of all the companies we already featureor click their name on the list on the right. If you cannot see them then there is a box you can type their name in and then just add your comments and a star rating out of five.

Once you have left your review we will review it and approve it so everyone can see it and you will earn 5 maximiles if you are registered with them.  You can also click on any of the company names and see what other people have written and three are a full set of social share buttons if you want to share what you have written on Facebook, twitter etc.

Over the coming months we will continue to add more features.

Please head on over and leave your opinions and please share this as much as you can with anyone you know who enjoys writing reviews.

Posted by Peter Rudin-Burgess

Peter Rudin-Burgess

Peter is one of the founding partners for both Compare Holiday Money and Currency Buy Back. He regularly blogs on financial matters and writes content for a number of blogs in the travel industry.

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