Breathtaking motorcycle rides across Australia

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Australia is one of the most unique places on earth, ranging from unique landscapes and wildlife, all the way to the climate that’s just ideal for motorcycle driving. This is why choosing the travel model might be just the thing you need in order to get to know the place the best way around. Now, some people prefer to pick a single theme per a ride, for instance, going for a road trip in the outback, driving along the coastline or using a motorcycle for the urban commute. Fortunately, in Australia, there are some places where you can have it all at the same time.

For instance, if you were to visit Sydney, you would have access to some of the most mesmerizing coastline tracks in the world, motocross options in the vicinity and a chance to explore the metropolis off the back of your bike. Sure, this kind of journey would take an immense preparation project, yet, with some forward thinking and planning, these several requirements shouldn’t be too hard to meet. Here are several tips and suggestions for you to consider.

1.     A drive along the coast

Sydney is probably one of the most iconic coastal towns out there, which is why you need to consider all the options that this creates. Driving along the coastline with nothing but a sense of wonder as your guide can be a unique experience and it’s something that no motorcycle rider should ever miss out on, given the opportunity. The first route that comes to mind is the Grand Pacific Drive to Jervis Bay.

The drive itself is really not that long but, then again, this might depend a bit on your itinerary. For instance, it would be a shame for you not to make a stop at the World Famous Fish N Chips in Huskisson, which is a place of significance for anyone who ever took the ride. Keep in mind, though, that this is a popular tourist destination, meaning that it might get a bit crowded at times.

Your other option is to take the Northern Beaches Crawl. This is for those who are more interested in unveiling destinations that are kept as the secret for the locals, rather than a popular touristic destination. Moreover, if you’re interested in more than just riding, this is one of the best places for picnicking or photographing in the whole of Australia. Photographs taken there are bound to turn into mementos that you’ll proudly display to your friends and cherish for years to come.

1.     Motocross options


Other than this, you also have numerous motocross options, one of them being Hidden Valley, which is barely one hour away from Sydney (heading up north). The cost of accessing the track if fairly modest, only $40 for half-a-day and $60 for a full day. Still, before you opt for this adventure, you need to be 100 percent positive that your ride can take it. As always, you need a motocross-worthy bike like KTM 500 EXC and you need to make sure that it’s in a proper working condition. Therefore, you should look for a reputable mechanic in a Sydney area (you can check their reputation online) and a place where you can order KTM 500 EXC parts for greater cost-efficiency.

Other than Hidden Valley, you also need to consider other options and locations like the Macarthur Motorcycle Complex or a Pacific Park which is a venue on the banks of the Hawkesbury River. These two locations are, as well, merely an hour’s drive from Sydney. The prices the Pacific park are somewhat lower (by as much as 50 percent), which is why, if you’re planning a trip on a tight budget, you could visit this location twice instead of spending an entire day at the Hidden Valley. The choice, however, is all yours.

1.     The mean of the urban commute

Another thing you need to bear in mind is the fact that using a motorcycle as a mean of urban commute might be a great opportunity for you to overcome some of the shortcomings of the city’s public transport. Sure, there are a lot of those who praise Sydney’s public transportation system, yet, most of these people probably aren’t Sydneysiders to begin with, or they at least don’t use the public transportation as often.

The truth is that the train stations are too far away, while when it comes to the bus, you’re bound to wait between 30-35 minutes at the stop in the morning, just when you need the bus the most. With Sydney’s population on the rise, these things are getting worse by the minute. As for the cycling (as an alternative to motorcycle riding), you would be staggered to find out that a lot of time, you’re expected to cycle uphill, which can be simply exhausting. For this reason alone, more and more Sydneysiders are considering if it is worth riding the motorbike to work instead of using public transport.

1.     General tips

When it comes to motorcycle riding across Australia, the majority of people would suggest you to watch out for dangerous animals and plan your campsite accordingly. However, seeing as how this kind of travel will make you incredibly mobile, there’s nothing wrong about picking a headquarters in Sydney and exploring the vicinity for the following couple of weeks. While there are various luxury hotels for you to stay in, Sydney also offers you a low-end option of staying in a hotel by paying $9 to $17 per night. Seeing as how you can get anywhere with your motorcycle (and with the help of a GPS) without having to depend on public transportation, the location shouldn’t be that much of an issue.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, Sydney has so much to offer both to locals and tourist motorcycle riders, yet, mustering enough courage to embark on such a voyage is definitely not a small feat. The experience that comes from it, however, is more than worth it. Do your research, prepare accordingly and enjoy your trip as best as you can.

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